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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Using up Scraps...

 I am pursuing my goal of using up some scraps, and found this 6 x 6 pad, I have no idea who made it as the cover has fallen off, but it was pretty, so....

I cut some angled strips out of the yellow gingham paper, and punched a yellow circle, the cloud is Memory Box.... 

I reckon I could make about twenty cards a day for ten years, (not that I will of course, I'm a one a day kind of gal) and I will still have stacks and stacks of papers left. I need to weed them out and maybe donate some to a school. Has anyone got any bright ideas what I can do with them apart from wallpapering the whole house in a patchwork frenzy?

Have a great start to the weekend. See you tomorrow x


  1. Wow, I'm impressed if you can make 20 cards a day. Like your sunny card

  2. Very cute card.
    I'm planning to wittle down my stash this year too. Well as I say I'm planning, now if I really do it? We'll see.
    I have a friend who runs a scrapping group for the families of babies in the NICU, I donate my extras there. Maybe you could check your local hospital and see if there are any groups like that. Schools are always good and senior homes might be able to use paper and supplies too.

  3. I've got enough scraps, part used packs and odds and ends to make about 20 cards a day for the rest of my life too! And I know that if I were to sort it all out and give it away or (ouch) put it in the recycling, the very next day that paper I hadn't even looked at for 10 years will be the very one I NEED.

  4. A lovely card Enfys. Great way to use up scraps. I think I could supply my local craft shop with papers lol.

  5. Happy New Year Enfys! Lovely fresh card and I know what you mean about scraps...I'm very reluctant to throw anything out. Ruby x

  6. Lovely cheerful, sunny card Enfys.

    Toni xx

  7. Hi Enfys,
    I hope that you have a really wonderful 2014.
    The card above is stunning, and so bright and chirpy, love it.
    I hope that you have a fantastic day.
    Love and best wishes.

  8. Hello, Enfys,
    I like you sunny card. I have several scaps too, and I don't make a card a day. I can imagine...
    Have a nice weekend. I hope the bad weather is not affecting you.

  9. Love your "scrappy" card. You could donate to a Senior Citizen Center.

  10. I love your sunny birthday card.
    It's always a fun challenge working with scraps.


  11. Very pretty card. Thank you so much for your inspiration.
    Think about donating some of the paper and supplies to a nursing home or some type of old folks home. I have found that they are always in need of art supplies.

  12. Cute card!! I also have enough scraps to last a lifetime!! I believe your school idea is a perfect solution...or any establishment that have chilren daily & need to keep their cute little hands busy!!

  13. I think we're all guilty of hoarding. I've just spent two days re-organising and tidying my craft room & intended to throw out anything I didn't think I would use. Guess what?? I'm gonna use it all :)) Pat x

  14. What a fun card this is, it's so happy and cheerful and a super way to use up scraps. I really like that the sun rays are made from patterned paper. It's still looks like the sun, but with a unique twist which gives it added character.

    As to the extra scraps. I've done a few things with them ... taken extra supplies (along with old Cricuts I had) to local schools. I've gone to local child care centers for a day of crafting and left extra supplies. I've Gone to senior centers to do make-n-takes with them too, leaving them an extra Cricuts and craft supplies. [Yes, because of various crafting groups I've been in, I've managed to acquire both crafting supplies and a number of extra Cricuts, so it was time to share the love].

    I've Given my extra stash of cards to hospitals and Soldiers and other various fund raising groups.

    BTW, out of all the things I have done with my extra supplies, I found that the Seniors were more excited and appreciative than any other. Our seniors are so often forgotten, so every extra bit of attention and fun activity means the world to them. My heart really goes out to these special people. Perhaps it's because I am rapidly reaching that grand age of "senior" status myself?

  15. Hmmm, Maybe a children's home would appreciate the papers etc. Or do you have them there? I like the idea of wall paper, but since we're living with a friend I don't think he'd appreciate coming home to a wall papered room! lol Especially as he spent so much time picking out paint colors when he moved in last year. lol Or you could send them to some of us. Or your equivalent to our girl scouts would probably like them too. Or even a children's hospital. Or... Post an ad that says to send you a card to ask for the left overs, and the best one gets the lot. Hmmmm well maybe not. Anyway...good luck. Hugs, Jess

  16. Nice cherry looking card.

  17. That is beautiful paper! The sun and cloud theme is perfect on it - just lovely!

  18. The card is SO pretty !! So bright and cheery! Another idea is for some smaller churches. My church can't really afford to supply much craft supplies so I have to take my own. Donations really help. I'm sure there are others like us !
    Ann N.

  19. I am glad that I found your blog again. I just wanted to tell you that I scrolled down the first page with lots of cards and the one that really grabbed me was the hydranga card. That is simply lovely. I have no idea how you made the flowers, but I loved it. There are many others just as wonderful. Thanks!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x