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Sunday 23 December 2018

Merry Christmas!

I needed a few more cards, and uncovered these Woodware stamps that I have owned for at least three years, they are favourites because of the bold lines - so easy to paper piece, which saves hours of colouring. You can see how they look very different when placed against different backgrounds......

I want to say thank you to all my friends who have sent me lovely handmade cards, in particular, those who are regular readers of this blog who have mailed cards - some all the way from the USA - I will take photos of them after Christmas (when I find my camera which seems to have disappeared along with the sellotape after my gift wrap frenzy....) So thank you MaryEllen, Sandra, Sandy, Cheryl, Bev, Linda, Heather,  Jane, ......you all made my day when they arrived

Finally, I am stepping away from the computer until after Christmas, I wish you all a joyous, Peaceful and happy day, sending love to you all - Enfys xx0xx

Friday 7 December 2018


Good morning friends. You may notice a new logo on my sidebar - yes, I am on the Hobbycraft 2019 Papercraft design team. For my overseas friends, Hobbycraft is our only big box craft store here in the UK. Think Michaels with a British accent! Obviously, I am delighted/nervous/overwhelmed at the thought of this new challenge, but plan to tackle it head on and give it everything I've got....watch this space. I will be continuing to work for Fiskars, and the Fiskarettes UK page is thriving I am happy to say

Sharing a few of my Christmas card designs for this year....as always, mass producing is impossible for my grasshopper brain, the most I can churn out is four before terminal boredom steps in...

But the most tedious job is done, cards are written and posted. My most hated job of the year. Such a pleasure to make them, such a chore to get them out! Have a lovely weekend, see you next week x