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Sunday 31 January 2021

Crafting again.........

 Hello again! I must hang my head a little, I have shamefully abandoned my blog over the past few months. Somehow I totally lost my mojo during the upheaval of the pandemic, making cards all seemed a little irrelevant somehow. I do appreciate all those of you who have contacted me to check that all is well here, thank you. All is well - or at least we have managed to evade the horrible virus, but the sheer tedium of being isolated has been inescapable. I really feel for those who have gone through this alone, those who live in accommodation with no outside space, all the parents with babies, lively toddlers or children who need home schooling. Huge thanks as well to all those essential workers who have kept the country (and the world) functioning.......I can imagine that there are millions of people who go to work every day with worry foremost in their minds, not just valiant health workers, but all the shop workers, those keeping our lights switched on, our central heating working, teachers, our phones a lifeline, our bins emptied.........to all of these and more, I applaud you. So, rightly or wrongly, that was why in my mind, crafting seemed irrelevant. However, out of nowhere, my mojo has returned and I am once again enjoying playing with paper and ink. 

Maybe a dose of mojo made its way into my arm together with the vaccine I received last week! That was an experience. I was called to one of the large vaccination centres (Millenium Point in Birmingham). So off I trotted, hair washed, make up on, decent clothes - well it was my first “outing” for months. However, those of you who have followed Going Buggy for a while know that I am directionally challenged and can’t find my way out of a paper bag. So I get there, park the car on the second floor of a multi storey car park and confidently take the lift down to the ground floor. Sensible, right? No, apparently not, I totally missed reading a sign that pointed to a door in the car park helpfully labelled VACCINATION which would have led directly to the action. Instead of which, I found myself outside in heavy rain and a gale force wind, looking around helplessly for directions. There were none......this was a BIG campus! So I set off aimlessly, and walked for what seemed like miles before finding the right place. By this time I looked and felt like a drowned rat. So I squelched in, was squirted with hand sanitizer about six times (no need to hose me down, I was already hosed), and spent the waiting period gazing at all the other people waiting for their jabs, wondering how it was possible that this was my peer group, surely I didn’t belong to this group of oldies.....alas, I did!

I promise I will be back tomorrow with some photos of the only things I have made for months, and no, they aren’t cards! Hoping you are all keeping well

Enfys xx