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Monday 12 September 2016

Why are men so difficult?

There's a provocative blog heading!

I mean difficult to make cards for of course. Unless it's for the sort of chap who disappears every weekend with his golf clubs slung over his shoulder, or fishing rods in the car, or even a football scarf fluttering from his car window (why do they do that? Is it vital for other people on the motorway to know that they support Manchester United?), birthday cards for men are a nightmare to make. Lots of the commercial ones available seem to think that all men are well on the way to becoming alcoholics, another obstacle if you have a fellow who prefers a nice cup of tea to a glass of beer....

So here's a couple of ideas for men. The first one assumes that the guy has an interest in music....

I used the Fiskars shape cutter to cut a wavy line... 

and the shape circle template to cut  a hole....

then I messed around a bit with bakers twine to make some strings...

voila, a guitar card...

This next one used the hexagon punch by Fiskars with some holes punched out of the centers to make screws. 

So I had a lot of parcels to wrap for a Facebook Fiskarettes promotion held this weekend. Off I trotted to Poundland, dutifully carrying my extra large save the planet carrier bag, all ready to buy their entire stock of padded envelopes. I trawled the shop for half an hour looking for them, fighting my way through all the Halloween spiders and plastic skeletons, down the next aisle it was wall to wall Christmas decorations. Really Poundland? It's only September. I found an assistant and asked where the envelopes were. Apparently they are off the shelves now, there is no room with all the Christmas stuff. In the board meeting where they decided this course of action, they hadn't had their morning coffee obviously. I mean, didn't anyone stay awake long enough to think that if people buy all their tacky  nice Christmas gifts for a pound, they are hardly likely to spend £2.50 at the Post Office for an envelope to mail it to grandma.

See you tomorrow xx

Friday 9 September 2016

Shades of Blue

I love blue flowers, Agapanthus must be my favourite, and delphiniums.....and a bluebell wood is my idea of heaven. So although this stamp by Woodware is called Clivia (which are orange flowers, I had to call Mr Google), to me it looked as if it was crying out to be blue.

So here it is.....I really like it, what do you think?

Our friendly electrician has been today doing a few things. We have a lovely old lamp post in the garden which wasn't wired up to any electrical supply. Which raises the question, who would go to the trouble of hauling an antique cast iron lamp up the garden, embed it in a concrete base, made sure it was level, then not bother to make it work? Maybe they were exhausted from all that effort of getting it in place.....anyway, it's fixed now, looks great....I always think there is something magical about a illuminated garden at night

So while all this was going on, I finished off some stuff in my den, took photos then went to upload them onto the computer. It took me about fifteen minutes of frantic pressing of buttons, crawling around on the floor to check wires were connected before I realised that the power had been turned off. Honestly, the time I waste by not thinking things through

An update on our young YouTuber Max, he now has a magic total of 50 followers on his channel, has gained huge respect and superstar status among his friends, and is very very delighted with all of you, his new best friends! Thank you all so much xx

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Quick Little Video

Here's a video I made for Fiskars, on using the stamp press.....

Quick? Did I say quick? Ha (hollow laughter....) This video took me about two days to make. First of all I shot it about three times, making massive mistakes so that I then had to tear it up, get everything ready again and start over. Finally I got it, and settled down to edit it. Looked okay. But when I did the voiceover, Donald Duck had appeared from somewhere and was quacking away in the background - oops, I forgot to delete the original soundtrack, which, because I had speeded the video up (so that it wasn't like watching paint dry,) now sounded just like Donald on speed.

Mind you the original soundtrack went something like this:

Hi everyone, it's Enfys here with a quick video showing you the stamp....(!!****@@@@) ah here it is, sorry, just dropped my inkpad on my foot. Where was I .......as I was saying (cough cough splutter splutter)......and it really is the most fantastic tool  (ring ring MIKE ANSWER THE PHONE!)....and you can easily wipe it (dash, darn, and @@*****!! dropped the inkpad again), finish by adding a few sequins (Ring Ring MIKE< THERE'S SOMEONE AT THE DOOR), Thank you so much for watching...(oh ***@@@@!!!!)

Steven Speilberg, rest easy, your job is secure, no chance of a takeover by me. It does make me wonder how these professional crafters do it though. Their voices are so unhurried, they never say Umm, or ermmm......and I bet they never say ***!!@@@@ either! 

Catching up.....

I have already started my quest for the perfect quick and easy Christmas card. I want something without bulk, and quick to make. Even when I find it, I know I will be bored after half a dozen

This first one used a memory box stencil and Sissix snowflake, sprinkled with a little frantage embossing powder

This one was done with a Memory Box die......far too fiddly for mass producing although it looks simple....

While I was having my 'lazy August' I did Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 103 class, now those of you who know my style know that mixed media type projects really aren't my scene, but I thoroughly enjoyed the class, what an excellent teacher Tim is. I messed around a little and was really pleased with this next card that I showed on the Fiskarettes UK Facebook page, where we have a regular Friday feature on cards for guys. 

I must thank so many of you who took the time to subscribe to Max's YouTube channel. He was over the moon, his subscribers have jumped from a paltry three to 39. you really did make his day - and mine too actually, thank you all

On the Fiskarettes facebook page, which I run for Fiskars, everytime I post, it shows me as 'Fiskarettes UK' not Enfys. A lot of people over there know it's me however, and if I post one of my projects, they often mention me by name in their comments - 'love this Enfys' etc. So last week, a person asked rather plaintively 'Who or what is an Enfys?'

This led to quite a conversation after I posted a photo (the new one on the sidebar here of me with Kiki and Monty) and said that it's me, Enfys, pronounced Envis

The long and short of this is that apparently IKEA have a product called an Envis. What is it? A gorgeous sparkly chandelier? A really comfy sofa to curl up on? A snuggly feather duvet to cuddle up to at night? A stylish new fabric?

 No, it's a pair of silicone pastry brushes. I feel quite insulted 

See you tomorrow x

Monday 5 September 2016

AWOL - Forgive me!

Oh dear, there has been a bit of a hiatus in the blogging department, I have had a very busy August, and to be honest I was feeling a bit burnt out, so decided to give it a rest until September, hoping that the mojo would return and things would be a bit quieter....

So the first visitors to arrive were my daughter in law Annabel with Kiki and Monty - they loved feeding the horses that live in the field opposite our house every day - the horses soon latched on, and stood waiting patiently at the fence every day waiting for their apple and carrots

- here we are on a day out in Stratford upon Avon where I took them to the theatre to see Wind in the Willows

Next to arrive were Max and Milo with daughter in law Lidia. The boys are very keen on crafts, and when Milo saw this card I had made......

he wanted to make one for Daddy, so with a bit (!) of help, here he is proudly showing the result.....

He also made one for his mum, here is the message he wrote inside....

In case you can't see it, it says (with some corrections): Dear mum, you're a very good mum but not good enough, you need to play more. best son Milo

Max was also in competition for best son, he made his mum this.....we drew around his hands and he cut them out and decorated them

we added the message 'love you mum' onto concertina copy paper

I have a BIG favour to ask of you, those who go to YouTube, I would love it if you could go here  and subscribe to Max's you tube channel, called Max Gaming. He was working so hard making little videos and  voiceovers, and was getting very downhearted that he only had three subscribers (his parents and me!). So if you would click on subscribe it would make a little boy very very happy. Thank you xx 

Right, that's got you all up to date with my summer break, I promise I will be back with some crafty stuff more regularly now I am refreshed and raring to go.... xx