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Monday, 12 September 2016

Why are men so difficult?

There's a provocative blog heading!

I mean difficult to make cards for of course. Unless it's for the sort of chap who disappears every weekend with his golf clubs slung over his shoulder, or fishing rods in the car, or even a football scarf fluttering from his car window (why do they do that? Is it vital for other people on the motorway to know that they support Manchester United?), birthday cards for men are a nightmare to make. Lots of the commercial ones available seem to think that all men are well on the way to becoming alcoholics, another obstacle if you have a fellow who prefers a nice cup of tea to a glass of beer....

So here's a couple of ideas for men. The first one assumes that the guy has an interest in music....

I used the Fiskars shape cutter to cut a wavy line... 

and the shape circle template to cut  a hole....

then I messed around a bit with bakers twine to make some strings...

voila, a guitar card...

This next one used the hexagon punch by Fiskars with some holes punched out of the centers to make screws. 

So I had a lot of parcels to wrap for a Facebook Fiskarettes promotion held this weekend. Off I trotted to Poundland, dutifully carrying my extra large save the planet carrier bag, all ready to buy their entire stock of padded envelopes. I trawled the shop for half an hour looking for them, fighting my way through all the Halloween spiders and plastic skeletons, down the next aisle it was wall to wall Christmas decorations. Really Poundland? It's only September. I found an assistant and asked where the envelopes were. Apparently they are off the shelves now, there is no room with all the Christmas stuff. In the board meeting where they decided this course of action, they hadn't had their morning coffee obviously. I mean, didn't anyone stay awake long enough to think that if people buy all their tacky  nice Christmas gifts for a pound, they are hardly likely to spend £2.50 at the Post Office for an envelope to mail it to grandma.

See you tomorrow xx


  1. Two great cards, and not a Silhouette in sight! Congrats! ....well except the mailing expedition!

  2. Two great cards Enfys.
    I'm sure Poundland are not alone in their lack of common sense. An example of this is a large department store chain who were actively promoting Winter breaks to escape the chilly UK weather - there they were encouraging folk to jet off to warmer climates and not a swim suit or sun dress in sight.
    Toni xx

  3. Two lovely cards Enfys. The reason I started making cards in the first place was the shops' assumption that nobody has birthdays in December!

  4. They are brilliant Enfys and I agree male cards are soooo difficult x

  5. Great idea, soper cards.


  6. Very creative masculine cards!!! Sorry to hear Poundland lacks common sense!!!

  7. What a super cute male card. Love your lay out theme.

  8. Love the cards. The nuts are great! Think I'll use for my sweetie. Tfs hugs, Jess

  9. I struggle to make guy cards, too, and usually end up with balloons or a party hat! These are some great ideas. Thank you!

  10. Two fabulous cards Enfys. Your post title certainly grabbed my attention! Cathy x

  11. Love your post you just make me smile, I must be an odd bod as I find making guy cards easier than girly ones possibly as I like a cleaner look to my cards and find adding lots of flowers and bits of lace and ribbon a real task and pink is my nightmare colour lol. I love your cards and agree with you about shop cards for the fellas they are all suppose to be obsessed with drink or fishing boat or country scenes. I'm lucky I guess as I have hubby and son who are both constructively critical and although hubby does like to watch any sport(quite annoying sometimes) and a drink occasionally both he and my son are geeks and into technology but are also both sci fi nuts and my son loves the Marvel and DC characters.
    My Dad is a telly addict, likes watching his horse racing and is a remote control hoarder fast forwarding through bits he doesn't like and his cat too, whilst my dad in law likes hiking and sciency stuff,you can also kick back to a time of their youth if they are a little more mature and use toys they had or tv programmes or themes of their youth like disco or rock and roll. I also find geometric designs go down well too hope this helps you in future.

  12. Ohhhh, I love both of these cards. I struggle terribly trying to make "guy" cards. I don't know that it's men that are so difficult, for me it's more of a case of wanting to add some sort of bling. I always feel like my cards are incomplete if they do not sparkle or shine in some way. So thank you for the ideas!

  13. Two great cards Enfys and my chap would love the guitar one for sure.

    You could buy padded envelopes at Sainsburys until I looked for them last week and their stock had all gone missing. Or, Amazon do some really good deals. If you check the reviews carefully,


    Di xx

  14. Very informative. Thank you!


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Enfys x