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Friday 9 September 2016

Shades of Blue

I love blue flowers, Agapanthus must be my favourite, and delphiniums.....and a bluebell wood is my idea of heaven. So although this stamp by Woodware is called Clivia (which are orange flowers, I had to call Mr Google), to me it looked as if it was crying out to be blue.

So here it is.....I really like it, what do you think?

Our friendly electrician has been today doing a few things. We have a lovely old lamp post in the garden which wasn't wired up to any electrical supply. Which raises the question, who would go to the trouble of hauling an antique cast iron lamp up the garden, embed it in a concrete base, made sure it was level, then not bother to make it work? Maybe they were exhausted from all that effort of getting it in place.....anyway, it's fixed now, looks great....I always think there is something magical about a illuminated garden at night

So while all this was going on, I finished off some stuff in my den, took photos then went to upload them onto the computer. It took me about fifteen minutes of frantic pressing of buttons, crawling around on the floor to check wires were connected before I realised that the power had been turned off. Honestly, the time I waste by not thinking things through

An update on our young YouTuber Max, he now has a magic total of 50 followers on his channel, has gained huge respect and superstar status among his friends, and is very very delighted with all of you, his new best friends! Thank you all so much xx


  1. I hope Max gets 50 more likes on youtube so he can be extra excited. I love the flower colored blue. You did a great job coloring it also.
    I just had to go into my utility room ( which is very dark after it gets dark because my light is out and I can't figure out why.) to get my clothes out of the dryer.

  2. Go Max! Go Max! Go Max! Love the flowers. Besides, they are your flowers, so you get to make them any color you want!
    Hugs, Jess

  3. I adore this lovely card ... how beautiful in blue. I love blue flowers .... and white flowers, and red flowers, and purple flowers, and pink flowers, and yellow flowers ... oh, who am I kidding? I love all flowers. but I truly do adore blue flowers.

    Oh how fabulous for Max ... 50 followers ... now that is exciting. I am please beyond words to be among the 50. Here's wishing Max many, many, many more!

  4. Beautiful blue flower!! Beautiful card! Love the garden lamp!

  5. Lovely card! Flowers look just like the ones in my garden..

  6. I love your card, I'm especially partial to blue as well so thank you for sharing!

    Your light is perfect in your garden and adds such a special touch. Something for you to enjoy all the time!

    So happy for Max! That's awesome!

  7. Awww your card is wonderful and they give out the most gorgeous smell too l love them around my house x


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