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Friday, 10 January 2014

More Huge Roses....

 Thanks for all your lovely comments on yesterday's post - some great ideas from you for using big stamps as well, which I will be trying. I had already made two more cards before getting thoroughly bored with the massive rose and putting it away for a while.......

This one i decoupaged. The butterflies are a Martha Stewart punch and the tiny ones are Memory Box.....

This last one is a lot prettier in real life, the papers are my all-time favourite DCWV stack called Linen Closet, I love the colours. I stamped onto the pattern papers. The mat layer is lovely and glittery in real life, so just one of those cards that don't photograph well.....

I am running a bit behind schedule - well, a lot behind schedule - with all the stuff I have to do. I need to get the stuff for the CWC workshop under my belt, and then I have a magazine commission with quite a short deadline to get cracking on. Staying in and working never seems a hardship when the weather is so horrible, it's been very soggy here, but at least we are not in danger of flooding, unlike some poor souls who are having to paddle canoes to get a loaf of bread!

We have a hotel about 200 metres away from us, occasionally at weekends we hear music until about midnight, but it's never been a problem. Last night I was really tired and looking forward to some sleep. Head on pillow, loud (very very very loud) thumping, heavy metal type music coming from the hotel. I put up with it for hours, until it was 2.15 in the morning when enough was enough and I rang the hotel. 'Have you got a function there?' I asked politely. 'Yes, a wedding, the bride looks really lovely and they are having a great reception. It's a big wedding'.........WHAT? Did she really think that I had called at 2.15 a.m to find out if the brides dress was strapless or sweetheart neckline? Did she think I was calling to say 'I hope everyone is having a lovely time there with the thumpy thumpy music that I have been dancing to for hours around my bedroom' They found out why I called them this morning, when I rang the council office that deals with licensing - it turns out they aren't allowed to play music after 1.00 am. Oh dear, I do hope I haven't got them into trouble, the manager may have a sleepless night, what a shame.........

See you tomorrow x


  1. I love how you used the large flower stamp. The black matted one is gorgeous and I love the polka dotted one. I love the Linen Closet stack also. DCWV are my favorite papers to use. I have been MIA for so long (our 5yr old daughter was just diagnosed with a rare muscle disease called Dermatomyositis so it has been a lot to deal with) and was having a quiet, late night so I decided to pop onto some blogs that I love and of course my first stop was your blog. :) I am hoping to be back to papercrafting soon. My husband is building a craft room in our garage so that I can start a home business as I had to quit my job to take care of our daughter. I am off to venture further through you blog now.....

  2. Lovely cards Enfys.

    Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight.

    Toni xx

  3. Sounds as though the hotel receptionist is in need of more training!! Love the decoupaged rose - it really is a gorgeous stamp. Pat x

  4. Oh Enfys ... you do make me laugh. So you tattled on the wedding party because of their noise and now you feel a little guilty about it? Well, I wouldn't worry about it. After all, if they turn it down a bit, perhaps those happy partyers can once again focus on that lovely bride. (*wink*)

    Beautiful cards Enfys, you are definitely finding lots of fabulous uses for that "big" rose! I really like both, but the beige, tan and white one is my personal fav. Your use of different paper patterns gives it a fabulous look. Brilliant!

  5. You are doing some good things with that flower stamp. Great ideas. Hope you get in a nap today!!! Barbara in AZ

  6. lol....I guess everyone will now get some quiet nites...break over..back to work..

  7. I love Linen Closet, too! Of course, I love a lot of DCWV, but that one is my favorite. I just found a solid pack to match the prints; of course, I'm sure that's not news to many others. Your big rose is stunning. I have a big peony, and I may give this a try. Thank you and hope you have a peaceful night. BethAnn M.

  8. Gorgeous as always Enfys are your creations x

  9. Thanks so much En for using these huge stamps. It's given me ideas to use the ones I have. Well, I hope you did get them into trouble! Someone has to make some people obey the law. My guess is that the person who answered the phone had been enjoying the flowing champagne a little too much! lol TFS Hugs, Jess

  10. Beautiful job on these cards. Hope you are getting better sleep now. Too bad for those at the hotel, eh? No more loud music for them.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x