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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Flying High....

Here are the quick 'Fill the time' cards that I designed for the workshop - we wanted  to make sure that everyone was busy for the whole day, and had plenty of projects to carry home with them.....

This first one uses the lovely Flying High collection, and is made using one of CWC's swing card bases..

This next one uses the very lovely Opulence papers and die cut flowers and a flower shaped card.....

and more flying high, with the addition of a couple of Memory Box clouds....

Of course, Kath and I seem to attract "situations" wherever we go. We had hardly climbed down from our trains on arrival at the station when a man lurched up to Kath and peering myopically into her face said 'it's cold isn't it?' Now my daft friend, instead of nodding and turning away when confronted with a swaying drunk two inches from her nose said 'you're not from round here are you?' Of course not, he was from Glasgow, so then a sort of Scottish language frenzy went on, with Kath backing nervously away as he got closer and closer.

Then we were due to catch a train to Garforth where the factory is based. We were up at 6 a.m and duly sitting on the train as it chugged out of the station, it chugged and chugged for about five miles then stopped, in the middle of nowhere. The lights went out. We were the only people in the carriage at that early hour on a Saturday morning. So we sat there in the gloom, getting colder and colder. Eventually a guard came along and said that the headlights had failed and they had to back up to Leeds again. Headlights? Why do they need headlights, it was broad daylight! But rules are rules, so backwards we went, chug chug chug....then we had to dash to the other end of the very big station to catch a train that had headlights and was facing the right way. By this time we were exhausted and laughing hysterically, and the day hadn't even begun...... 

See you tomorrow, when I am taking up grandma duties and looking after Max and Milo for a couple of days


  1. Beautiful cards! Love them all, I'd be thrilled to be in a class where I'd make them.
    You always have some funny thing going on don't you, doesn't matter where you are. TFS!

  2. I don't know how you do it ... but you seem to have the most interesting travel escapades of anyone I know. So much better than the standard same old boring thing that I usually have!

    Love your time filler cards ... your workshop must have been non-stop creativity! The attendees sure got their money's worth ... not to mention having a fabulous time too!

  3. beautiful cards - as always. so, if you are going to have Max and Milo tomorrow, are you going to update their photos on the side of the blog from the 2012 photos? I'll just bet they have grown.

  4. totally gorgeous makes En, I love them all! I always love your journey adventures too!! have an awesome grandma day hunny
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  5. Beautiful cards Enfys.
    Sounds like you & Kath certainly had an eventful journey.
    Have fun being 'Grandma' with the boys.

    Toni xx

  6. Fab cards - glad the workshop went so well. You and Kath do have a lot of adventures together LOL!!!

  7. All beautiful cards! I wish I had crafting buddies here, leave alone the supplies.

  8. The cards are so nice. I think you might could write a book about
    " A day in the life of Enfys " :)
    Love hearing about all your interesting moments !!Hope you have fun with the grandkids !
    Anna N.

  9. I love those cards, especially the flowered flower! What interesting people you find, wherever you go; I'm glad they aren't only in the US at Dunkin Donuts! BethAnn M.

  10. Love the cards from your workshop.
    Thank goodness you weren't late from having to switch trains. You always have an adventure whenever you travel.
    Sending hugs from a snowy Gerogia!

  11. Love the cards. Specially the floral one! I'm with you, why headlights? I guess it's like here where all new cars have to have headlights that turn on when you start the car. I've never had to use the on off switch for them. Sounds like an interesting weekend. Glad you could laugh about it all. Hugs, Jess

  12. Gorgeous cards Enfys. I am sure the crafters at the workshop loved them.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x