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Friday, 3 January 2014

Kicking off the new year...

 I bought this Sissix die at a craft fair at the NEC, it's a cut and stamp set, lying unused until now, so in my new year zeal for using supplies, here it is.....

You get the butterfly dies and the stamps for the wings and sentiments....cute, I'll use them again

So here we are, back in the swing, and as always there are some things about this festive time of year that I am glad to see the back of:

1.That awkward moment when someone unwraps a gift and says 'ah, it needs batteries........not the round AA or AAA ones that we have a zillion of, but some strange little lithium battery used to power hearing aids. Ooops, sorry!

2. The supermarkets. Especially women (always women, men don't care) picking out fruit, examining each one for bruises. For heavens sake, how much bruising can there be on a single satsuma. It's got peel, you throw that away. The whole process takes forever, then when they move, so that you can grab a bag of satsumas, they move on to the grapes and the whole process of searching for perfection starts again. Then there are the  trolley (cart) road hogs. Why do they put those totally redundant bits on the bottom of shopping trolleys that give you huge shin bruises?
 Let's not get into the queues at the checkouts which stretch halfway around the shop. I was standing behind a woman at the speedy checkout (ten items or less). She had a trolley piled high with stuff, about six loaves of bread, three pounds of butter, six litres of milk....you get the picture. 'Excuse me' I said timidly 'this is the speedy checkout lane'.She honestly thought that as she had only ten different TYPES of items in her cart (bread, milk, butter, biscuits etc) it didn't matter that she had a total of about fifty items. I am such a weakling, I didn't dare say anything else and to my chagrin, the sales assistant let her get away with it
I suppose I could avoid this trauma by ordering online for delivery, but I have only tried that once and I wasn't very good at it. You have to say what size joint of beef/pork/lamb you want and I got hopelessly muddled and ended up with half a cow. I also ordered ingredients that I had never noticed in the supermarket but which sounded a lot of fun - a strange pot of caramel con leche lurks to this day in my cupboard, I haven't a clue what it is or what I can do with it

3. The January sales.where the clothes are starting to look a bit sad and tired (a bit like me). I could save these stores a fortune if only someone was bright enough to employ me. I could tell them that it was highly likely that if they ordered thousands of micro mini skirts in a rather bright tartan pattern and all a size 22 or 24 (USA size about 40), that in January there would be thousands of large tartan micro mini skirts hanging forlornly on the rails with 70% off - and still nobody buys them.

It will be so nice to get back to normal, spaces in the car parks, empty tables in the coffee shops, bikinis in the shops (yes, when the large tartan micro mini skirts have disappeared and it is probably snowing outside, they replace them with bikinis...). Still at least the craft table is back in production, which is a tiny step towards normality..see you tomorrow x 


  1. You are kicking off the new year beautifully. I really like this card ... there is something about those sweet pink butterflies floating softly against a black/white gingham background that is very striking and eye appealing.

    I am also happy to see your fun commentary. I love the way you view things. What others might experience as stress or irritation, you express in a way that it becomes a comedy that we simply must laugh at.

    Thanx for the smiles Enfys!

  2. Beautiful card Enfys.
    Happy New Year.
    Gr Elly

  3. Pretty card Enfys - lovely soft shades.

    With the exception of my local Craft Village, I have avoided the shops as much as possible but I did get a bargain in my local supermarket. They are cutting back on their range of printer cartridges and I managed to pick up 3 black ones for my HP printer for £3 each...almost made up for the 'trolley hogs' and the 'bruise inspectors' blocking most of the aisles.

    Toni xx

  4. A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Enfys. I've only recently found your blog and now follow it regularly. Reading your comments about what you're glad to see the back of, I think you must have been reading my mind! Really looking forward to normality (whatever that is) again. xx

  5. You are still keeping us laughing with your funny outlook on situations. I to had the same experience with a woman loading her 30 items on a 1-8 item check-out and I also said something. The cashier did the same thing and let her through. Frustration eh?

  6. Cute card. The half cow remark made me laugh. I'm surprised you didn't mention easter eggs, although that is after christmas, unless they are really keen and slip them in Boxing Day. I don't miss shopping madness in the UK. Here in Norway a shop is crowded if it has more than three people in it. Bliss...... And no easter eggs until Easter!!!

  7. I had to look up Satsuma! Apparently US used to have them, but crops died in the freeze in the 1930s. Now we ship in Clementines, which are of the same tangerine family. Wow - more than you probably wanted to know!
    Love your butterflies - love your work - love your posts as well. Looking forward to Going Buggy 2014.

  8. Oh wow this is a Great creation I love the Butterfly and the colours are stunning xx

  9. Despite all the trauma Enfys you still have your brilliant sense of humour! Great card - love the flutterbys. Pat x

  10. Fabulous Card...ooo that die set is great!!...lol I thought I was the only one that counted other people items in the express line...another great of your life stories...luv it

  11. Really adorable card. I haven't gotten back in the swing, but I have an all day crop tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get crackin'
    I noticed here in the US that some of the stores, especially Joann's had their Christmas merchandise marked down BEFORE Christmas. Jo's had Christmas d├ęcor at 70% off a week and a half before the holiday, is that crazy or what?

  12. Yep I get it... I didn't go in the shops at all, and I highly recommend it to everyone! I love the card En. I was wondering if I'd like that stamp/die combo. I think I would. I think the caramel con leche is used to make candy. It's already got it's milk in it. But what do I know... I don't make candy. Thanks for the giggles En. I'm off to my craft space now. I've got all my Jan. cards to finish. The last for my youngest son. I want it to be spectacular. I hope I can achieve it. Hugs, Jess


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x