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Friday, 2 September 2011

We've Arrived - Finally.......

First of all, it's Polkadoodles challenge day, the theme this week is


I used papers and images from my favourite Sundae of Seasons CD to make a back to school card - the way the girl is dressed looks quite like a school uniform

I covered the apples with glossy accents - love that stuff
We finally arrived here in Florida, a day later than planned

As for the lowlights of the trip, I really don't want to bore you, but here are the 'stand out' moments....

Arriving at our local airport at silly-o-clock to find that our original flight to Newark was running, but they couldn't switch us back as it was overbooked, so we still had to travel around the world

Getting on the flight to Houston in Frankfurt and hearing the captain say 'our flight time will be eleven hours'.....WHAAT ! I had no idea, stupid of me I know

Arriving in Houston to be greeted by a belligerent immigration officer and a customs officer who was very busy chatting up a pretty girl, at which point it was clear that they had different priorities to us and we couldn't possibly make our next flight.....

We had a jolly good try though, galloping to the next terminal at top speed. I swear if the Olympic committee had been watching, we would instantly have been signed up as the next big hope of a gold for the UK........

Admitting defeat, and trudging to the customer service desk (HA, hollow laughter, a misnomer if ever there was one). 'But where will we sleep' I asked plaintively (by this time we had been travelling for over 24 hours). 'I suggest a hotel' said Miss Snarky 2011. Yes dear, and I suggest that you sign up for charm school or a charisma transplant....

We will gloss over the midnight taxi ride to the nearest Walmart to buy the basics, which were in our checked bags, by now on their way to Tampa or circling forlornly on some distant carousel....

And so, resplendent in our new Walmart finery, we finally arrived - to find the air conditioning wasn't working, and the fridge was leaking....

Still, we got here in the end!


  1. oh that sounds awful Enfys, you'll need another holiday to recuperate, on the plus side you could check out all the great stores they seem to have for papercrafting, I hear that Micheals is a must, adore the card have a great time

  2. Oh dear what a journey Enfys, sounds terrible but at least you got there in one piece lol. Love your card, what a cute little school girl image.

  3. Hi Enfys, glad you arrived safely even if it was later than expected. I have never done a connecting flight and after hearing about your experience hope I never have to. Enjoy your stay in Florida and don't forget to post all the bargains you find at Michaels, Joanns etc as I use this as my wish list for my trip in November lol.
    hugs Amanda

  4. hiya sweetie
    glad your home save sweetie
    your card is so lovely
    and the appels looks so real
    have a great weekend hunni
    hugs angelique

  5. OMG what a nightmare time! I hope you have had a nice rest by now

  6. I think that God gives you "challenges" so that you can write wittily to us on your blog! Your creations are always adorable, but I love following your blog because of your stories.

  7. ...and I'm panicking over a 2 hour flight to Spain in a couple of weeks lol - I am NOT a seasoned traveller though. Glad you got there safe and well. Love the card - those apples are beautiful and the image just perfect!

    Love Lynda xxx

  8. OMGoodness ... Enfys, only you could turn those wicked traveling nightmares into such humorous tales! I am always delighted to read of your adventures ... not because of the horrid experiences you have encountered ... but because you somehow manage to put a smile on the face of the reader!

    Thanx for the chuckle ... and I am truly sorry for your travel misfortunes ... I know that at the time, laughing about it is far from your mind.

    BTW ... lovely card too!


  9. So glad you finally made it to the US. So sorry to hear how you missed
    your flight, that was rotten. People should be more considerate to their fellow travelers.

    I love today's card, it's very cute!

  10. Oh my goodness you poor dear. That just was not fun at all.
    I love your card today. Have fun creating!

  11. Welcome to the US, now you may rest up and be ready for fun! Look forward to hearing good and humorous things from you while you are in the States!

    Many blessings,

  12. Oh Enfys, what a nighmare!!! Glad you overcame it with your delightful sense of humor though. So you arrived to no air conditioning and a leak in the Florida house? Glad you survived but regret Americans are not big on customer service. Love Joan XX

  13. What an adventure! AT least it will be a memorable trip for you. Very cute card.

  14. Oh Dear Enfys you must be so relieved to eventually arrive at your house it sounds like a nightmare journey. Stunning card by the way love your image shes so cute. hugs Shirleyx

  15. Goodness! What a time you had eh? The way you described the people you had to deal with made it sounded halirous but I realize it wasn't. So glad you got safely.

  16. never a dull moment....kick off your shoes sit back and have a cup of tea and enjoy the moment then hit the rest of life....welcome to the good ol USA and what is new :)

  17. Well, your card is gorgeous and what a sweet sentiment. Sorry to hear that your flight was horrible. I think that some coffee and shopping should clear away the bad feelings.

  18. What a nightmare, Enfys!I hope you can relax now lol! I like your card for my challenge, so lovely! Miria x

  19. How horrible, the trip from hell. Well I hope your three months will be a lot happier than the trip getting here. Cute card though.

  20. OMG, what a trip. Welcome to Florida, hope your stay here is a better.

  21. Oh my, that sounds like the trip from hell. At least you made it back to Fl. in more or less one piece. Hope that by now your luggage has also arrived, your AC is working and the fridge has been fixed! Do I dare say welcome back?!

  22. such a beautiful card! I, too, love Glossy Accents. I end up using it on almost everything now. Hee! Hee!

  23. Sorry you ended up having such a time of it at every turn. I hope someone here in the States greated you nicely! Well if not, here is a pleasant welcome for you.
    Welcome to the US, so glad to see you back stateside. Hope you have a lovely stay with us. It's always so nice to see people return to spend time here. Hope you have a wonderful stay.

  24. You have the same luck as me. I remember once travelling with my mother (never again) who for some reason kept looking side-ways at the customs officers with huge eyes and telling me from the side of her mouth to act normal. I pointed out I was acting normal, why wasn't she? Well, they searched us, convinced she or both of us were hiding something, which we weren't, and I asked if they were going to separate us. When they said no, I begged them to! We travelled by bus almost non-stop for 2 days and she never went to sleep or stopped talking. By the time we got to our hotel, the rest of the passengers hated her. I had swollen up like a beach ball, which I do when I travel, ran out of travel sickness pills, so was being pretty sick, and was prepared to sleep on the beach to get away from her. She then bought me an ice-cream which turned out to have more alcohol in than a bar, so I had alcoholic poisoning for 3 days, as she said it was just flavouring and I'd never had alcohol before, so I didn't realise. She also got an ice-cream which had no alcohol in, but had gotten confused when they told her which one had none in. It was supposed to be mine. To make matters worse, it was 110 plus degrees and no air conditioning at all. All my travels have been similar disasters.
    Good luck with your next one. Hope things go right for a change.

  25. LOL....charisma transplant!!!!!! You crack me up!
    Darling card, Enfys. Love the glossy accents! Enjoy your time in Florida!

  26. Oh, Enfys, I'm sooo sorry all this happened to you!!! How awful!!! I certainly wish you could have ended this summary by saying it was a horrible dream you woke up from. So hope you're comfortable now!

    Your card is adorable!


  27. Nightmare journey - I think I would have been wanting to hit someone LOL

    Love the colours you have used for the card - so soft.

    Toni xx

  28. Poor Enfys. Traveling isn't as glamours as they like to make it sound sometimes. My husband loved your " charisma transplant" line. You are always good at looking back and laughing. Might as well roll with it.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x