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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Just sittin' here......

A little Penny Black card for today. The scallop base card is by Craftwork Cards - I chopped the bottom off another card to make a matching scallop for the top. I love the lazy total relaxation of the cat on this stamp

Sittin' here is what I have been doing tonight. I have just finished some magazine commissions got them posted off today. Ta da... so I gave myself a night off and have been watching a programme called Toddlers and Tiaras with my jaw hitting the floor.
Now for my American friends, you must realise that beauty pageants are unheard of in the UK - we have a grown up Miss England, Miss Wales etc contest, but as far as I know we don't have toddlers in tiaras, or if there are, they don't make it onto our TV. So another American experience for me.
For my UK friends, the programme is all about teensy tots, some of them only a few months old, wearing make up, with elaborate hair pieces (think Joan Collins in Dynasty) and spray tans. Wow. The hilarious bit was that as these kids toddled onto the stage, barely able to walk, the commentator announced that their ambition was to 'do good in life and become a doctor'. Hmm, maybe the parents would do better to sit and read books to them then. They had a celebrity bit, where the kids had to dress up as a celebrity like Dolly Parton (complete with false boobs. Mini Dolly was three!!). My jaw dropping moment was when a proud Mama dressed up her three year old as Julia Roberts - playing the hooker in Pretty Woman. Two words spring to mind, social and worker.
Mind blowing - I can't wait for next week's episode!
As far as TV jaw dropping experiences go, the only thing we have to rival it is Today in Parliament!
See you tomorrow


  1. It's scary isn't it? Remember Jonbenet Ramsey? I don't even understand adult beauty contests let alone children! And the money that some of these parents (mainly mother's I guess) spend is insane!! Not to mention what it's teaching all those little girls...

  2. Cute cute card Enfys, wish that was me:( I have watched that programme, we get it on sky. Definitely jaw dropping, even my 18year old daughter is disgusted by what they do to their kids!!

  3. such a cute and snuggly card en and do these folk really call themselves parents...should be locked up...big hugs kath xxx

  4. "Today in Parlament"....too funny. Toddlers in Tiara's is just strange to me. I get mom trying to show off her beautiful child...but even here the Mini dolly with boobs has gotten some really bad press...I think they'd better serve their children by teaching them they don't need all the outside trappings to be beautiful. Beauty is from within. Ok off the soap box....Love the card, I spent much of yesterday laying around too! Hugs, Jess

  5. Now just look at that lazy little kitty ... relaxing away in his own smug little fashion. So much like my own Little Rusty Boy ... the persnickety kitty that he is!

    One thing you forgot to mention about those Lil darlings in their spray tans, enormous hair, various costumes and tiaras, is the temper tantrums they throw in their hotel rooms and the holy heck they give their parents at home. It is amazing to me that they have such pageants ... because, let's face it, it's not the children competing at all ... it's which parent is willing to spend the most amount of money to travel around this country to enter their poor unwilling child into such a foolish parade! I can just hear those Mothers saying ... "now stop that Sweetie, or you will ruin your hair and makeup and we'll have to do it all over again!

    Now Enfys ... if you would like to see more ridiculous programming, just let me know ... I can send you a list of "jaw droppers" that will amuse you to no end! I have to admit it, some of our TV shows are totally INSANE!


  6. There are some really "dumb" things in the USA and children in beauty contests is one of them!!! I agree with you totally! And if your Parliament is anything like our Congress - just plain children!!!

    Really cute card though - love the coloring!


  7. I was zipping through the channels and caught about 5 minutes of that show and even less of Dance Moms! I swear my blood pressure went straight through the roof. What can they be thinking to do this to little kids and then to put it on TV. Give me the Westminster Dog Show any day!

    Love the cat card En, then again I love everything you do! hugs eileen

  8. I think Toddlers in Tiaras is an
    outrageous show. It's like looking
    at a car accident, you can't help but look. I hope you don't think all Americans appreciate this type of show. Please don't watch the show Dance Moms, that one is even worse. One mom supposedly was arrested. (I only see the commericals, and I cringe with
    disbelief that people would find this entertaining.)
    I love your cute kitty card by the way. Penny Black makes the cutest

  9. Sweet card. I did put my daughter in some beauty pageants when she was small but we went all natural. Her hair was all hers, no fake body parts... We did have very frilly dresses made by a friend, some with a V back to the waistline but very tasteful. (Most had pantties made to match the dress just so all you saw was her cute outfit. We also took treats (such as Smarties candies) that we walked around with shareing them with all the other little girls and boys present makeing friends with one and all. Some of those friendships are still lasting today some 20 years later. That is the part I wanted to stress to my daughter. Go to have some dressup fun and make as many friends as you can along the way. Yes we did win several includeing a national title along the way so all the extra hype in NOT necessary. Ones true personality does show through.

  10. Adorable card!!! Looks like my rotten cat ;););).
    I believe this should be considered child abuse!!!
    Two of my granddaughters have been in school beauty pagents, & won! They wanted too, but they were not made to look like small adults, sluts, etc...
    Caleigh was 6 in her 1st(1 of 2) beauty pagents. Her other nana had to pay her a dollar to stay in the show & wear her dress(frilly with lace) because it was "itching her back", she also said if she didn't win she wasn't going to do this again, she placed 3rd, & got a trophy. She is 10 now, & could care less about pagents, but does like to play dress-up ;). Her sister, Alysa(my oldest grandbaby, 1 of 14) is 13 now, has been in 4 pagents, won 1, & placed in the other 3, is too busy with school, going to beach, texting friends, facebooking, spending time with family, etc... "doesn't have time for pagents".
    Normal kids here, Thank God!!!

  11. Dear Enfys,

    Same thing I thought when they had mama of Dolly Pardon, 3 - complete with boobs and butt implants in her undies. I thought for a moment it was a joke - but mama couldn't believe people were having a problem with her mini Dolly, after all she's as normal as any 3 year old! Uh, no, at least not like my granddaughters at 3 year old. Oh and why does she like the beauty pageants, "I like the toys, I want the toys!" She did look a bit bratty. Can't imagine, and never seen it, and I was born and raised here in the states, and have grandchildren, so not born yesterday, and not under a rock.

    Tasteless - but not your card! It is another cutie. The cat is perfect for the topic with the crown. And, isn't it really them, sitting around looking cute not caring if you think so or not!

    Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Donna

  12. Love your cards as always. Think some mamas should have their head examined.
    World going to pot in a basket. Better get back to basics.
    Florida bound in another month or so. <3 Hearts. Nancy in Ohio

  13. I just love that sweet card. The kitty looks totally relaxed. (The state my cat stays in constantly until she feels it is time for me to fill the food dish!) As for TV, well I guess we take the cake for ridiculous shows. It's kind of embarrassing.

  14. Oh Enfys! You would have to see that show, eh? Personally I think it is an abomination! I've watched it twice over the couple years it has been on and vowed to never watch it again. I can't stand what they are doing to these little girls. What are these people thinking???
    On one of the shows that I did see, they had this little girl dressed up as Madonna with the cone boobs and all, walking around shaking her little behind and doing bumps and grinds. Again what are they thinking?

    Your card is just adorable though, even if that show isn't. LOL

  15. That show freaks me out. It's like a car crash. you can't help but look.

  16. Oh, Enfys, I absolutely love not only your wonderful cards, but your take on certain things in life. It makes me feel so totally normal :) If you think about it, just the title of this show makes you cringe. What were they thinking? Sometimes, I wonder if these moms are living their missed chance through their children?

  17. Never saw the show, Enfys, but what I've read here scares me. Yikes! Where do these people get there sense of self-esteem anyway? Love Penny Black stamps, always sooo cute. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Fab card - I so love that image.

    I've seen these types of shows before and all I can say is I'm glad we don't have this here in the UK - it's bad enough seeing how some of the 'stage mums' behave when they have kids who they are pushing to sing, dance or act for things like Britain's got talent.

    Toni xx

  19. Great card but had to comment on the show- don't even waste my time!!

    However, that said, you mentioned dressing up as Dolly Parton - my daughter did at about 3 for the kiddie parade and her car was a little tykes one. She wore a wig and balloons for boobs. Everybody had a good laugh and it was also a fun scrapbook page.

  20. I remember watching that when we were in Florida earlier this year, unbelievable! Hope your neck is ok now xx

  21. Great card, love the top scallop edge against the other edges it really works.
    As for toddlers and tiara's that programme has me shouting at the tv lol. It is the pushy mother's that get me and my last straw came when I saw a mother putting false teeth in her young daughter and telling her to go strut her stuff like a call girl! I was astounded, how does a 7-8 year old know what a call girl is and why on earth do they need false teeth.
    Kim xXx

  22. Sad to put these kids thru all this and think what this teaches them about their value as a person.


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Enfys x