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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Inky Antics Turtle

I do love Inky Antic turtles. I paper pieced the bath on this one, and coloured with ProMarkers. The background square is a round the page punch set from Martha Stewart

Ah yes, the little white dog. So I went to Dunkin Donuts and carried my coffee outside. There was a couple sitting there with a baby stroller - I could see little dangling toys moving around, and naturally popped my head around the hood of the pram to admire what I thought would be their baby grandchild. No, sitting there (the body of the pram was a sort of box shape) and looking very frisky was a little white dog. I was a bit taken aback really, but mumbled something about what a lovely little dog, and is that a special stroller? 'Oh yes, he has his own car seat as well'. I thought maybe he had something the matter with his legs, so didn't say anything else, just lurked behind my sunglasses (so useful those things, I wear them in the rain if there is anything interesting to stare at.......)
So the husband came out with coffee and doughnuts (what on earth happened to the three missing letters do you think? Could the original founder of DD not spell? Did they not have enough room above their store for doughnuts, so shortened it to donuts? It's a mystery. But I digress.....back to Buddy, for that was his name. They cut up a doughnut and wheeled the stroller up to the table like a child seat, and he sat there eating it. The worry that he may be paralyzed disappeared when they took him for a stroll around the car park, when he trotted along, sniffing and lifting his leg and doing what comes naturally to little dogs. Then he was placed in the stroller again and wheeled to the car. Why? I don't have the faintest idea


  1. I love your card Enfys! So cute! What a funny story about the dog. I have seen those strollers and am usually disappointed to see a dog instead of a baby.

  2. OMG, Enfys, this is so cute, a really fantastic card.

  3. oh this is one super cute image hun and just love the MS punch you have used,great story about the dog hun hugs cherylxxxx

  4. Love your card Enfys the image is adorable and love the colours, the papers are delish.
    Hugs Linda

  5. Hi Enfys,
    Fabulous card and a cute image.
    I love the story. Thanks for making me smile today.

  6. Several years back I went to my HiSchool reunion, and one of my classmates and his wife had a stroller with their little dog in it. Appearantly when they left him alone for too long, he got up to a lot of mischief. Hence the stroller.
    Cute little turtle card!
    Oh and I think the 'donuts' is an americanism. Lots of company's have shortened or combined words for their names. (Or maybe we just can't spell very well! LOL)

  7. That is an awesome story and i think you should mail me this card lol

  8. Cute story and great card,I too love Inky Antics turtles.
    Years ago,we had a garage sale and a pregnant lady was so happy to find our old car seat at such a good price. I said, "I guess this will come in handy with a baby on the way". She said, "Oh it isn't for my baby, it is for my dog so he won't miss seeing out the window since the baby will be getting his car seat". I just smiled at her as she walked to her car.People always surprise me!

  9. Another great card Enfys ... I love the Inky Antics stamps too and have been just itching to try their honeycombs. I had heard that they were sold at M's, but sadly, I have been unable to find them yet.

    Loved the little white dog story, so relieved that puppy didn't belong to the "Dollar Store Lady" ... whew, I can lay those fears to rest! I can just imagine you giving the puppy people an interesting glance or two from behind your sun glasses. Apparently the little guy is a very loved and very SPOILED little critter! *wink*


  10. I love your cute turtle card today!
    Your doggie story was hilarious!
    I would of thought the dog was
    paralyzed too, sitting in that stroller. How outrageous, and to feed him a doughnut? That can't be
    good for a dog's tummy. Can it?
    Oh well... Can't wait for more
    stories from your DD adventures.
    Hugs from,

  11. Your card is totally adorable, as always! About the little dog, I think that perhaps they were new parents-in-training, so to speak. Try it out with a little dog and see if having a baby is for them or for the birds? It's the only explanation I can come up with :-)
    As for donuts, I think that maybe it's the American way of spelling, you know like colour/color, programme/program, etc.?

  12. Love your card, Enfys - so cute. And in talking about doughnuts and donuts, why 'nuts?' I get the 'dough' part of the word but 'nuts?' Really? They look more like rings to me - unless, of course, you're only talking about the centers - which we call donut 'holes.' Go figure.

  13. Oh yea the DD stories. I love it when you do for coffee. Love this one. Poor little dog. He will die young eating people junk food.
    Love the card. You do a great job with the punch. I have them to go all the way around but I am not so good at sticking to the limited measurement.

  14. I love this card, I've not seen these turtles before, very cute. It's strange about the dog, but at least he did get a bit of a run round. The plot thickens on the Tilda stamps. I have recently seen a card with her on it, snorkeling. My question is, where is the snorkel plugged in if she hasn't got a mouth?!

  15. Your card is absolutely adorable. I love the colors. I've looked at those strollers to buy and they are over $100! Yikes, she can walk!

  16. Too funny, I love your story! Love your card too, so sweet.

  17. Cute card. The story about the dog was too funny. I like dogs but not to that extent !!:)

  18. They must have "Grandchild Envy" don't know why else they would have a stroller for a dog like that. People do some odd things with their pets don't they.

    Very cute card, he is a cute little guy.

  19. I just love your card and all the stories you tell us! I look forward to each day to see what your comment will be.

  20. Toooooo funny, the little dog I mean! How do you always manage to come upon these funny situations? Love the card by the way! I have that same punch set!!


  21. Wait till you see the folks who put their little doggies in those baby snuggly thingies that are like backpacks except in front! Have to say that the car seat is a new one, though! I swear I don't remember the last time I looked in a stroller and actually saw a baby!

  22. So cute! What a funny story about the dog. I am really very glad after read here and I appreciate for the information that you presented here.

  23. With all of the childhood obesity in this country the politicians are constantly crying about, why hasn't a PETA organization of some sort come out about this? Now, these pups are not only getting less and less exercise, they're also eating the same foods that make our babes so fatso. What to do, what to do - save the dogs or the kids? hmmmm. Guess when the little fella can't lift the hind leg any longer they be the ones screaming about how bad Dunkin Donuts is. A moment on the lips a lifetime on the ...

    Thanks for a cute card and a reminder for sunglasses! he he he!

    Blessings, Donna

  24. Adorable card, love that turtle and the paper pieced bath looks great.
    As for the dog, well he was surely a very well pampered pet. Perhaps the couple were childless and the dog has found himself to be their prized baby replacement.
    Kim xXx

  25. Your work seems that you are very talented in cutting work. Border is too good and I planed that I have to do some practice for improving my cutting work.

  26. Too funny, I love your story! Love your card too, so sweet.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x