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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sending hugs.....

A simple little card today,I thought this image would make a cute get well card, or a 'cheer up' note. The image is one by Crafters Companion, round the page border punch by Martha Stewart, coloured with promarkers. This is one I coloured ages ago, so don't have my list of ProMarkers used..... 

How can two languages be the same, and yet so different? So many times when I am here in the USA  I say something which has people's mouths falling open in shock/horror...I should know the pitfalls now, but I still stumble into that big hole:

We say rubber - you say eraser
We say fags - you say smokes or cigarettes
We say 'knock me up at 7am' - you don't say that at all in polite society

and so on....................................It doesn't have to have a racy meaning either. We once had friends round for drinks, and I put some food on the table. 'Tuck in' I urged them. They all sat there looking totally blank 'tuck in?'
Yes, eat up.....OHHHH, you can almost hear the relief as they interpreted a little bit of Britspeak. I am slowly gaining ground here though, all our friends here now regularly say 'where's the loo' and 'put it in the boot' (trunk).


  1. What a cutie of a card.

    Well Enfys, they do say that we are two nations divided by a common language...LOL

    Toni xx

  2. What an adorable card.

    I just returned from two weeks in the UK and had great fun with the language differences as usual but this time I came home with two phrases firmly planted in my brain - "Health & Safety" and "Human Rights". When you read a newspaper over there you soon realize that somewhere along the line, the politicians in the UK have lost their common sense.


  3. Love the card!
    One time when we were in the UK, the kids were young. I think Kelsie was in 2nd grade and we had taken them out of school for the 2 weeks of travel, Kelsie made a little matching game for her class using different words and expressions like this. It's surprising how many things have different names, lifts, chips, trolleys and such.

  4. Great little card and love your quips. Thanks for sharing a putting a smile on my face.

  5. This is so sweet and fresh looking Enfys! Love your blog design btw! xx

  6. Haven't been here in a bit and I have to say how much I love your blog design!

  7. Hi Enfys, Myrna N. here This card is so stinkin cute. I was trying to e-mail you and it came back undeliverable. Don't know what happened. Anyhoo I really love your new blog look. Blessings, Myrna

  8. So Cute! Love all of the coloring!

  9. Had to laugh at your language story. I'd think by now your friends (on both sides of the pond) would be prepared for some "interesting" phrases!! Since you must occasionally come out with an Americanism with in the UK. Thanks for the smile and the look at the sweet card!

  10. Love your color scheme, Enfys!

    My husband came to the US from the UK in junior high and his first week in school we were taking some scholastic test. He tapped the guy in front of him and said "I've made a mistake - may I borrow your rubber?" to which the kid looked at him incredously and replied "isn't it a big to late for that?"

    Have a great day!

  11. such a sweet card! :-)

  12. Adorable card love. Obviously the people who didn't know "tuck in" haven't seen Harry Potter. Last night Tom asked me the British word for jail for the crossword. I wasn't familiar with the "pecker" phrase. About the harsh comment, that I couldn't fine, whoever it was GET OVER IT!!! Love Joan


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x