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Friday, 30 September 2011

Age Challenge

The challenge over on Polkadoodles today is to make a card for any age. I used the brand new mini CD called Pretty Sweet - a collection of adorable little girls and some ravishing papers. I cut a figure 8 using Plantin Schoolbook cartridge and my Cricut at 4", then balanced her to sit on the figure using foam pads 

Promarkers used:

Hair cocoa, cinnamon, caramel and tan
Skin blush and soft peach
Sweater same as hair with a touch of burnt umber
skirt apple green and grass

 My favourite letter stickers by Making Memories came in useful....the paper was printed from the CD - and don't forget that Nikky mails FREE to anywhere in the world

After yesterday's post about two nations with the same, but oh so different language, I had a hilarious email from a regular reader here, who reminded me of another phrase that I had forgotten about. She agreed to let me share with you. Thanks Pat

Her brother in law was working in London, fresh from America, just getting used to the differences in the UK. He had a really rough day at work, and at the end of the day, his secretary said, in a sympathetic voice, 'never mind, keep your pecker up'

Now close those mouths, and wipe the coffee from your computer. It's what we say in the UK when we are telling someone 'chin up'

Ah yes, divided by a common language. Cheerio for now!  


  1. oh this is one super card hun just love that image,and love the layout so effective hugs cherylxxx

  2. My pen pal of 40+ years came to visit us in Michigan from Australia a while ago. We had similar phrase issues. She said she was going to put on her jumper(sweater), her windcheater(jacket)and some others. I am always in awe that you can switch back and forth between the two places you live in the world. Happy weekend.

  3. Love the card. And that is funny. I read lots of authors from the UK and thought I'd heard them all, but I hadn't heard that! lol TFS
    Hugs, Jess

  4. I love your card, Enfys. I'm always in awe of your colouring skills. I'm trying to get there, but I just don't have what it takes. I love your comments as much as your cards - always starts my mornings with a good chuckle. I was raised in South Africa, so very much with the British influence. I remember when I first got here and the school nurse phoned me to tell me that my daughter had fallen hard on her fanny. She was only 8 at the time and the visions that crossed my mind were frightening to say the least until I remembered that she was actually talking about her bumb :-)

  5. Super cute card, love that delightful image.
    Lol you do give me a laugh, it always amazed me how a language can be the same yet so different at times.
    Kim xXx

  6. LOL! That was a funny story! I'll have to use that on my husband someday.

    And oh I love love love how you had the girl image perched on the number 8 - so clever!

  7. Hi Enfys,

    Your cards are always so beautiful! I love this little one.

    Your message on words is so funny, but it's not just the two countries. I went to my son's and the little ones and I were talking about how many hummingbirds were in the yard this time of year drinking from my water containers we set out for them. "Right now the little hummers are drinking almost 3 quarts a day!" Well, my son had to take me aside and explain what "hummer" means these days.

    Oh pahooey looey I told him, just because someone decided to take a word used for years and put a nasty take on it is not a reason for me to stop using them! Nasty people are not taking over my world!

    If you don't know, maybe ask your adult kids - -

    Blessings all! Donna

  8. When visiting my friend in the UK, her grandson, 5 yr., said " Grandma, I thought you said Peggy spoke English!" we straightened him out by explaining that I spoke American!1

  9. Hello Enfys,
    I don't know what happened to your last post, but I read it and I think you don't have to worry about it. I think your cards are amazing and I love your rambling, lol!!! Specially the differences between US and England habits and language. Keep up the good work!

  10. Very cute card!! But I'm more interested right now in your sayings....do you really normally say "keep your pecker up" to mean the same as "keep your chin up"? Because I'd like to try that on a couple of my American coworkers if that is a legit saying there....I wouldn't want to lose my job for sexual harassment reasons!!!

    You are so funny!!!


  11. Your card is really wonderful! I am sorry someone posted a mean comment, I mean..really? I have followed your blog for awhile and I really enjoy you. Sorry I do not comment more often, but I wanted you to know you are appreciated :)

  12. Love the card, Enfys. I think people just need to read more. If you've read a lot of Brit Lit for us here in the US or the other way around for those in the UK, you get pretty used to the terminology, though the slang is always changing ;- ) I saw the note from the person with the Aussie, there aren't so many books written by Aussies, as by Brits and US citizens. That would make it harder.

  13. Well the post seems to have gone missing...but whatever they said ignore it! Love to come see your cards and read about your latest experience. Don't change a thing!! On today's card it was really clever to perch her on the large number 8!

  14. Too too funny for words - thanks for livening up my Friday night!!!

    Janette S.

  15. Oh Enfys, another amazing project from you! Your stories had me laughing so hard. I will never forget, almost 20 years ago. I went to London for a training program. When I landed at the airport, I was trying to make sure I had everything in order to leave and I put my cigarettes in a different place on my way out. I took the taxi to my hotel. When I got out of the Taxi, I was really wanting a smoke. I had my matches ready and was feeling pockets and looking for them when a very nice guy standing near me asked... "Need a Fag?" I just grinned, put my lighter in my pocket and walked straight into the hotel. I got to my room, organized, found my cigarettes and went out on the balcony and enjoyed one. Later that evening, I was watching a little TV and it was then that I discovered what the nice gentlemen was actually offering me. Hee! Hee! 20 years ago in the state, that wouldn't have gone over very well. Hee! Hee!

  16. Wonderful card! I never hear my Mother in Law say that. She is from England.
    Too funny. I am glad I didn't have coffee in my mouth. I just got a new computer. LOL

  17. romfl en!! oh i do so love your blog posts hun, they always make me smile.
    Gorgeous card too hun
    huge hugs Lou xxxx

  18. hi, I would not pay attention to amy negative comments. They seem to be one person, taking their turn on all blogs, I know a few that have had them recently.

  19. hiya sweetie
    what a lovely card hunni
    and thaat story is realy funny
    have a great weekend sweetie
    hugs angelique

  20. I love your stories. I read your blog as much or more for the stories as the cards (although they are cute too!)

  21. So gorgeous Enfys,I love the image and the colours.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  22. Hi Enfys, sorry to tell you that your latest post is not coming up on my blog reader, it says it does not exist!
    Love your cards and stories

  23. Gorgeous card Enfys, love the colours and the cute little girl. Its amazing what our words mean elsewhere lol.

  24. Fabulous card Enfys and perfect for my age challenge, thanks Colette xx

  25. Too funny! When we visited our friends in St. Neots (not sure of that spelling) Michael had a habit of saying "he was really chuffed" my hubby being totally vocabulary challenged anyway, kept saying "oh he was really chaffed" totally different thing!
    Oh and adorable card by the way.

  26. En, loved your card but I love anything you create. I LOVED your little story. I had my New Zealand friends here 2 years back and it was hilarious with some of the miscommunications that we encountered. I had lost my leg brace and said so aloud, and my friend said "you left it in the boot". Yes, I know, I said...because the brace always was IN my boot. After a few confusing back and forths, I learned he meant the trunk of the car.

  27. Something so innocent eh?! Bit like fanny bags!!

    Love the big number 8 - oh to be that young again!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x