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Monday, 26 September 2011

And the Winners are...........

The numbers that random thingy came up with for the ProMarker giveaway were



1 - CATHY (cathyplus5 blog)

Congratulations to you both. I need you to email me with your address and home telephone number, and the blending set you would like. Letraset will be sending them out to you

Thanks to everyone who entered, there will be another Promarker giveaway in October, and next week there will be a Polkadoodles prize

Here's a sweet little card for today, I like this Magnolia image the little girl is so cute with the handful of hearts. Paper roses are from Wild Orchid Crafts

Promarkers used:
Hair Ivory, buttercup and saffron
Skin blush and soft peach
Dress Blossom, dusky pink and pale pink

Martha Stewart fine glitter to her wings

We have been suit shopping for Mike - what a good job I went. The whole expedition was punctuated with wifely hisses - 'are you crazy? You would look like a gangster in that' or 'breathing in won't work, you can't stop breathing for hours every time you wear this suit' - we shop for clothes for him once a year, it takes us both 11 months to get over the trauma. The new suit will look very nice, especially when I smuggle the horrible tie back to the store for a refund - by the time he wears it, he will have no idea, nor will he care, that I  will have substituted another one in it's place. It's happened before - 'I really like the tie I chose' he says proudly..........wifely guidance, it's a wonderful thing


  1. hiya sweetie
    your card is super cute hunni
    i just love pink sweetie
    congrats to the winners
    and thank you sweetie for the chance to win
    hugs angelique

  2. congrats for the winners xxand your card is soooo cute xx

  3. Love the card. Don won't let me go shopping with him. He's afraid I'll try to get him to wear pink or something. lol Congrats to the winners.

  4. Congrats to the two winners. Gorgeous card, love the pink.
    Kim xXx

  5. Congrats to the winners! Your card is adorable!

  6. Cute little card Enfys, especially in pink. Kerry was chuffed you remembered her and send your best wishes:) I had to laugh at your story, poor hubby or should I say lucky hubby to have you guide him lol.

  7. Adorabe card! You leave anyone who reads your web site laughing about this you post. You are a joy to read about.

  8. Congrats to the winners - have fun with your new pens.

    Very pretty card Enfys.

    I had to laugh at the tail of the suit buying as it brought back memories of DH buying his suit for our wedding. He knew there was only one place he could go to get something that would fit well but was stuborn and we trekked from store to store ending up with a suit that had to be altered and never really fitted well - but of course he knew best **rollseyes**

    Toni xx

  9. ...and perhaps I should learn to spell - I meant 'tale' not tail LOL

    Toni xx

  10. I just want to say thank you!! I have been wanting to try the pro markers, up til now I have been using colored pencils and shading with them. Your card is beautiful:) love little girl in pink!

  11. Your card coloring is breathtaking. I love the whole card. Oh my your suit story is exactly what happens when I drag my husband shopping. His taste in clothing is almost shocking but he is so proud of what he picks out I hate to say anything to him. I secretly take his stuff back for another color and he never knows the difference!

  12. Congrats winners. Beautiful card.

  13. What a gorgeous card Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  14. Congratulations to the winners!

    Enfys, this is a beautiful little card! I love the little one blowing hearts from her hands!

    Lucky you can actually get your sweetie in the store. I am to the point, I shop and bring home a couple of sizes of clothing I think he might look good in. He then chooses what "he" likes and I return the rest!

    Of course, a suit would be a must bring along ordeal. He would hate every moment until the right suit is on and he looks marvelous in it!

    Love your stories, Enfys!

    Blessings, Donna

  15. I won I won I won woooo hooo lol thanks enfys I have emailed my details. I will no longer be a promarker virgin lol thanks again xxx p.s cute card not usually a huge fan of the magnolia stamps due to the lack of nose.... it kinda freaks me out :>))))

  16. I emailed you a second time..did you get it??
    mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

  17. Lovely card, Enfys! And congrats to the winners - I didn't enter as I know I can't afford to have another hobby ;)!

    BTW I don't bother taking along my hubby when I shop for him as the recovery time from that ordeal also takes quite some time - I just go ahead and buy him what I think he'd like or what I believe he'll look good in ;).

    Oh and I have an award for you in my blog so stop by sometime, sweetie!

  18. You cracked me up with your story about the suit shopping and most of all the tie!! I've also done that! Congrats to the lucky winners.

  19. Congrats to the winners! From what I have heard and seen of the Pro Markers, I just know they are both going to adore them!

    Love this precious card Enfys ... she is such a sweet little thing in her pretty pink.

    It sounds like your shopping adventure with a delight ... Well, at least it was a successful one. Unlike your DH, my DH is a breeze to shop with. One simple compliment on how dashing and amazing he looks in something, accompanied with the appropriate facial expressions and smiles of delight for his amazingly irrestible manly appearance, and he is sold!

    I suspect I shall win an Oscar for my performance any day now. *wink*



I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x