Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Here's Warren again....

Here's that little rabbit again - Warren by Craftwork Cards. A simple little card, but hey, sometimes simple is good! I cut the base card from Bazzill cardstock using the Wildcard Cricut cartridge at 5", and a plain circle in green at 3 3.4" to mat the rabbit image. I used my machine to add some pink zig zag stitching, and finished with a string bow and a small Recollections (Michaels) paper flower. The tag is also by Craftwork Cards.

I have loads of emails from people in the UK who are coming to Florida on holiday, wanting to know about the best deals and places to go - did you know that tens of thousands of Brits cross the Atlantic every year? So my USA friends, ignore this.......

A couple of weeks before you fly over, register your email address with Michaels and Jo-Anns, they will send you email newsletters with coupons. Look online to see where the nearest store is to your hotel - you will need the zip code (postcode) of the hotel for this. It's the five numbers at the end of the address.(In case Americans are reading this in astonishment, we use letters and numbers for our postcodes in the UK, so yours look quite different) Also look online to see if there is a Hobby Lobby or AC Moore anywhere in your vicinity

While you are here, buy the Sunday newspaper, that gives you flyers for all the stores, with coupons for that week - the hotels usually have vending machines for the papers just outside. 

Check out Walmart, they sell craft stuff, including the Cricut Lite cartridges
Look out for Tuesday Morning and Big Lots, they usually have craft stuff at ridiculous prices

Be sure to check, either online or in the local phone directory when you get here, for local scrapbook stores as well. They are the small shops that often stock unusual stuff that you don't get in the big stores

Right, now I have done my bit for the American economy, if anyone can think of another bargain place to shop, please add it in a comment.

I'll be back tomorrow, with a card that, at the moment is just a twinkle in my eye, will it work out? That's always the big question of the day...see you then


Anonymous said...

Hi Enfys,

LOVE your card! And you did a great job advising your friends on where to shop here in Florida. Funny thing...I want my husband to send me to England because I think your country is so far advanced in papercrafting. I stopped buying American mags and now only buy the ones from England because they are AMAZING! Maybe one day you can tell me where to shop if I ever get to England. I hope you and all of your friends have a good time here in Florida.


angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
it totaly works out just fine hunni
clean and simple can be cute to
so i see your card sweetie
hugs angelique

salma said...

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Jessica said...

Lovely card! I just love Warren! Thanks for the visit to my blog. I've been so bad about posting. I have been to my craft table a couple of timess this past week. I'm trying to design an invite to my DIL's baby shower. I have a few ideas, but nothing has just said 'That's the one' when I made it. 4 have hit the round bin, but I'll get back to it. I have until the end of October to figure it out. Thanks again for stopping by. Hugs, Jess

Pinkllilac said...

Beautiful card Enfys and love the image so cute.
I go to the UK Friday so excited.
Hugs Linda

kurlygirl said...

Your card is just adorable!

I love this post. :) One other store I would mention is Archiver's. I've not been to one, but it seems like the girls who live near one really like it.

Vintage Milly said...

Hi Enfys, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving lovely comments. Hope you are having fun in Florida, it is very gray and damp here in the UK, your blog is looking super too, very clean cut and pro.
Have a lovely day,

Allison said...

soo cute En, Hope you are well

MelodyR aka RyandMysMom said...

Oh he's adorable as always!

Riet said...

So beautiful Enfys.

Hugs Riet.xx

Pop's Cards said...

Hi sweetie this is really gorgeous great image too, hugs pops x

misteejay said...

Warren looks so cute - lovely card.

Have fun shopping everyone LOL

Toni xx

Kim. said...

Warren is so so cute and adorable as is the rest of the card lol. That shape card is one of my favourites and probably the main reason I would love the Wild Card cart! Warren is beautifully coloured and embellished perfectly.
Kim xXx

Kristie Maynard said...

That Warren is so darn cute! Nice card.

People might want to also check out Target, they have some supplies and have a $.99 or $1.00 section that sometimes has some really nice deals.

If someone is in the Cleveland, Ohio area check out Hallo's Papercrafts.

If you are in Ohio or Michigan, check out Crafts 2000, wonderful store with great prices and a fabulous 'Steals and Deals' section.

Stephanie said...

You are doing your part for the economy.haha I love your card.All the colors are so soft.You really color beautifully. I really enjoy your stories.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Beautiful card. Love the simplicity. I was in London only once in 1986 and it was wonderful. I hope the people that come to visit in the US enjoy it as much as I did London!

Poots said... do really love that rabbit!!! Beautiful card!! And I am from the state of Kentucky, and I had a good laugh at all the tips you gave your fellow Brits on coming into the USA!! I think its slightly amusing and don't really understand why they are all coming to Florida on their "holiday". Would love you to explain to me sometime. Maybe for the same reason I cannot find the same beautiful stamps her at home that they sell in the UK!!!

Enjoy Florida!!

JANLYNN said...

Warren is just so darned cute. You did do a goot bit for our Us economy. I also like Marshall's, Ross's Dress for Less and T J Max. They are all sort of alike but get some hobby supplies too, usually in the stationary area or sometimes on display up front. At Ross the scrap area is usually with the photo albumns. They have great prices on those as well as scrap albumns too.

Shelly said...

So Beautiful! Love this little card!

Rufus said...

Warren is looking good! Can't think of anything to add to your list of good crafty spots...think you've covered 'em all. Hope that your UK readers enjoy their Florida holiday.

Shari said...

I collect bunnies so of course I LOVE Warren!

Another tip for out visiters to US. If there is an online store that doesn't ship to the UK or the shipping is costly, order before you get here and have it shipped to a THE UPS Store (or other mailbox rental / shipping store) near your hotel. They have a minimum fee for receiving and holding packages, but would probably be less expensive that shipping to the UK. I suggest that you contact the Owner or Manager at The UPS Store you intend to use to confirm their policy on receiving packages for someone, including any fees. You can use the 5 digit zip code (postal code) to search for a location near your hote., click on locations tab and enter the zip code to search for a location.

Another suggestion is to check out antique stores and resale stores for buttons, lace and other items you might not find in the UK.

syoung6987 at aol dot com

Donna said...

Hi UK visitors! Even our US home bodies!

This is such a great idea that Enfys has given you, because the online coupons you receive from Michaels, etc, you can print more than one. Some stores will let you use up to three, some five, at a time. Otherwise, play the game and buy something, go around the next register, buy something else. Also, stores will honor all other stores' "hard printed" (non computer generated) coupons. Many times I will save my Michael's coupons they send me in the mail or get in the paper, and use them at Beverly's or such. Stores won't usually let us use computer generated coupons from other stores.

Enfys, thanks for the good ideas. I didn't know about Tuesday Morning or Big Lots. Will check these out this week, as I'm visiting out of town and they have those stores here!

Blessings to all, no matter where we live! Donna

Nannieflash said...

Hi Enfys love your rabbit hes so cute and the shape is fabulous.
Its a shame I dont think I will ever get to the US but you never know. hugs Shirleyxx

Heather said...

So cute!! Warren looks so soft and fluffy. I hope to be able to color like that some day.

Debbie said...

I, too, love Warren. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. I was also able to get Tie the Knot and Sweet Treats for $4 each after rebates. It was a great sale. The rebate was a merchandise credit, but I figured my husband could use it to seal the driveway or deck or something, he he. Have a wonderful day, Enfys!

pcrusberg said...

Aw, dear, dear Warren. I love him.

Kerry--Momma K said...

Do you have any suggestions for the opposite way. I was born in England (Swindon) but have lived in Canada since I was 10 Yrs old. Let's just say it's been well over 20, make that 30 yrs. My Mom goes back to visit her sisters every couple of years. I was wondering what the most popular craft store is in England. I would like her to pick me up some British Iconic stamps, like phone booth, post box etc. Thanks for any suggestions you could give.
Kerry~Momma K

mommakcrafts at yahoo dot ca