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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Soaking it up....

As you all enjoyed the photos yesterday, I have been doing my roving reporter for the Buggy Times again today (slightly hampered by the fact that I forgot to put my memory stick back in the camera, otherwise you would have had a nice photo of a cup of coffee as well...........boring, so we won't stress about that)

Here is the old mill in the village of Ambleside where we are staying...........

Everywhere you go, the little cottages have such pretty gardens with lavender and plants tumbling over the dry stone walls...........

and here is my friend Anne (who invited us here to stay with her, thanks Anne!), sitting in front of the old bridge house in the village

One amusing little anecdote, some Japanese tourists were standing in the middle of a country road here,  having their photos taken - they obviously didn't realise that it was a road ( it probably looked nothing like the freeways of Tokyo), until the person with the camera started waving and shouting at them (obviously saying, get out of the way, there's a car coming). They carried on smiling and nodding for the camera, then looked back over their shoulders. The jolly smiles changed to alarm, and they shot to the side of the road, the last time I saw anyone move that quick was when Mike spotted a snake in Florida..............

On to today's card, made with a Whimsy stamp - every so often it is nice to pull out a stamp that needs very little colouring. I found my sewing machine on my newly tidy desk, so that came in useful as well....

I grounded the duck with some random lines of pale blue to look like water, and splashed drops of glossy accents onto the blue to look a bit like puddles 

See you tomorrow x


  1. I always like a bit of stitching! LOL at the tourists

  2. A gorgeous card Enfys. Love the photos too.

  3. Lovely photos and a beautiful card. That image is really sweet - love the expression on the duck's face.

    Toni xx

  4. Beautiful card with a lovely image.
    Gr Elly

  5. Great expression on the duck's face and I like the way you've done the 'puddles'. Glad you're enjoying your time in the Lakes, hope the weather's OK for you. Pat x

  6. Love the expression on the ducks face. Too cute!! The photos are beautiful.

  7. How peaceful and beautiful the country side looks. Wish we had little villages and towns like this in Florida.

  8. Such a sweet card Enfys ... I adore the yellow gingham checked paper ... always such a fresh look.

    It looks like you are having a wonderful time with your friend, and what a lovely place it is.

  9. Love the card. Cute stamp.

  10. What an adorable card. I am drooling over your photos. Such beauty. Barbara in AZ

  11. All of places l have been and its really nice to see them again and Enfys your card is just so adorable x

  12. I'm really enjoying your photos. The lavender plant is awesome. Love the duck card and the glossy accent water.

  13. Cute little duck! Great card with the drops of shiny stuff to look like puddles. Great idea. What beautiful scenery. And Thank Anne for inviting you, so that we could share. Hugs, Jess

  14. Very nice. I love the pictures !
    Anna N.

  15. Hi Enfys
    Sorry I've not commented for a couple of weeks but I've managed to land myself in hospital and today is the first day I,ve been well enough to sit up and look online, and my husband tells me there is an envelope marked Polkadoodles waiting for me at home, so I wanted to say thank you very much!
    Bloglovin first showed me an earlier draft of your post, with photos of Grasmere parish church in it. That really is my favourite place on earth because in the daffodil garden beside it there are memorial stones to my father and my best friend. In my childhood, the cafe across the river was our favourite family haunt!

  16. What a cute Duck! I very much enjoyed your photos, too. Isn't it funny, we forget to put the memory stick in the camera? Maybe they should make a memory stick for our heads! LOL. BethAnn M.

  17. Love these flowers. What a supper job. I wish you lived close to me to teach classes which I need so bad...Hope you are having a great"HOLIDAY"!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x