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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Just buzzing by....

 Here's a card made with the first stamp I ever bought - $1 from Walmart! The hexagons are dies by Simonsaysstamp and the papers are by Authentique

this has been such a useful little stamp - I usually stamp him direct onto the card, then again on white card which I cut out and apply with foam pads - that way I don't have to worry about cutting out the antennae. The trail was doodled afterwards......

Oh dear, just look at this mess. It all started when I was looking for the bee stamp and I decided to have a big reorganising session. Animals and bees should live together I thought, but instead of finishing one job and moving on to the next, I was pulling out all the drawers in a sort of frenzy. Sigh, I never learn.......

and in the middle of all this mayhem, I decided to play around a bit and try some blending colours for the new Winter limited edition ProMarkers. This isn't a definitive list by any means, I just wanted to find colours in the same 'family' for starters.....

I'm not sure I found the right 'family' for Firewood (the brown marker), I may try again with that one, but it gives me enough of a guide to start using them - the colours are quite delicious don't you think?

Summer gave way to rain today, but at least it was warm rain. I overheard four people saying 'the garden needs the rain'. It's only been 18 days of sunshine for heavens sake, we aren't exactly turning into the Sahara Desert - whatever happened to an old fashioned watering can, or garden hose? Friends from overseas will be amused to learn that there is a new black economy here - electric fans are sold out all over the country, so they are being offered on Ebay for prices about three times above their market value! In the main, none of us have air-con here, we just open doors and windows and let the air in, and we don't have ceiling fans either - the great British summer usually means bursts of central heating when it gets too chilly, not things to cool us down! Still, it has been lovely, and I am thinking of snapping up a few dozen fans when they are back in the stores (which will be about February probably) and becoming a fan entrepreneur, the only drawback to that plan is that we probably won't have another heatwave for five years or so and I will get pretty tired of tripping over boxes of fans when I am looking for a bee stamp...

See you tomorrow x  


  1. Love the little bee stamp and you have created a lovely card with the hexagons. Must admit I had to smile when you were talking about fans. Just typical of us brits.

  2. Love the little bee on your card.
    Your room looks like my room when I am crafting.
    Gr Elly

  3. Great card Enfys. I love the hexagons as they are so perfect for your little bee.

    Toni xx

  4. Ahhh what a cute little bee stamp your card is so lovely and your craft room .......Well we all have it like that at some point! it'll clean lol xx

  5. Ha! Ha! Us Brits certainly know how to overreact. Love your little bee stamp - my first buy was a buttefly stamp but it cost me a lot more than $1. Pat x

  6. Hi Enfys, we are very unprepared for the hot and extreme cold weather here in the UK so its not surprising we dont know how to cope. My of my your desk is a bit of mess no doubt it will be cleared up before you need to use them. Your card is just a fabulous card design love the hexagons. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  7. You do make me chuckle! And here I am in South Carolina, in the 90's and humidity to drive you to drink! So, of course, the AC would pick now to give up the ghost! I could use a couple dozen of those fans! lol We're moving ours from room to room, as needed.
    I love that little bee, who'd have thunk it would be so useful! Love the card. I like them with shapes of any kind to look like quilts etc. TFS and stay cool.
    Hugs, Jess

  8. I so understand your starting with looking for one thing, starting to reorganise and then ending up with a total mess (sigh!).. Yesterday I managed to find my desk again, after not seeing it for a long time. Found my new reading glasses (left on the table, never used because they ended up under a pile of paper leftovers). Today it's a big mess again. BUT, I do have made 10 lovely simple cards with all the papers I found.
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face again :-)

  9. Here in West Tennessee USA we don't know how to act if the temp is not somewhere around 90 degrees. Love your little bee stamp. I was just out walking in my garden watching the bees .

  10. Your organizing strategy is the same as mine. I'm still wondering where my Embossing Buddy went. It's got to be here somewhere, right? Really cute card. The hexagons are perfect.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x