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Friday 26 July 2013

Petal Card Tutorial using Elegant Edges Cricut Cartridge

I did this tutorial a while back for a design team project over on Scrappy-goLucky - Mandy has closed her store now, so I thought I would share it with you

First I cut four cardstock circles with a fancy edge at 4 1/2" using Elegant Edges....

then cut two plain circles out of pattern paper at 4" - cut these in half 

Score your scallop circles down the middle........

and sharpen the creases with a bone folder..........

Stick the pattern paper to one half of the scallop circles.....

Now comes the tricky bit. Take one circle with the fold line going horizontally, and place another circle with the fold showing vertically so that it overlaps. Make sure your pattern paper sides are on the unglued sides.....

these next two photos show you where to glue......

and line up your pieces....

this photo shows three of the 'petals' in place - a photo is better than a thousand words!

and here I have all four pieces joined together.....

cut strips of card to make a pretty 'belly band' to hold the card closed

and here is what it looks like when decorated and finished,, the flower is stuck to the belly band, which slips off, I used the embellished floral cartridge to cut that....

and the petals open to show your message. I cut a scallop square to cover the joins on the bottom......it would make a pretty way to present a gift card, or slip some cash into a little pocket on the inside...

Don't worry if you don't have this particular cartridge (or a Cricut for that matter) you could use a circle cutter and cut plain circles, or use one of the many scallop circles available from the Silhouette store if you have a Cameo. 

Now I have to ask if anyone has been having problems leaving comments on here? I had a few emails a while back when I was running a prize draw, saying they were having problems commenting, but I haven't heard anything since. I have been looking at my stats and although there were 187 visitors here yesterday for instance from around the world,  (which is an average sort of daily figure, email subscribers don't show up in the statistics), there were only a very few comments, and this seems to be a trend lately, now this tells me a couple of things are possible:
1. My cards are rubbish! (sad face) OR
2. I am spending hours on here talking to myself. HELLLOOOOO anyone there? I have my faithful bunch of blog friends who, bless them, comment every single time I post so I know that not everyone has a problem, but I would really like to know if anyone is experiencing difficulty. It may just be that we all lead such busy lives that it's just a matter of time, and that's fine. But if it's broken, I need to fix it

While I am on this sort of subject, I have had a couple of people under the impression that I make money from Going Buggy. Nope, nada, zilch, not a penny, in fact I spend quite a bit of my own money sending out various prizes when they don't come direct from the sponsor. I do get products sent to me, and of course when you are on design teams you get all their latest stuff to make samples. Magazine commissions are done on a fee paying basis, and that can be quite sporadic,  but the blog itself earns no revenue at all, it's just for fun - which it is, and I love it!

See you tomorrow x 


  1. Well, I for one read your posts every time and love all your stories (and cards too of course), but if I am in a rush I don't always comment, Please don't think you are talking to nobody!

  2. Same here Enfys, I read your post everyday along with a few others. I don't leave a comment everyday though. If I am reading it through my email sometimes I plan to go back and comment later .....then don't :(
    Sorry will try to do better.
    Sometimes I have my 15 months old Great nephew and he think he can leave a comment and has tried several times...lol

  3. By they way ....I loved your card. This would be cute done on a smaller scale and added to the front of a regular size card

  4. Enfys, I've been so busy that I haven't been reading as much as I'd like and haven't always left a comment even when I do get here. But no, you are def. not just talking to yourself, nor are your cards rubbish! Which side of the pond are you on these days?

  5. I love reading all of the posts on blogger every day but I don't always leave comments either....especially if there are already lots of comments. Keep on talking because we are all listening. Will comment more often now that I know you are feeling lonely! LOL
    Hugs, Renee

  6. Hi there Enfys - this card is lovely - Thanks for the TuT.
    I try to comment when you Post. I don't think it's YOU - the whole of Blogland seems really quiet at the moment. Maybe people are out enjoying the weather in the UK and also the schools are finished now aren't they ??
    I don't think anything's broken your end :-)
    IKE xxxxxx

  7. Hi Enfys
    A lovely and different card. Thanks for sharing. As for the commenting, I don't think there is a problem - well, certainly not for me anyway. I do always pop by but don't always have time to comment. I think in general it is a bit quiet on blogland at the moment. You are certainly not talking to yourself.

  8. Must admit I read every day as I get your blog via email, but often don't get a chance to comment.

    Love your cards and I just generally think things are quieter in blogland at the moment with it being the hoidays

  9. **waves madly** - I'm here!!!

    Must admit that since losing access via my PC at work (not compatible with new format) I do struggle keeping up with all my blog reading because I used to catch up with folk during my lunch break...so you might find that I leave comments in batches as I work through my reader list but haven't actually had any problems leaving comments.

    Lovely card Enfys and how super to have that 'secret' tucked away space for the message.

    Toni xx

  10. Beautiful creation.
    Is it possible to emboss with a cameo?
    Gr Elly

  11. One minute ago the post give me a pakket withe the beautiful Cherryblossom Lane cd .
    THANKS again Enfys.
    I am very happy with it.
    Gr Elly

  12. Amazing card, and yes you are correct the pictures really help! Thank you!

    I always enjoy reading your daily post, sometimes I get behind on my e-mails and then I don't tend to post as often. I have not experienced any type of problem when posting a comment.

    Thank you again for your humor in your posts and also your always amazing cards!

  13. I read your blog everyday, love your stories. And especially your cards I am going to have a go at the petal,card as I brought the cartridge and have hardly used it or the circuit best wishes. Ginnyx

  14. Guilty as charged! Love your blog, but don't always comment, as there seem to be lots already. This step-by-step instruction is terrific for this card. Thank you for sharing your talent with us; it is so much fun to make cards, and you give great ideas. Also very nice prizes. BethAnnM.

  15. I'm guilty as charged too - I read your blog everyday and love hearing the stories you tell about your grandchildren and sitting at the coffee shop! You make me laught out loud sometimes. I just don't take the time to comment every day. I'll try to do better as I definately enjoy your blog immensely!!

  16. I read your posts everyday and thoroughly enjoy them. I just do not comment regularly.

  17. Me again Enfys - I was inspired by your fabulous card and Tutorial so I tried one :-)
    If you would like to see - it's here on my Blog......


  18. Feedburner will not me respond and I wrote such a nice message to you !8-)
    I do tend to get frustrated when attempting to respond to a favorite blogger and the server gives me grief!
    I do so appreciate your tips,tutorials and gorgeous cards along with your observations on life and stories.

  19. I love reading your blog, it's part of my morning routine: coffee, CBS Morning News and my laptop to read my favorite blogs. I especially enjoy reading your comments about what you are observing around you and of course your grandchildren. I very seldom comment because I didn't think it really mattered. I'll try and do better.

  20. I love your blog and sometimes have trouble leaving a comment. I do try though. Please keep the inspiration coming.

  21. Hi Enfys,
    I am guilty as well, but I cannot comment directly from your e-mail to me. I have to go into bookmarks, find your blog among all the other bookmarked sites and then I can comment. Usually I just read your blog everyday from the e-mails, get a great laugh and move on to my other e-mails. I love your creativity and your stories. Thanks for all that you share and your generosity! -Barb-

  22. Hi Enfys! I read your posts every day via email, but am not very good about coming here to comment. I do love your cards and appreciate the time and effort you put into sharing them! I frequently save some of your emails to refer to a particular technique at a later time. Today is one of those posts I"ll be saving for sure!

  23. I always enjoy your posts and lots of time I "just" read. I think blogdom got quieter when all the changes started going on at ProvoCraft. There was always so much "can't wait to see" going on for Hello Thursdays. All the big blogs with projects to whet our appetite. Then they started firing people and everything changed.
    Oh, well, they didn't ask my opinion.
    I will make a point to leave more comments.

  24. I also read every morning, enjoy your blog tremendously, and rarely comment... Your projects are awesome, your wit is excellent - you blog is one of my favorite stops over coffee or tea each morning. I often copy a photo of your project to my "cards I'd love to emulate" folder. I'm sorry I have not commented more often!

  25. Sorry you can't see us all reading your post. I visit you website several times a week, I just am not very good at leaving comments. I do enjoy your cards and your posts. Thank you very much!

  26. I enjoy your BLOG everyday! I guess I don't leave a comment as often as I should but your thoughts and cards are my "go to" daily.
    Nancy from Ohio

  27. Hey, Enfys,

    I love your blog and read it everyday and try and reply as often as I can. I love the card you made for today's feature. I am going to try and make it as soon as I can for something special and for someone special. Keep on truckin, we all love you

    Dianne Bell - iSewpro02@aol.com

  28. Enfys, Will I don't often go directly to your blog, I get your post sent to my email where I can't make comments. I absolutely read you each day and love your cards and all your lovely thoughts on life. I would really miss you if your were to close us shop. Trust me, your work is lovely and I am reading you each day you post. Kate

  29. I read your posts with great enjoyment. Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us. And I thoroughly enjoy your take on the funny things that people do!

  30. Oh Enfys, now I feel badly, for I am guilty of not posting daily, although I ALWAYS read your e-mails and "almost" always visit your blog daily too. Nearly everything you make inspires me, and I've also posted a number of your wonderful creations to Pinterest (I always credit you as the source and leave your blog address on the pin).

    Yes, I have had problems posting to your blog (off and on) in the past, but I honestly believe It's an issue directly related to Google and my internet provider, rather than your blog, as it happens on other blogs too.

    There are a few reasons why I don't necessarily post every day ....

    1) Time ... I tend to get a bit wordy in my responses (uhhh, can you tell? *blush*), so I like to be able to take my time when leaving comments. Some days that precious commodity of time is just not playing in my favor.

    2. I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said multiple times in the comments already. Even though I get inspiration from others, I never copy anyone's work. I like my work to have it's own unique style (aren't most crafters like that?). Likewise, I like my words to be unique as well. I suppose I could just comment "ditto", but that seems so silly.

    3) On days when you are offering special give-aways, I only post if it's something I think I might like AND use. I do like all the give-aways that you offer (and truly appreciate that you offer them), but I also know that sometimes others will have a greater use for them than I would, and believe they should have the opportunity to win rather than me. Plus since I was the lucky winner of a great CherryBlossom Lane CD (which I totally LOVE), I felt it was only fair that I stay out of the drawings for a while, to give others a better chance to win. But if you tell me you don't mind that I say "don't enter me in the drawing", then I will go ahead and post anyway.

    4) My puter died so I had to get a new one, which has a new, and very different, version of Windows on it ... I am an old dog, and this is a new trick. I am still trying to learn it. As my frustration kicks in, my postings go down.

    5) My energy is zapped. There are days that I just don't have it in me to post ... call it laziness, or call it a bad hair day, or call it a sick day, or call it anything else you'd like ... but the energy is just gone.

    These are all just excuses I guess, but (sadly) they are also truths.

    Please, please, PLEASE, don't ever think that you are just talking to nobody. Because that is simply not true. I adore your blog. In fact, it's one of my very most FAVORITE blogs! You inspire me with your creations, you teach me with your tutorials, you enable me with sharing the latest products you use and those you see at craft shows, you make me smile and laugh with your witty random thoughts, and you even make me feel like a warm and welcomed friend of your family as you share the pics and adventures of your family and travels.

    I love your blog (and you too) and appreciate all your posts! Please foregive me for not leaving comments more regularly, I will try to do better.

    (Not sure if all this will post, it's rather lengthy, but I am going to try.)


  31. I love this tutorial and I printed it out for reference...I really do look forward to your e-mails every time and I print most of your cards out so I can see about doing something with your ideas on my own. I am one of your biggest fans Enfys...I just love your style.
    As for whether I have had trouble posting... I need to post a comment more often. I guess I have been too busy admiring and printing your cards and enjoying your humor...I need to thank you for that...You are just so talented and truly a delight to read your thoughts...I love that...I will try to remember to thank you more often..God bless, Smoochie

  32. No problems with posting here, I've just not been around much with my Mom and her broken hip and all. I know my blog is the same way on a smaller basis. The stats show people looking, but not many are commenting.
    Love your tutorial, I'll have to try this style of card, very nice! Thanks!

  33. Oh wow Enfys this is so lovely and thank you for sharing this, l have never had any trouble leaving comments Enfys and no your not talking to yourself l think most or all of the people enjoy looking at your post l for one think your brilliant and as for the money incident l would never dream of thinking this l too am a designer and get freebie its just a way of showing bloggers where they can purchase them so please don't be upset by any of this take care xx

  34. I check out your blog everyday but rarely leave a comment. Of course I do if there is a giveaway! How awful am I? I love your projects or I wouldn't stop by everyday! I'll try to do better!!

  35. Well, I guess you can see that people are reading your posts and loving your projects. For myself, I see your entire blog post in email and the email does not show a way to leave a comment. Having said that, I just now figured out how to get to your blog from the email and leave a comment. It is embarrassingly simple and I should have been doing that all along. I am red-faced.

  36. Love this card going to try it myself! My friend suggested this page and I joined your site! Here is my blog site. https://dawngdesigns.blogspot.com. I would be honored if you drop by. Thanks.

  37. Love your blog and I don't always post a comment. Every card is beautiful and look forward to your witty stories!~

  38. I love your blog and can't wait to get home form work to see what you have posted each day. I don't always leave a comment. I did for the marker give away but when I went back and read some of the comments mine wasn't there. Not sure if it was the blog or my computer. You are the best and I will keep leaving comments so you know we are all here.

  39. Oh, I forgot to mention that I love the card and appreciate the tutorial.

  40. And we love it too! I didn't know that mags paid for submissions. Do they all, every time? Still, not a big money maker I'll bet. Your blog is probably the only one that I comment on every time. If you don't hear from me, my computer is down, or I'm unable to get to it. But I usually make up for it when I can get online. I always love your cards...they are NOT rubbish! And I also love your little stories. You know what I miss the most since you moved back home...Your Dunkin' Donuts stories!Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Hugs, Jess

  41. Enfys,
    I have not posted comments daily due to not having a chance to but I do get the emails look at your postings which I love. Hope your Holiday has been great. I need one...

  42. Hi En. Ironically I never got to this yesterday!
    I, too, am guilty of not posting often enough. I try to but it gets away from me. And on days I post at another site, like Letreset, I don't post on your site and I should.
    I read every post you write and love your style as well as your observations about people and how "interesting" we all can be! You always make me smile.
    I promise to try to be better at making you smile as well. Rest assured you are not writing to yourself and there are tons of us out there that love you and wait for your new posts!!
    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your talent, treasure and sense of humor!

    Sue Brailey

  43. I think that this tutorial is just awesome.i love finding new designs for cards and this will be the perfect addition to my collection.

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I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x