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Monday, 18 April 2011

Winner of the Grad Cartridge

First of all, I drew the winner of the cartridge by Random.org, carefully took a photo, and it's come out all blurry and unreadable. So I will just have to tell you that the winner is


Congratulations. Email me with your address and I will get it in the mail to you. If you didn't win, there is another draw starting later this week, this time for some great Polkadoodles products

On to today's card. The image is one I stamped at my craft group - I am pretty sure it's a

Sugar Nellie, coloured with promarkers. I added the little dog stamp. The nestie type shape is one I got at Olympia, by Nellie Snellen , pretty designs and they cost a fraction of the nestability dies.

I punched a half circle on the orange grid paper, and put a small button there as if to anchor it.

Border punch by Martha (notice I am on first name terms with Martha now, well I probably paid for her last luxury vacation, so I feel entitled to a bit of familiarity). The base card and sentiment by Craftwork Cards

Promarkers used:

Skin blush and soft peach

Hair buttercup and mustard

Clothes denim blue, powder blue, coral, sunkissed pink

Has anyone got any tips on the holy grail for papercrafters, the perfect paper trimmer? I have numerous smaller ones like the Fiskars blue one, and a making memories big one that hinges down the middle and opens out, but the grid is wearing off that, and the ruler guide has snapped a couple of times which is irritating in the middle of a project. I don't want a guillotine one, I would probably chop off my fingers. So if one of you has found the perfect, accurate EASY to use trimmer, I could do with a few tips. It must measure up to 12"


  1. I use a grey fiskers with a 12x12inch flat bed. It's got a rotary blade. I've been very happy with it, except when you have to cut something narrow, but I haven't find any thing that cuts less than an inch, because the bar that holds the paper is in the way. It has a bar thing that the blade cuts against that you can rotate as it wears down (4 positions) and then it is replaceable. I don't know if it's a Holy Grail. It's not transportable, but it is lighter than a guillotine cutter. It also, of course takes decorative blades. i checked the box stored in the basement and it says 9580 in small numbers on it. It mainly says Fiskers 12-in Rotary Cutter.

  2. en she is just blooming gorgeous hun, love her. As for trimmers, i have a making memories 12x12 one that folds up, cost me £39 a couple of years ago but its fab, never needed another since i got that and fi has a carl one which is awesome too. hugs Lou xxx

  3. Wow! Can't believe that's me in the winners spot. Thanks!!!

  4. Well done to the winner. I love your new card, that image is gorgeous and yes a SN one at that. I have bought umpteen trimmers, big ones small ones, choppers, runners etc etc etc. Not happy to promote any of them yet so will watch this post with interest. I am sure Martha appreciates you buying her luxurious holidays Enfys lol.

  5. Great card!!! I love my Carl personal paper trimmer. The only thing is that it measure exactly 12" so if your paper is slitghly bigger, it doesn't fit. It's not guillotine, it's really easy to use and I tried about 5 different kinds and it's the only one I still have!
    brigitteetleschats at hotmail dot com

  6. So gorgeous card Enfys,I love the image and the colours.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  7. Cute card.
    I am going to be reading all the comments because I am on the look out for the best paper cutter. I think the 12' ones just wear out and you have to get a new one when a new blade doesn't work any more. Good Luck Enfys and when you find it let me know.

  8. Oh I see someone loves there Making Memory one that folds up. I had one and it fell apart. The blade and the bar all just broke. I am a little rough but not that much. I have a bad shoulder so I can't bush to hard. I have a Carl now and it is good but not portable.

  9. Love the card En. I don't know about the cutter, I'm always switching back and forth between my big tabletop Fiskars cutter. (it's only 8.5 inches wide, but 12 inches long) It too takes different cutting wheels. I have a small Cricut cutter, it's just a little one, but has an arm to get it to 12". I also have a small Creative Mem's gilotine cutter for the small cuts. I love it as it's very acurate. I think we each find our own favorite, and stick with it till it falls apart! lol Hugs, Jessica

  10. Stinkin' cute card!
    I have had a few different trimmers over the years and the one I have now is the best so far. Now I have to tell you that all I know is that it is a Fiskars and I keep it at the place where I do my scrapping, so I don't have it handy and I can't seem to find the same one on their site. It's a rotary trimmer and the part the holds the blade comes down and locks in place. It cost about $40 at the regular price. Sorry I can't tell you more about it though. If I find the info I will get it to you.

  11. Your little girl made me smile. She's adorable! About 10 years ago we bought a commercial paper cutter and have never regretted it. It's from South Coast Design, Super Roller Cutter model 12" x 21". Phone number is (714) 997-7582. That's all I could find on it. It's super heavy and has a self sharpening blade. Good luck!

  12. I love this image and this card... I would never have thought to do a cut away for a button - thanks for the tip! sorry I can't help you with a trimmer but good luck with finding one!

  13. Congrats to the winner and have fun with your new cartreidge. I do wish I could color like you. I guess I just need to practice it more. Lovely card as usual.

  14. Oh darn! I didn't win but I am still happy for the person that did. Hope they like their new cartridge. I love your card today too. Your coloring is amazing and so life like.
    I don't have a suggestion for a cutter. I have a couple of Fiskars, as well as some other ones big and small and a guillotine one that is older than dirt. I seem to have the same problem as you plus they stopped cutting straight. I don't really care for the rotary blade one I have so can't recommend it. Good luck and I hope someone has a good recommendation.

  15. Congratulations to the winner, Sue! Really cute card, Enfys! This little gal looks a bit like my granddaughter (with darker hair!)

    I feel like I'm funding Martha's vacations, too! he he he! Thinking of maybe selling the punches and picking up the cartridges instead - ho hum. It's so hard to let anything go - guess I'm just going to have to get the cartridges and keep the punches. What's one more drawer? Oh yes, space!

    Blessings, Donna

  16. Cute car Enfys, love why you and Martha are on a first name basis. Thanks for getting my smile started for the day!

  17. Cute card...I love it! I've been using Creative Memories cutters for years and love them. They have a 12 inch trimmer that you can get blade refills for as well as a guillotine cutter for smaller cuts. They also have a cutting system w a resealable mat and ovals or other shapes you can purchase if that's something you'd like. You could talk to Capadia to answer any questions you may have...she's a CM consultant.
    You may try searching the old mb for paper cutters too. I remember people asking for advice and there was a good discussion going. HTH

    Carol aka cyimbugbitten
    bugbitten at hotmail dot com

  18. Enfys, just want to say thank you again for the Graduation cartridge (blog candy). It was the perfect cart. at the perfect time. I finished a grad. card today, cutting parts from the cartridge, and it is so cute!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x