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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Manga girl - Birthday

I had fun colouring this little manga girl, I used strong colours so she really pops

Skin - coral, sunkissed pink

Hair tan caramel cocoa

clothes pear green, moss green, mango, orange, sandstone

I am really into clean looking cards at the moment, so left the base card quite simple. The papers are by SEI

I had to go down to the post office, you don't know how lucky you are here in the USA with your mail service, or perhaps you do of course. The way you get all those free packing boxes.....in the UK you would have to pay about $5 for a small one of those. I always try to get served by a particular guy, he is really jolly, and always makes me laugh. 'Can I interest you in anything else?' he bellows 'packing tape? a nice safe deposit box? I also have a nice line of stamps showing the President with a 'don't mess with me' look on his face...........'
I found out today, after seven years of owning this house, that I don't need to go to the post office at all. Apparently all I have to do is put my parcel by our mailbox, they take it away, and the next day there will be a little envelope with the amount owing, I pop the payment into the envelope, leave it in the mailbox, and bingo, mailing done. Isn't that just the most marvellous service? Mind you, I think I will have to find an excuse to wander into the post office occasionally, just to get a laugh from my jolly postman


  1. That's one adorable little card! I love the little girl!

  2. This is such a cute card!! I love the colors, and the stitching you added is a nice touch. Great base too. Funny story about the post office. Nice that they take packages from your doorstep!

  3. Enfys, we are blessed to have the nicest postal workers here in our local post office, too. Isn't wonderful when we know someone who changes our perception of "postal!"

    I have really enjoyed the little children you have blessed us with this week! I have loved your colors and cards so much! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!

    Blessings for a wonderful and Happy Easter! Donna

  4. Gorgeous card Enfys, love the colours

    Oh to have a mail service like that over here!!

  5. So gorgeous card,I love the image and the colours.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  6. fab card Enfys - she really does pop
    and wow at the postal service over there, if only ours was that good

  7. Enfys this girl is so adorable I love the colour palette x

  8. Cute card Enfys and I learned something new about the post office today too! TFS.

  9. I love your little girl in her bright clothes. She has that pouty teen look with her arms crossed!

  10. Hi Enfys wow love that image, fabulous card love it.
    Yes your right about the post office, its so expensive over here. But I do have a lovely postgirl and she is so helpful that I dont mind her using my loo when shes working. with hugs Shirleyxx

  11. Another great creation and coloring on the little girl card. Too cute. I love your postal story too. You can also get your supply of boxes delivered for free if you want but heck, it sounds like you have a good post office.
    Let us know how your eggs ala tarmac come out. It is snowing here today so no chance for me to try your egg recipe. LOL.
    Happy Easter.

  12. Very cute little card. You are so good at coloring. Me.... not so much. But I still try! They won't do that postage thing here. If I need anything, I have to go buy it. My postman doesn't even know how much it cost's to send a postcard! I think it depends on the mail carrier. If he/she is willing to do it for you, you get the service. Of course it could be that we're behind the times here. Which wouldn't be the first time!
    Love the card...Hugs, Jessica

  13. So sweet. It is so enlightening to find people that in the process of doing their job try to make the day fun and delightful isn't it. I try to do that in my job at the hopital too and sometimes that's very hard to do. But I feel that if I can make things being just a bit better then I have done a job well done.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x