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Friday, 15 April 2011

Polkadoodle Friday and a FREE download

Friday always brings a new challenge from Polkadoodles - this week, we were asked to make a wedding card. I used the Love and Cherish CD which is full of all the images and papers you could possibly need to make all those loved-up cards.

The stamp is by Stampin Up, everything else is from the CD - be sure to head over to see the great inspiration from the rest of the design team

Talking of Polkadoodles HERE is a freebie download for you, in collaboration with Papercraft Inspirations magazine. For this month's issue (on sale now in the UK, available on the 1st May in the USA) I made a little coupon book, each little pocket holds one of these 'promises' - a great little gift to give in these belt-tightening times. There are ready printed coupons for all sorts of promises - a date night, coffee and a chat, walking the dog, looking after the cat while you're away...........plus some gorgeous free papers Full instructions on how the book was made in the magazine.....tip, start eating loads of fibre! each pocket was decorated according to the coupon inside the pocket Finally, here is a birdie card I made for the last issue of the magazine, where my brief was to make four quick and easy bird cards I enjoyed making all the little birds out of buttons
Well, I have been back in the USA for two whole weeks, and don't have a single Dunkin Donut experience to share with you - unless you count the man I saw yesterday (looked like a pensioner/senior trying to recapture his glory days) who was wearing the worst wig I have ever seen, it looked as if he had a dead cat on his head. I stared in fascinated horror at this vision, looking away quickly when he saw me staring. Of course, as soon as he turned away I stared again at this jet black acrylic mass on his head, this time, he caught me staring and gave me a huge smile and a come-on sort of wink. Whaaaat? Not in your wildest dreams wig-man


  1. Oh En you do crack me up with your tales but I am disappointed that you haven't yet had an experience at Dunkin Donughts, never mind I am sure it will happen before long lol.
    Max x

  2. Wow! This is a bonus post, lots of goodies to look at today and they are all wonderful projects! Love the little coupon book, what a great idea!
    I'm betting that old guy thought you were just so enamoured with him and his good looks! Probably thought he was a real stud muffin.

  3. Lol isn't it great you can still click lol, but was it with the man or his hair piece cat lol. Love your cards and that gorgeous coupon book. The button birds are a great idea:)

  4. You made me laugh out loud, for real! :) I can just picture wig-man winking at you.

    I love your projects too, especially the button-birds. Cute idea.

    Thanks for making my day!

  5. Great book and card. Bet you made wig-man's day. He's now convinced he's a really hot dude!

  6. Busy gal, Love the cards and the coupon book is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing the polkaadoodles link.

  7. This is so wonderful Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  8. you really make me laugh with your tales did he have the medallion on as well, love your bird card what a great idea ginny xx

  9. I love the cards and the loobook. I am going to have to make a book since I have saved up a lot of the rolls since your last book you posted. I also love the bird card...definitely a inspiration! The Polkadoodles card is beautiful...I am going to have to consider getting this CD also..Thanks for your inspiring offerings this morning...God bless, Pamela

  10. I must come to Florida and go to your DD's. I've never seen so many unusual things all in one spot! Hugs, and love the cards. The button birdies are great!
    Hugs, Jessica

  11. Good thing I'd just swallowed my sip of tea, or I'd be hooking my desk top up as my laptop would be sprayed from a mouthful! Reading about the dead cat on the seniors head! I was thinking you were going to report he had a donut in his hands and one around the middle from to many! But, noooo - wearing a cat on his head! And, then the wink! Ugh!

    I love your cards! The wedding card is adorable and the birds of buttons is so cute!

    Thank you for sharing. If you are ever here on the West Coast, I would love to share a cup of tea with you!

    Easter blessings, Donna

  12. Beautiful wedding card. Love the coupon book. The button birds are great! The wig story is awesome!! He thouht you liked what you saw!!
    How very funny!!!! :)

  13. Oh my goodness Enfys you better watch out for wig man!
    It is almost better than a Dunkin Donughts story.
    Wonderful cards. I really enjoyed them.

  14. Now You know you made this man's day. Lovely wedding card. I love the button birds. The coupon book is such a nice idea too.

  15. I don't know which is worse...a really bad comb over or a really bad wig! No matter, the male wearers think they are both the cats meow! Really love the birdie buttons. Great idea.

  16. So happy to hear your Dunkin Donuts story. I was beginning to think you had forgotten about going there. My DH was very curios as to why I was laughing so hard while reading email. Of course he liked your story too. You sure make our day.

  17. You are so funny. It has been awhile since I have been to Dunkin Donughts, they don't have them in my area but I remember some strange sightings, kind of like Walmart after midnight.

    You have certainly been busy, I love the little coupon book and the birds are adorable too!.

    Shari Y

  18. You are so funny. I love the story about the man with the dead cat on his head. I cracked up reading about it. Love the bird card. What did you use to cut the wings and did you use a marker on the buttons to look like eyes?

  19. I don't know how I missed this post, Enfys. Occasionally, ATT likes to do it's own filtering and doesn't send me my e-mail. I think it competing with my mailman to see who can hoard more of my mail. I love your story esp. your term wig man. You can't help your an attractive sexy woman. Your card with the button birds is wonderful too, by the way. Just thought I'd say. Have a great week.

  20. Bwaaaahahahahaha Wig-Man!!! En that's given me the biggest LOL of the week!! Bet he just thought he was looking so smooth you were eyeing him up!! I used to catch a bus where a man always sat in front of me with same dead cat hairpiece - he would move when the bus went over a bump but the cat stayed in position, I was entranced by it LOL!! xxx

  21. Oh Enfys, I cannot wait until I can get this magazine issue! I love all your work, you are so talented!!! :)


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Enfys x