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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Circle Crop in Orlando

Well, the circle crop in Orlando was great fun. The theme was 'April showers bring May flowers'

None of us had much time for crafting, there was a Yudu demonstration, and lots of other demos to keep everyone busy....here is Charity Hassel supervising her really cute make and take....

The room had some beautiful decorations...... I loved this window box full of mushrooms and it was a joy to see some of the design team samples. These are by Cindy Royal, and I can't begin tell you how perfect they were, you know that feeling when you pick up a handmade card, and it's quite heavy in your hands and just screams QUALITY - that's what these were like. Thank you Cindy for letting me show these here

We all had to make a calling card, to swap with the others, here are some of the ones I collected
and here is the one I made...... The flower was cut from Serenade at 2 1/2", 2" and 1 1/2", spritzed quite liberally with water from a mini mister and crumpled up into a little ball when wet. I uncrumpled them and left them to dry, then added some card candi to the centre, and a sprinkling of seed beads. The black leaves are a sissix die
I had some flowers left over, couldn't waste them, so they came in handy for this card. The leaves were cut from the Straight from the Nest cartridge

I won the Yudu in the draw, but gave it away! I really couldn't see myself screen printing stuff, I have enough crafting obsessions going on, so I gave it away to someone who was longing for one.

I was a bit late getting there. The newly installed TomTom on my phone and I had a bit of a disagreement. She kept telling me to turn right, and silly me, with my very warped sense of direction, thought 'no, that can't be right' and carried straight on. So I basically mislaid a thundering great motorway that runs from west to east, and had to pootle along on country roads. Coming home was even worse, it was dark, and I not only mislaid a motorway, I mislaid a whole road and found myself careering along a dirt track in the middle of the very dark, very unlit, very scary countryside. I really shouldn't be allowed out......Still, here I am, safe and sound


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great time. Glad you got home safely!! :)

  2. Looks like a great time. How sweet of you to give the Yudu to someone else. I hope God blesses you richly for it.


  3. the circle crop looked like a lot of fun :) ...
    and about your travels....I'm so glad I'm NOT the only one thats gets lost with a GPS....so happy you found your way home :}
    what's life wihout an adventure or two.....

  4. Enfys, it was soo wonderful getting to meet you in person! Thank you also for signing my magazine, I will treasure it.
    I hope we get to meet again soon. :)

  5. sounds like you had a real fun day with crafty friends but what are you like...note to self...listen to mrs Tom Tom...big hugs kath xxx

  6. Crikey your journey there and back was definitely scary, can't understand why your hubby lets you out alone lol. Looks like a great day though, love the little calling cards.

  7. This is so beautiful Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  8. Glad you made it home safely! Looks and sounds like a great time was had by all and how wonderfully nice of you to share the Yudu you won with someone who really wanted it! My sweet hubby bought me one at the M's sale last week. Have a great week Enfys!


  9. Ah bless you Enfys I'm abit like that with the sat nav that I used for the first time a few weeks ago -didn't believe it.Glad you got there in the end and you made some beautiful makes. Very generous of you to give your prize away. Can I say I've just got the recent Creativity magazine and the projects you made where amazing.Well done you.Enjoy your Sunday.Love Debbie x

  10. Looks like you guys had a terrific time :) Love the projects you shared with us. How fun!

  11. Thanks for all the pictures. The cards are just gorgeous, what an inspiration! And remember never to argue with your GPS system, ha!

  12. I think it would be hard to take directions from a gadget! But since that's it's primary responsability, I'd have to listen. Especially if I mis-directions before.
    Love the pix, looks like everyone had a great time.
    Hugs, Jessica

  13. Love the projects! But I want to know how you get home. I guess it must be garden angels the take over. I love to take the old roads.

  14. Looks like you all had a fab time..fab creations as always...
    A real pleasure to catch up Enfys..TFI
    Hope you and yours are well:) x

  15. It's so scary to get lost and I do it all the time. Your crop looks like it was so much fun. Glad you got to go. At least the day wasnt dull!

  16. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! Well aside from your driving problems that is. But at least you got back home safe and sound.
    Beautiful cards!

  17. Oh, how much fun you always seem to have! I am the same with directions. My family laughs because I will be the navigator in the lead car saying turn left and with my right hand pointing right. I was just signaling to turn, it wasn't supposed to be directional - I SAID LEFT - he he he - good times.

    All of your creations are lovely and so happy you won the Yudu! How generous of you to give it away! Blessing others brings happiness, don't you think!?

    Love the flowers! Love all that you made! Thank you for sharing!

    Blessings, Donna

  18. looks like a lot of fun. I like the calling card with the cricut head in a martini glass. That looks like something I would do. Never disagree with the TOMTOM. It's just not worth it. LOL

  19. Glad that you made it there and back in one piece. Last time I used my Garmond in Orlando it kept telling me to turn left, there was NO road on the left! Then it would get quite huffy grate out RE-CAL-CULATING, tell me to go 100 yds and turn LEFT, again there were NO roads to the left! I finally got there by dead reckoning and good luck. How sweet of you to give away the Yudo you won to somebody else.

  20. Looks like fun...TFS! How sweet of you to pass the Yudo on to someone who really wanted it...I'll bet you made her day! I'm feeling for you...my sense of direction is like yours...unless I've got something to ground me, I don't know which direction I'm going. It does help to have one read a map while the other drives in big cities. Those gps systems are known to mix you up too...they aren't always right. I'm so glad you found your way. ;)
    Carol aka cyimbugbitten
    bugbitten at hotmail dot com

  21. The crop looked great and the projects were wonderful. You can be let out because you do always make it home eventually ;- ) We reasonable adult people have to stand up for ourselves. At least you drive safely, you do don't you? Glad you are home safe though. keep up the great work, and I love your kind and generous heart.

  22. Looks like you had tons of fun. I am so happy that you didn't come to any harm. I thought I was the only one who had those types of traveling mishaps. Nice to know that I am not the only one:)..

  23. It was so nice meeting you at the Crop and sharing dinner on Fri. nite. Thank you for posting pictures. Glad you made it home safely.

  24. Wowsers! All just great! Your flowers are perfect...amazing how time changes and once we were buying flowers that were already made and now we are making them outselves...! So happy you had such a great time! TFS :)

  25. What fun you had and I am so glad your driving adventure turned out ok and you are safe. It is easy to get turned around on some of those roads in and around Orlando (I have a niece that I visit there sometimes).

  26. Glad you made it home okay! It was such a thrill to meet you and watch you work with Pro Markers in person. Have a wonderful week, and I hope our paths cross again in the future.

  27. Sometimes GPS's are dead wrong! Sounds like you had a lot of fun though anyways! It was very kind of you to give away your Yudu! That was very generous. Your cards are lovely--I will have to try the watering technique--Thanks Enfys!
    barbferris at rochester dot rr dot com

  28. So do you find the fun or does it just find you? Looks like you had a wonderful time, love the projects tfs.

  29. I so enjoyed meeting and talking with you Your work is amazing I love it. Thanks for allowing me to pick your brain so to speak. The crop ( my first) was great fun. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and all the great ideas that were shared.
    Big Blog Hugs

  30. Hi....this is Pam your dinner buddy to your left. Thanks so much for the marker demo....those images are adorable. Do you have a web address for the company that desgins them?

    I also missed my turn south on I-75...and I live here full time!!! But my head was buzzing with ideas and I was zoning in that creative space where ideas and imagination were running wild. All of a sudden I notice downtown Tampa in my windshield and wondered how the heck I got there??? I had even stopped in Plant City for gas!
    a quick detour through Ybor City and I was back on track.
    I used my gps for the outbound trip, but didn't need it for the return....or so I thought!

    It was good to meet you and all the other circle friends.


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