Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday Morning Chat...

 I don't have a card to show you today, but popped here for a bit of a chat about this and that - new cards coming this week, I promise!

Look what Pat, who won the Craftwork Cards bundle made for me, she was so delighted with her prize that she made a card, took a photo and emailed it to me - thank you Pat, it's just made me feel really special to have a personalised message

and here is why there aren't any cards today, the flowers don't look much do they? After spending an arm and a leg, this is what I came home with, and I have been busy replacing the soil in the tubs, and planting them. It took me all day, I'm glad we no longer have a huge garden, a few tubs is enough for me..... 

and today is the Wimbledon men's final, and we have a Brit to cheer on. Come on Andy - I shall be tucking into my strawberries as I watch.......

and totally off the crafty chat, I have been looking for a new cover for my iPad for ages, this is my second Apple one, and they seem to be a dust magnet, and worse, I don't think they protect the iPad that well.....look how dirty it's got! 

So although it's not a stamp/pens/glitter or gems, after loads of research I found this, and I am so thrilled with it, I'm sharing.....

SNUGG - US site
SNUGG - UK site

it's baby blue leather, my all time favourite colour....

 and a really neat way of propping it up.....

So if anyone is looking for one, just passing this on....small things are making me happy today - a lovely card by email, newly planted pots, a blue cover for my iPad, tennis, strawberries and lots of sunshine. I hope you are having a lovely weekend as well, I'll be back tomorrow with some giveaways - In fact, I have two prizes a day for five days next week, so be sure to drop in - see you then x 


  1. Will be joining you watching the tennis, but no strawberries for us, rather something nice and hot.
    Have a great day, hugs, Ursula.

  2. Enjoy your Sunday Enfys.

    That leather cover looks lovely - will have to go look-see as that would be a super gift.

    Toni xx

  3. Relax and enjoy the day...excited for the coming week....

  4. Just want to post a big THANK YOU for my Craftwork Cards goodies Enfys - you're a treasure! I'll be watching the tennis too, the two weeks of Wimbledon seem to fly over. Having all the family her for tea so there will be 12 of us - if Andy wins there will be a huge cheer from this house!! Pat x

  5. What a nice surprise to receive your special card! Pat did a great job!

    My husband has a Snugg cover on his and he really likes his as well!

    Enjoy your Sunday and looking forward to your creativity this week!

  6. Oh those do look like lovely strawberries. The strawberries are looking very nice here too and now you've made me wish I had gotten some while at the market yesterday. Love that leather ipad cover, and in such a nice color too!

    Have a delightful Sunday, and good luck as you cheer on your tennis player at Wimbledon. =)

  7. Watching and rooting hard!! Love the crowd shots outside the stadium! Strawberries here in the US too! It's a great story and would love to see him win!
    All the best,
    Sue Brailey

  8. Hi Enfys.....Fantastic results with the tennis ....your strawberrys look yummy my grand daughter ate all of ours we only got a few first time growning them but they tastes lovely....hope you enjoyed your day x

  9. Hope you had a good day and the tennis was fantastic. A great result.

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