Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hoppy Birthday

Two pocket cards today, but before that, just let me rave for a few minutes - I went to see The Lion King last night and was totally blown away by the sheer originality of this wonderful show - if you have the opportunity to see it do go. It is the best stage production I have EVER seen. A riot of colour and jaw dropping costumes and stage sets. I have been on a real high ever since! In fact I am seriously thinking of getting tickets to take Kiki when she comes to stay with me in August.......

Okay, back to earth. During my massive tidy up in the craft cupboard, I found this very old Stampin Up set and decided it was time to give it an airing. I stamped the pocket onto denim pattern paper and added a couple of Card Candi 'brads'. Papers are by Bo Bunny.  The stitching is faux - I just doodled it on because I had hidden my sewing machine under a mountain of junk supplies and couldn't reach it

and this next one was made with the same set, I went for a very clean and simple look for this one. The paper is by Tim Holtz

So now all the hysteria about the new baby Prince George has died down, I do hope that this lovely young couple are given some privacy now to bond with their child - heaven knows, a first baby is a bit of a shock for anyone without the added pressure of having hundreds of cameras recording every movement each time the child is taken out for a bit of fresh air - I don't think we will be seeing Prince William driving bleary eyed around the block in the wee small hours of the morning with a screaming baby in the back of the car. Hands up all of you who resorted to the middle-of-the-night-car-therapy? I know we did! 

It did occur to me today that I have never seen a royal baby/child have a tantrum. How do they do that I wonder? I know that if I had had the eyes of the world trained on my offspring when they were toddlers that there would have been shocked articles in newspapers and TV programmes about the child who lay on the floor in the supermarket screaming for half an hour, or went totally rigid and refused to bend to be put into a car seat. Then there was the breath holding contests to see who would break first, baby or anxious Mummy (the baby always won that one). Ah, happy days, but I am pleased to report that these young  hooligans, toddlers have grown up to be nice, productive and pleasant people, and it's (secretly) rather gratifying to watch them having to deal with their own children's tantrums. What goes around comes around as they say......

See you tomorrow x


  1. Two lovely card Enfy. You lucky thing, going to see the Lion King. My daughter went and absolutely loved it.

  2. Great cards Enfys.
    Sounds like you had a super time at the theatre.

    Toni xx

  3. Love the cards Enfys, and he sentiment on the second one is lovely and so true. I've seen Lion King and, like you, I found it absolutely incredible. Patx

  4. Love the cards, into denim right now. Might have to give this one a try. TFS~hugs♥

  5. Great cards Enfys! I'm sure Kiki would love to see the Lion King...great idea!!

  6. Love the pocket cards. Going to see if the stamp is still for sale somewhere. Guess ebay would be a good start. I don't think you could ever make a bad card. Would love to try and keep up with all the cards you make. At least that would keep me productive.
    Hugs, CyndiU

  7. Great cards Enfys as always so pleased you have a good time at the Theatre xx

  8. Really cute cards. I really like the frog in the pocket. I've resorted to driving my daughter around at 3am...found out the next day that both ears were infected. You're absolutely right about the Lion King. It's fantastic.

  9. Loving the pockets. Great ideas for cute cards. I vote yest to take Kiki to Lion King. Anyone I know who has seen it just raves. LOLOL what an image in my mind...young Duke George on a royal trip with Mum and Dad, throwing himself down of the ground, kicking and screaming. If they handled it the way I did, you'd hear about it across the world! lol I just let them scream, and stepped over them until they got tired. lol Yes I remember the good old days too.
    Hugs, Jess


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