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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Scan N Cut Ace Brithday

 Another card made with just the built in shapes on the Scan N Cut machine. This was supposed to be a quick card - I had designed it in my head, and it seemed straightforward - Ha! First of all I forgot to adjust the blade depth and cut right through the mat...........

Then I spent ages fiddling around cutting tiny little hearts, spades etc for the corners of the playing cards, and after all that faffing around decided I didn't need them. Then I lost the tiny letter stickers I wanted to use......

and whatever possessed me to choose this split letter type font when it was cut at 1" - the pieces were so tiny to fit together! Anyway, the clubs, spade, diamond and hearts motifs were in the machine, and I cut out rounded corner rectangles, also a built in shape for the playing cards....

Still, in the end it came out pretty much as I had imagined, and I rather like it for a male birthday card. One random tip about the Scan N Cut, which is totally irrational and doesn't make sense, but sometimes when you scan in an image to cut, say a stamped image, although the stamping is clear with unbroken lines, the machine just will not pick up the outline. I have discovered that if you move the image to another spot on your mat and try again, it almost always works. How very odd! It also seems to get confused sometimes if there are too many images on one page, if that happens I just cut off the bit that didn't scan, then scan and cut it separately.

   All in all, I am really enjoying the machine, although I haven't even tried to use the Canvas software yet, I am just playing with the stuff that is already on the machine. One thing I hope they rectify quickly is the lack of an 'undo' button, it's irritating to have to go back to the beginning if you make a mistake. I can't remember having so much fun with any other machine when it was new though, so I'm enjoying the learning curve

Have a great weekend x  


  1. Great 'guy' card Enfys, even if it did cause you hassle - it was worth it.

    Continue to enjoy playing with your new toy.

    Toni xx

  2. Great card !!! I just got my scan-n-cut !!! Can't wait to try some of these. When I had the first, I also cut through the mat. Having same problem scanning also, doesn't pick up all images, which is very irritating to me, because that's the main reason I bought it

  3. Great design for those difficult male birthdays. All that faffing was worth it Enfys. Pat x

  4. Glad you are having fun with your scan n cut.
    Fab male card.
    Sue x

  5. Sounds like loads of fun! Cute card. Even though I don't have a sec, I'm enjoying your play.TFS, hugs Jesus

  6. Fabulous card Enfys, and so perfect for a "guy" ... guy cards are among the most difficult for me to make. I have a tendency to make my cards too girly by adding lots of flowers and ribbons and bows and totally blinging them out so much so that you would think they were made in Fairytale Land or a make believe world of unicorns, rainbows and fairy dust. Guys just don't seem to appreciate all the foo-foo stuff ... I wonder why? *wink*

    I love hearing about your experiences with the SnC and how you are finding "work-arounds" to get it to do what you need. How great that you are enjoying it so much. Thanx for sharing the tips and tricks too.

  7. Great tips. My friend spotted a scan n cut advert the other day and suggested she view here for tips. Great card

  8. Great card Enfys and perfect for a male card. Loving all the tips for the Scan N Cut too.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x