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Friday, 11 April 2014

I'm back!

Here's one I made for this month's Papercraft Inspirations magazine - my commission was for four shoe cards and I really enjoyed doing this one. This was made with Vogue papers from Craftwork Cards

I cut away the front of the card to follow the shape of the shoe, these elegant papers were just right for the job....

I seem to have been missing from blogland for the longest time, when I got home I struggled a bit with the time difference, then we had friends staying for a few days, now it's the dreaded plane bug that has me sniffling and feeling a bit pants

About the only crafting I have done is to make sure that the precious Scan N Cut machine survived the journey, which it did. I had bought a travel bag from Walmart especially for it (hoping that my dear husband was going to be so delighted to see me that he wouldn't notice an extra suitcase or two - he didn't!). So in went the new machine, wrapped in bubble wrap, but no packing stuff, I was going to be putting it in the overhead bin, nothing much could happen to it there......except the new bag didn't suit one of those irritating airport people who seem to delight in telling people that their luggage is 1 inch too long and must be checked into the hold. So I spent the journey agonizing about the fate of my poor little machine down below in the hold, waiting to be hurled onto another conveyor belt in the UK. Honestly, it's a miracle, but it works a bit better than it did before, I think it likes the UK.

Apart from that, the journey was uneventful, quite enjoyable in fact. I was sitting next to a couple, the plane was full apart from some 'premium' seats. The woman's screen wouldn't turn on. She was obviously dismayed at the prospect of a seven and a half hours with no flight entertainment. 'complain' I urged her. So they did, no joy. By this time I was quite excited about the thought of them being moved and being able to stretch out across three seats. 'Complain again........ask for the cabin manager......
It worked. Off they went into their premium seats, they had barely got up when the arm rests were flipped up and my feet were up on the seats. Not exactly bliss, but as close to it as you can hope for when you are travelling in economy.

See you tomorrow when it's my turn to post over on the Craftwork Cards blog x   


  1. What a really beautiful card Enfys. This is so pretty. Love the brown and black...Feel better soon.

  2. Hello, Enfis, I is glad that your travel took place quite not bad and your machine safely transferred it). You created a beautiful card, I like these papers and footwear.
    hugs, Helena

  3. Super card Enfys - the PP really were the perfect choice for this.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Toni xx

  4. Oooh! you clever bunny getting 3 seats all to yourself. Good to see you back Enfys, delighted that your scan n cut hasn't got the plane bug too. Great shoe card, I have 3 daughters who are all shoe & handbag crazy so I think I'll get a copy of the magazine. Pat x

  5. So glad you and your new toy made it back home safely! I love the shoe card, and the papers are very pretty. Thank you. BethAnn M.

  6. What an elegant shoe. Super!

  7. Glad you are back. Have missed your happy chats. Glad you had space to stretch out and that the scan and cut survived the trip.

  8. Maryellen WebberFriday, April 11, 2014

    So glad you are back, you were missed! Love your shoe card. Can't wait to see more of your creations when you are feeling better.
    Take care,

  9. Wow I missed your posts! Thank heavens for facebook! Other wise I'd have been having withdrawal symptoms! lol Really regal looking card! Looking forward to tomorrows post. And please take care of you, that cold can just hit the road! lol If only huh. Well I hope it goes away quickly. Hugs, Jess

  10. Beautiful card Enfys. So glad you're back.

  11. Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound, and even better that it was a pleasant trip for you. Nothing like having a little extra space to stretch out in ... particularly when you are confined to a small seat for 7 hours!

    Love your shoe card with the fabulous bows. The design style following the line of the shoe is a great look.

    I am thrilled to hear that your SnC arrived in tact after being checked in with the baggage handlers (which we all know are NOT all that gentle with their handling efforts). How amazing that it not only survived in good condition but even works better. The great Crafting Gods in the Sky were certainly watching over you on this journey!

    Hope you are feeling better.

  12. Nice to see you popping up Enfys and it was worth the wait this is stunning x

  13. LOL!! Love the cards, LOOOVE the stories. Thank you so much for sharing all that happens to you. Every blogmail I get brings a smile to my face.
    XX Carin

  14. Enfys... Would love this CD so I can use it on the Scan and Cut that is if I ever get it out of the box.... Sorry about the FB problem.. Hope it is resolved...
    Love this..

  15. Glad you and everything else arrived safe and sound.
    Lovely card. TFS!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x