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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Birthday to Moo.....

Okay folks, I make no excuses for another Scan N Cut card today - well, you have to allow me to play with it for a while. This time I cut out elements from the Back to Nature CD by Polkadoodles (look at the cow eyelashes!).....

It made a bright and cheery springtime card......

I had some printed out bits left over, so made this card as well, it made me smile. I hand cut the grass and used some bits and pieces of cut out flowers to dot around....

I will be sorting out the winners of the giveaways tomorrow, but if you haven't already left your names, scroll down for the posts to leave your names and be in with a chance to win

Has my town been magically moved to the south of France without me noticing it? The sun was shining again, a lovely day when a light sweater was all that was needed to feel comfortable, but definitely not what you would call a heatwave. What did I see? A girl in a strapless boob tube type maxi dress (the type you throw on over a bikini) and flip flops, two young men parading about with no shirts on and a granddad who should have known better in very tight short shorts circa 1966, a long sleeve shirt and sandals with socks.  What happened to style?  Don't these people have mothers/girlfriends/significant others to give horrified gasps as they appear 'you CAN'T go out looking like that'....
Obviously they don't. I may have to adopt them, I will be the equivalent to Mother Theresa of Solihull, gathering up the style-disadvantaged, rehabilitating them and discharging them back into society looking like models for Ralph Lauren........

I'll be back tomorrow with some Easter eggs, see you then x 


  1. Enfys,
    So utterly cute... I am sorry I just could not help myself.. Hopefully in the next 2 days I will get to take it out of the box and play. So, so cute...

  2. Luv it Luv it!!! her eyelashes are adorable!!! and you do notice them from the front as well as the back view.....lol
    and YES! I check hubby before he goes anywhere! and do ask him if he lives under a rock with no mirror???

  3. How wonderful Enfys - two fabulous cards with beautifully cut out images.

    A light jumper & a jacket was required here for most of the day as although it was lovely & sunny there was a sharp breeze. I saw several 'topless' guys (MAD) several semi-clad gals - I'm surprised they didn't goosebumps on their goosebumps.

    Have a great Easter.

    Toni xx

  4. Two adorable cards Enfys.Love the eyelashes.
    Coming home yesterday I saw a man that maybe has no mirror,not nice.

  5. OMGoodness, these cards are completely adorable. Such wonderfully bright colors and prints and the details are fabulous. no need to make excuses about using your SNC ... if I had one, I'd be using it too, especially with all these details. I cannot begin to imagine the task of fussy cutting all of these by hand. Whew! Aren't you delighted to have another option!

    Oh My, you had me in giggles at the thought of seeing skimpily clad people on a sunny (yet still very cool) day. The gasps of horror took me straight back to my school days and some of the comments my Father would make as we tried to leave the house wearing a dress with the hemline above the knee. Silly Daddy, didn't he know that we caught onto that trick pretty quick and started waiting until AFTER we left the house before we rolled up those waistbands to a more fashionable length? Likewise, my children drove me crazy with their fashion trends.

    It might be fun to be the fashion police for a day ... but then, on the other hand, it would be a bigger headache and way more work than I really want to do!

  6. This cow card is adorable. What a hoot! Love it so much.

  7. I love all the cards you've been making with your Scan & Cut. The Polkadoodle CD has some darling components and you have truly been an enabler.

  8. Two gorgeous cards - just love both the sentiments.

    I always blame powercuts for how people dress. It is shocking how many people have powercuts and have to get dressed in the dark LOL!! ;)

  9. Love that moooooo card. It is so adorable.

    Dianne Bell - Sewpro02@aol.com

  10. Love your cards, they are adoreable! Thank you for my daily dose of motivation! Happy Easter!

  11. Great cards Enfys, how lovely it would be to have eyelashes as long as that! Had to laugh at your fashion comment. We saw a young girl yesterday with a very small top, shoe string straps on it, leggings and flip flops. Now it may be warm where you are but up here in the north east with the wind coming off the sea dressing like that is deserving of a psychiatric test. For the record, I was dressed in trousers, jumper and 3-in-1 jacket!! Pat x

  12. I can't resist... Holy Cow En, what have you done! ;) Cute little cards.
    We have the style disabled here too, the worst is the "style" of letting their pants so loose that we can see almost their entire bottom! It really irritates me. I remember everyone complaining about having to wear their older siblings clothes. That's what most of the young me look like. But the girls... Theirs are so tight you can see almost every crevice they have, and most of their boobs too. Unbelievable!
    Hugs, Jess

  13. Cute Moo Cards, hoping to win one of your give aways. Happy Easter to all,

  14. Loving you Scan and Cut posts....still in the debating stage on if I should buy one , although I'm still in love with my silhouette at the mo!
    Your 'about town' comments had me in stitches! Being a Local Brummie in the USA they were much appreciated!!!...I can just picture them now!!!....take them in hand Enfys they need you!

  15. Two really cute cards -----have to say I love the back view one (just my personallity) thanks for sharing. ----Nancy

  16. These cards are both brilliant! I love cows and always stamp one one the back of every card I make. I agree that some people should know better when they dress in summer clothes - I think more mirrors are needed! In a lot of cases, more is definitely more! xx

  17. Great cow. Nice rump. Lovely sunny day here. Funny post

  18. Two great cards Enfys, the images really made me chuckle. Happy Easter.


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Enfys x