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Thursday 24 April 2014

Friends are like pockets....

Continuing with my mission to make some cards using only the built in shapes in the Scan N Cut machine, I came up with this idea..... 

I used one of the basic shapes, and folded over the point to make it look like a pocket, I added some black card behind the glasses and covered that with glossy accents - they look a bit smudged in the photo, it must be the light because they are lovely and glossy in real life. A bit of stitching, and a couple of the wavy borders from the machine and I was done. Papers are from a very old stack by Martha Stewart, and the sentiment is also an old one from Stampin Up

It's been a work in progress kind of day for me, I have stuff that I need to get done and dusted before my next little jolly outing on the 5th May - a trip to France and Belgium to visit the world war one battlefields, well, it won't be so jolly, I shall probably spend four days in floods of tears at the total waste of so many young lives. 

Now I don't speak French, I regret not paying more attention in school, but I didn't. So I found this iPad app called Duolingo, and decided that by the time I went on this trip I would be at least able to say with some authority 'another gin and tonic please' or understand what I was about to eat. I was very enthusiastic for about two weeks, and kept coming out with bizarre statements to a bemused husband 'this apple is red' I would announce in French, with all the gravitas of the Prime Minister announcing a reduction in income tax. I can also tell you that the elephant is grey, and that the boy likes cake. All of this will, I'm sure come in very very useful around the battlefields of the Somme. I sort of lost interest after a couple of weeks, I wasn't sure how many grey elephants and red apples I would come across, so
the impetus vanished, and I shall just have to fall back on the time-honoured British way of speaking English very very slowly in a loud voice.....I'll let you know if that works, and if I see any elephants

See you tomorrow


  1. What a fun and creative card Enfys. I love the way your mind works and how you can look at a shape and invision it as something else, like this little purse. Such creativity!

    I can only imagine how difficult it must be to communicate in a different language. I do not know any other languages either, but out of necessity, I have learned a few phrases. Here in Florida, there is a high Spanish speaking population. As a Human Resources Manager, I have had many difficult interviews with potential employees whose English was extremely limited. Not fun when my Spanish is equally as limited. However, I can now request that an applicant take a pre-employment urine test in flawless spanish! Unfortunately, I have yet to find way to fit this satement into every day conversation. What can I say, we do what we must do for our jobs!

    You might not see any grey elephants or red apples, or even boys who like cake, but as long as you can ask for "another gin and tonic," I know you will have a grand holiday. ENJOY!

  2. Gray elephents... I only want to know if you see pink ones;)
    Very cute cards En.
    I do love to travel, and have always wanted to go to Europe. Any where on the continent. I'm sure I won't be able to go now as my back is so bad. So please share some pix so I can pretend I was there. To visit the Somme will be an extraordinary experience. Thanks for sharing, hugs, Jess

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely creations and your story as well! It does sound like a great trip, enjoy!

  4. Love all yur creations !! I finally got my Brother Scan-n-Cut. I like it. Had to send back. I was wondering, if u had any trouble loading the mats. I tried about 20 times, ruined 2 mats, just trying to load. It keeps pulling to the left side. Crunching them as they go in. I had all 4 corners on 2 mats bent. I have all the die cut machines & loading the mat shouldn't be that difficult.
    Thanks, Norma K

  5. I love Duolingo - and you might be able to skip ahead to the good stuff. I forget if you can or not... the French don't seem to be as tolerant of non-native speakers as much of the rest of the world, but you can go a long way with a smile. Cute card today.

  6. What a fun card. Very spring looking. Have a great trip. Take lots of pictures. Good luck with the language barrier. You can't win with the French so just have another drink and have fun.

  7. What a funny story ! I hope you will have a good time ! The card is very nice. Perfect for summer !
    Anna N.

  8. Oh Enys you've cheered me up no end! I've had a rotten day at work and feel really down but now I can't stop smiling at your 'French' phrases - thank you so much!

  9. Love the card Enfys.

    I have found that if you at least 'have a go' the French are willing to help you out. I did French at school but wasn't very good at speaking it but it's surprising how well you can manage with a phrase book & a smile.

    Have a great time - my niece went there with her senior school and said it was a fantastic experience.

    Toni xx

  10. What a wonderful card. I managed to cut a camera and the word spring but that is a start. I love this card and it is so cute and the colors. Have a great trip. Can you believe I was not the first post lately just shows you I have not time for the computer. Keep up the great job. Next week is not looking good weather wise...Rain, Rain, Rain, so maybe that spells SCAN & CUT.

  11. Such a cute summery card!!! luv the cherry and bright colors...those language lessons never made sense to me so in what conversation you would bring up a gray elephant??? elephants are gray..I would like to know how to say a pink elephant at least my conversation wouldn't be boring...too funny be careful how you order your gin and tonic you might get a boy that likes cake...lol enjoy yourself

  12. Love the bag and glasses Enfys - very creative. So, bilingual you won't be for your French trip but you can always point to the Chanel No. 5 and the bottle of gin in the duty free shop! We're going to Kenya in four weeks and I'm trying to learn some basic words in Swahili. So far, I know that safari means journey and that's it! Pat x

  13. Great card. Too many G&T's and I'd be looking for pink elephants, or maybe flying elephants. Or is that pigs?? Good luck with the French.....

  14. Lovely creation Enfys. Love the design and colours.


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Enfys x