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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Season of Mellow Fruitfulness and a harvest of coathangers......

Well after a very nice summer here in the UK, it suddenly changed overnight from warm sunshine to a distinct Autumn nip in the air. Definitely sweater weather......

So a chore for this weekend, has been to pack away the flip flops with a sigh and get out the winter stuff. Sigh.....

Now this is always a major undertaking. I pull stuff out with a snort of disbelief 'I can't believe I paid good money for that' or 'ooh, I remember wearing that to a party fifteen years ago'. Time for the charity sack to make an appearance. Delving into the pile of boots and winter shoes, wearing my brand new brown boots bought last week, I find the brand new brown boots that I bought in a sale at the end of the winter in March. Ooops

How can it be that all summer I have been double-hanging stuff, making tops share a hanger with a couple more tops because I just didn't have any spare hangers. So where did this lot come from then?

Could it be that they were quietly having a hanger orgy in the back of the wardrobe while I was reading a book in the sun? They must have had a good time - they have reproduced in a very prolific way....

And here is the end result. A depressing sea of grey, brown and black. Note to self: take the boots back and buy something BRIGHT. Mind you, now that I have spent a whole day doing this, we are guaranteed to have a late summer heatwave, which means I will be diving into various boxes looking for those flip flops...

and lastly, my new definition of true love is Mike going out to fill the car with petrol and coming back carrying this for me......

Back to the crafty stuff tomorrow, I just fancied a Sunday morning chat with you all....x


  1. That's a job I have been putting off - but it is in reverse - bringing out the summer clothes and putting away the winter ones.

  2. My coathangers seem to have a secret breeding ground too. Or maybe all those odd socks that go missing turn into coathangers?

  3. Our weather here in the Buffalo, NY area has been pretty nippy too. What is that? We should still be having temps in the 70s and we're having in the 50s. I don't like it one little bit! I hate trading the capri pants for jeans! Have a lovely day, hope you get some nice sunshine!

  4. Nice to have a chat; isn't it.

    I can't believe I've had a fleece top on this wee and had the heating turned on low of an evening. Even this bright Sunday morning the temp is only hovering around the 8C mark brrr.

    I love the colours that Autumn brings - just wish it stayed a bit warmer (and certainly drier) LOL

    Have a fab Sunday and tell those hangers to behave...

    Toni xx

  5. I just knew we'd wake up one day and it would be winter! Its feeling very much like a duvet day to me! I'll need to do the same as you, maybe tomorrow! Hugs x

  6. Definitely more like winter than autumn here today Enfys. This is a chore I have been thinking about but not necessarily doing lol. You have inspired me.

  7. Very organised and tidy wardrobe Enfys - if only my craft room was that tidy! Pat x

  8. According to the BBC for the south there will be a last attempt at summer from the 23rd so I am holding off from doing the wardrobe change around just yet. But it definitely feels like winter today so I hope they are right - I am fighting the urge to turn the heating on today.

  9. Our weather has taken a "chilly" turn here too! From 33C last week to 12C today....time to think about getting out the winter woollies! My closet isn't nearly as organized as yours though!!
    Hugs, Renee

  10. I am having closet envy! I could never take a picture of my closet...NEVER! Hanging my head in shame! Oh well I can dream about a closet angel coming and doing some magic! Barbara in AZ

  11. Oh Enfys, you have to come live in Texas where we wear bright cloths all through our winters, or what there is of them, but then having lived in Florida, you know that hehe. Still you are now living in a beautiful country and experiencing the true meaning of the "changing of the seasons"! Just trying to find something positive ta tell ya! :)

  12. I have always thought that hangers do procreate when I'm not watching! But I never seem to have one when I need one?
    I never put all the summer things away. Always leave an outfit out, just in case. :)
    My problem now,is we moved in July into a temporary place, all my winter stuff went into a huge box. And the coats and jackets n boots etc into another big box.
    Guess where those big boxes are? Yep at the back/bottom of the storage shed of course. So I hope it doesn't cool off enuf for sweaters for at least another month. I really don't want to hear the whining when the men(who put the stuff in the shed in the first place) have to dig out those boxes. lol Well it's cooler here right now, but it's not sweater weather...yet. Well, thanks for the chat! Hugs, Jess

  13. Now that you have sorted out everything at your place, could you please come over to Crete to help me out? On the other hand, I need to keep my summer clothing ready to take with me when I'll be visiting my friend in Sydney in November, which suits me just fine lol.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x