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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Halloween Magazine Cards....

I'm pretty sure I haven't shared all these Halloween cards with you - they were made for Papercraft Magazine last year, and by the time I could share them with you, Halloween had been and gone......

This first one was made using the Cricut, the letters were cut with Plantin Schoolbook, and the ghosts are from Paper Dolls....

This next one has a memory box bare tree, the bats were cut with the Cricut but I don't remember the cartridge...

For this next one, I used a large button as the body of the spider, and hand cut the legs. I also doodled the spider web, and the little spiders on the bottom. I thought the rather flirtatious googly eyes were a fun touch.....

This next one was made using Polkadoodles Halloween downloads

The cards were in the 'quick cards' section of the magazine, which means the readers must be able to reproduce them in about thirty minutes - always a challenge to come up with stuff for that section

I don't think my kids ever dressed up for Halloween, it just wasn't heard of in the UK back then. I did decide to have a Halloween party one year and spent the afternoon making a ghost (balloon under a sheet) that I hung in a corner of the kitchen, and scattered some black plastic spiders about. My then 5 year old daughter burst into tears, refused any tea, and blames me to this day for her arachnophobia! The party was one of my rare Martha Stewart-ideal-mum type moments, others being a couple of quite hideous home baked birthday cakes and an innovative party game when one of the children attending fell over and ended up in the emergency room. After that, I found a woman who made cakes that looked like castles or forts, and kept the games to 'pass the parcel'....My kids have grown into nice, normal, responsible people, so as far as I know, they don't have a great sense of having missed out on the Martha Stewart-ideal-mum. Who knows, I bet if they ever had therapy it would all surface.....(I hate the internet fashion for inserting LOL to show that you are amused, but I must admit to a little LOLLING as I write this...) 

See you tomorrow....


  1. LOL....Enfys, Sorry just had to do that...okay Laughing out loud!!!
    Poor daughter, scared of spiders all because you wanted her to have a little fun.
    We always had halloween parties for all of our kids. Big one that my BIL mad witches stirring smoking pots, rain and thunder and lightning. Use to be much fun. But Halloween these days are not much fun as that is the day my sweetie passed away. It is very hard to make Halloween cards or celebrate it. I may try to to make the boo card though because I think the Grandbabies would love it. I love that tree in the other card. I must find that die... All great cards!!!

  2. Those are some adorable cards! Thanks for sharing them with us and your stories. Love hearing them.

  3. Enfys,
    I love the Halloween cards. I actually spent the day in my Craft Room. Been a long time since I did that. Made about 4 cards. Back to the grind tomorrow and all my duties. I like the "Boo" card and ghost....Great Job. The Grandbabies are growing up....

  4. Hi Enfys. Great little Halloween cards. Oh poor you, fancy your daughter blaming you for her fear of spiders. At least you did try to do the Halloween thing, I was never that enthusiastic to even try. I think we still have a long way to go in the UK to beat the americans for Halloween celebrating.

  5. Super cards Enfys. I love the whole Halloween 'thing' but since my niece grew-up I don't have a reason to do much for this event.

    Toni xx

  6. Love these simple/quick cards Enfys ... my fav is the the haunted house, but each one is adorable.

    I remember several years ago, perhaps 5 years or more, you gave away 5 of your hand made Halloween cards on the "old" Cricut MB. I won that giveaway, my first EVER at winning anything, and I was thrilled to bits because each one was so adorable. Since I have 5 grandsons, you can guess where those cards went. LOL (had to do that *wink*)

    Halloween is such a fun day for children in the US, however, I personally believe that it was way more fun when I was a child. We would dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhood with our friends. That was back in the day when there wasn't such a fear of receiving tainted candies, or child abductions, or some other evil thing happening to children, etc. ... for us it was all FUN FUN FUN. And, of course, oodles of candy!


  7. Love your cards, thanks so much for sharing! Love your story, you always start my day with a smile! Have a great day!

  8. Great cards and an even greater story. Definitely deserves a LOL. Pat x

  9. Great cards. No one scared me with spiders and I'm scared to death of them. (along with roaches, mice and just about all creepy crawlers) But I love these cards.

  10. Very cute cards! We used to go "trick or treating" when we were little; it was fun back then! We never had a Halloween party, but I've always been afraid of spiders, so it's probably not your fault! Thank you for all the ideas. BethAnn M.

  11. Wow Enfys fabulous Halloween cards, your grandchildren are going to love them. hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  12. Great stories and cute cards !!

  13. I love the BOO card. It's adorable. I decorate for Halloween and always look forward to seeing all the neighbor kids costumes. They are already telling me what they plan to dress like this year.

  14. Funny post, Enfys. As a kid here in the U.S., we always celebrated Halloween. My dad loved it. One year he rigged a ghost that would rise in the doorway with a recording of wicked laughter whenever kids knocked on our door. We thought it was hilarious, but I'm sure some poor souls are still seeing their therapists over that one.


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Enfys x