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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Computer Problems.....

 Well, what a week! First of all the laptop stopped working, never mind we have the desktop. That stopped working the following day with a totally unrelated issue, what are the odds of that happening? Since I find it impossible to blog from my iPad (WHY don't apple and google like each other?) I have been very quiet this week waiting for the repairman to turn up, which he did yesterday. So now we have two working computers again...one of the upsides of all this is that I found some files with stuff I haven't shared with you.

Here is a series of double pocket cards I made for Papercraft Inspirations back in February 2009! HERE is the tutorial on how to make the card. I know I shared this first one with you back in the day, but I like it, so worth showing again.....

The idea behind this one is a little gift for a friend who sews - there is a wheel of pins tucked into a pocket, a little strip of safety pins and a pretty pair of scissors.......

This next one has a bar of chocolate and a gift card tucked into the pockets....

and this one has a sachet of face mask and a Body Shop gift card.....

It is quite funny looking back at past work - I think my colouring has improved a bit since those days, or at least I hope so

The computer guy was really nice, I was working in my crafty cupboard while he was working on the desktop, and he was very intrigued as to what I was doing. I explained. 'Do you make slippers?' he asked. Random! Well no, I work mainly with paper. He pulled out his phone and showed me photos of some cute felt slippers he wanted to get his wife for Christmas, they looked like badgers (I know, random again...), but they were £50. Maybe I should put the paper to one side and started on the felt, I think he would have bought a pair there and then if I had produced them. I was tempted to make him a paper pair while he waited for the computer to back up files.....

It's nice to be back, see you tomorrow when I may have dredged up more blasts from the past x 


  1. As I'd not discovered your blog back in 2009 and only occasionally read PI, this is a completely new idea to me and what a brilliant way to make a gift card into a really special gift. I always feel uncomfortable about how boring a gift card looks, but presented like this there's nothing boring about it at all!

  2. Now why do I like the one with chocolate the best? Glad you are back with us again Enfys, not having email and internet is like being exiled in the desert! Pat x

  3. The double pocket is a great idea for creating cards that are gifts as well. Super collection of cards Enfys.

    Toni xx

  4. These are brilliant Enfys. Such a great idea that can be used for so many different occasions.
    Glad you got your computers sorted. I totally agree that it is not easy blogging from an ipad.

  5. I have missed your posts this week!
    Glad to have you back, and thanks for sharing your gift card holders!

  6. Super cute gift cards Enfys ... and also a great example how the same card style can look so different and have so many uses too.

    I am not sure about the odds of having both computers go bonkers at the same time ... but it happened to me too. Back in early May of this year, right in the middle of doing a major graduation project for my grandson, my lap top, desk top, and even my phone all died. OMGoodness, what a mess that was. Even though I do not consider myself much of a "techie", I was totally at a loss not having a computer or phone for a few days.

    Glad you have everything working now and able to post again.

  7. Keep those "blasts from the past" coming, please! I didn't know about you then, and these cards are really fun. Thank you. BethAnn M.

  8. Life is just strange sometimes...You may remember that we are living temporarily with a friend so much of my stash is packed away. So I was looking thru the things that managed to find their way into the house. I found a print out of the tutorial where you made that tutorial! lol And today you repost it. Amazing! Glad to hear you're back online. It's a pain to be without a computer. Glad you're back! Hugs, Jess

  9. Oh it is so frustrating when the computer isn't working...one is bad enough, but two? Wow! So glad you are back in commission! Thanks for sharing the great tutorial, your cards are always fantastic!

  10. I had no idea what "blogging" was in 2009 so I have never seen these little beauties before....like nannapat I am drawn to the chocolate bar one!LOL Thanks for the tutorial.
    Hugs, Renee

  11. Great project I will have a go at making one, just spent all day making an advent tree, love the chocolate one would be great for the girls at work angxx

  12. Welcome back - I know what life is without a computer!!!

  13. I don't remember those cards. Must be from before I found you. Will have to go check out the tutorial as I think they are adorable. Could do so much with this kind of card! Thanks for sharing these with us as well as the computer guy story. How funny is that?!?!
    Glad you're back with us.


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Enfys x