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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Keep Calm.....

A simple little birthday card from me today, made with papers and image from the Sundae of Seasons CD from Polkadoodles - I love this paper, it looks just like a coarse linen fabric.......

There is quite a lot of machine stitching on the card, but because I chose white thread, it doesn't really show in the photo. I covered the cake stand with glossy accents to look like glass......

 I thought up this sentiment, it made me laugh, I can imagine sending this to a friend who is dreading another year on her age......

We had friends for lunch yesterday, the first time I have done any entertaining for AGES. Hard work, but the upside is that the house is now squeaky clean and shiny, a bit of a change from the inky mess of Monday, and the fridge is full of delicious leftovers.  Conversation flitted between comparing our genius grandchildren, showing photos of our genius grandchildren, musing about doctors and policemen who look about fourteen.....it was lovely, but when did we start having long lunches instead of long dinners that went on until 2 A.M? When did we get so (I'm going to whisper the next word, it can't be spoken out loud....) old? Max said to his daddy the other day 'when will Pops be one hundred Daddy?' 'A long long long time, you will be grown up and a daddy yourself by then probably......'
'Oh. I was going to make him a card'
See you tomorrow x  


  1. That made me laugh Enfys! I had similar musings on my last blog post too! Love the card, fab paper! Hugs, Wends x

  2. Super card Enfys - I love the Polkadoodles CD too. Pat x

  3. Max comes up with some good ones! This had me laughing out loud. I hope you are writing all of his comments down and can share it with him when he's a father. Priceless story! Barbara in AZ

  4. Aren't grandchildren priceless! My son,Matthew, was a bit of an old soul, and so is your Max. Wise old souls. My Don just had his 56th bday.And he's having quite a time with it. Funny how we grow old without even realizing it! Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Jess

  5. I love the comments you post about your grandchildren. They make me smile every time.

    I like seeing what you are doing with your Pokadoodles. I have a few and really need to take the time to use them more...Thanks for the inspiring cards...I love seeing what you are doing...God bless

  6. Adorable card ... love the colors and prints, and the stitching gives it a very special look too.

    Oh Enfys, you sound so like me. My house never looks better than it does just before we have visitors. I can accept my home being in a bit of a disarray, but the fear of someone else seeing it like that turns me into a cleaning maniac every time!

    I think Max should go ahead and make that card for Pops now. Just think what a delight it will be for all to see when he does reach his 100th birthday. =)

  7. Very cute card. There are a lot of those "Keep calm" sentiments going around these days. Love this one!
    Love reading about your visit with your friend. I totally understand what you mean about getting.... you know what! But somehow, even with the health problems, I don't feel like I think I should be feeling at my age.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x