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Thursday, 1 August 2013

'Metal' Flowers for Letraset

It's my turn to post over on the Letraset blog today, I made some 'metal' flowers

which I turned into Christmas tags - to see the other tags, and how I made the flowers go HERE

No photos of the lovely Lakes from me today, mainly because it has been a rather soggy day. We went to Bowness, which was heaving with holidaymakers, and the rest of the day has been spent watching very soggy walkers in waterproofs trudging up the very steep hill outside the cottage. Mind you, not everyone trudges. There are some superhuman types here, some who cycle up the steep hill without taking a breath, others do it sooooo slowly, each turn of the pedal taking huge effort, the strain showing on their faces. Then there is the woman, who, every single day sprints up the hill as though she is competing with Usain Bolt, disappears around the corner, then reappears a few minutes later, presumably having done a quick two mile dash around the village. She repeats this about twenty times. Now while I admire this perseverance, watching the gritted teeth and pain on some faces, it  makes me rather glad that I am a tortoise, not a hare - I find it quite exhausting just sitting in a comfortable chair watching them!

See you tomorrow x


  1. So if I read better I can see you are still on Holiday. Sounds and looks from the photos like a great time. Love the postings and these flowers are so pretty............

  2. The flowers are lovely, I will raid the garage and get some tape to try!
    You wouldn't see me going up that hill either

  3. The metal flowers are lovely - I even have some of that tape in my stash - but never thought to use alcohol markers on it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nah !!! ... I bet she just stands up the road for a moment and then legs it back to make you 'think' she's been round the village !!! hahahahaha LoL

    FANTASTIC tag Enfys.... what are you using to make the flowers ???

    IKE xxxxxxxx

  5. ...and you've exhausted me just reading about it LOL

    Love the tags Enfys.

    Toni xx

  6. this is one fab idea ! great result !
    greetings, martina

  7. Popped over to Letraset to see how you made these. They look lovely Enfys & I'm going to give it a try later on - so much nicer than any bought gift tags! Pat x

  8. Hey En, the link to Letraset wouldn't work. It just kept saying "Loading" but never loaded. Might be my computer, but I was wondering if anyone else has had the problem?
    Lote those flowers! It's fascinating what we can create with simple recyclables. TFS Hugs, Jess
    Oh and I too am a tortoise, so I'd be reading instead of runny, walking or crawling, or even watching. Take care.

  9. Love your foil flowers. They make beautiful tags.

  10. What lovely flowers ... they are so beautiful on the tag.

    I am with you ... it exhausts me watching the runners too. We have a small lake nearby that I often go to for a quick lap. Even though I walk at a rather brisk pace, there are always a few energetic individuals that will run past me 2 or more times during my single lap. Although I admire their energy and lean bodies ... I am content with walking.

    I know I should exercise more ... but sometimes I feel tired just looking at our treadmill ... I think I can actually hear it calling my name mockingly, as I walk past that monsterous machine averting my eyes! *sigh*

  11. lol......Me too its nice to watch but not take part....Gorgeous flowers and what an lovely tag you created totally stunning hope the weather gets better x

  12. This looks like something fun to try. Thanks so much for sharing the instructions. BTW, I'm a turtle too!!! LOL. Barbara in AZ

  13. What a neat idea, must give it a whirl. Not up to hill racing eh? Don't blame you, much better to sit and watch others struggle. Ha!

  14. Luv the tutorial...and I agree with you I get plenty of exercise watching people do theirs.....LOL


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x