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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Snail Mail

The idea for this card came from one of those dollar stamps they have in Michaels - I always find odd sayings, and an idea for a card often pops into my head. I needed a snail, so I found this little lady in the Silhouette store and cut her out with my Cameo....

I thought it would make quite a good 'sorry I'm a bit late' birthday card, which seems to happen quite often these days. Another oopsie moment!

My day yesterday was a bit like the Curates egg - good in parts. I had a great lunch with some girlfriends, nice enough to sit outside and eat, with only the wasps for company. Then I spent hours making a project for a design team, only to discover that the merchandise I was highlighting had been discontinued. Sob. The rest of my day was spent getting together armfuls of stuff to take down to London on Friday. Young Max was given a holiday project by his school - to make a scrapbook. He is very excited and even sent me an email from his own email address to remind me (email? He is only six!) Still he wrote 'I love you very much' so that was enough to send me into a frenzy of preparation for the big project. You will get to see the work in progress of course....

See you tomorrow x


  1. so so cute!!

  2. kids are amazing these days!
    love the snail too

  3. What a sweet card - I love your snail.

    Have lots of fun with Max and his scrapbook.

    Toni xx

  4. What a fab idea for a late card - its so cute! I can't sit outside cause I hate wasps! You will have fun making the scrapbook together xx

  5. What an adorable snail and I love the card you cut her out in. Brilliant - makes such a sweet card :-)

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Cute card. Can't wait to see Max's scrapbook.

  7. The snail is adorable! Sorry your project didn't work out, but can we see it anyway? Have fun bringing Max into the scrapbooking world. BethAnn M.

  8. Love your snail and what a great sentiment. Hugs x ChrisB

  9. Scrappin' Grandmas are just the best!! Fun caard today Enfys. Pat x

  10. Sounds like lots of fun (and need for patience) will be happening around your place ! :)
    Anna N.


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Enfys x