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Friday, 23 August 2013

More BonBon Belles Cards

 A couple more quick cards today, both made with the Colourburst BonBon Belles CD from Polkadoodles. Don't forget you still have a chance to win one, scroll down to yesterday's post and leave your name

The first card today was the result of finding this stamp for a child's birthday - an old Stampin Up stamp that I have had for ever

Again, I wanted to showcase how you can get great results even if colouring images is not your forte - you can print them out in black and white, or ready coloured like this one. I used a ready made easel card from Craftwork Cards, and just cut a blue scallop to fit using a Spellbinders die. The paper was printed from the CD as well as the image

You can't get much more clean and simple than this next one - my three girls (daughter and daughters in law) love unfussy cards, so this one will come in useful. I printed out the beach huts (aren't they cute?) already coloured, simply cut them out and popped them on with foam pads. The banner was printed as well, and the individual flags cut out and popped on. I drew a thread between the flags with a black fine liner pen

I have a lot of regular questions asked about using these CD's so thought it would be unseful to list those most frequently asked

How much ink do you use?
Well I print a LOT of stuff, I just have a regular HP inkjet printer and I change the cartridges about three times a year, but I probably print out a lot more than the average crafter

Do you need special computer skills to use the CD's
Well, if you do, I don't have them. I just click on print, windows gives me an option of what size I want - full page for papers, small for images etc, and away I go....believe me, if I can do it, anybody can. I know that you can manipulate the images by importing them into photo editing software and I have seen fabulous work by people who do this, but for me, simple is best and I haven't felt the need to mess around when I can just click on 'print'

Does the ink run when you print images then colour them?
I have honestly never had a problem, and as I said I have a very ordinary cheapo printer. I mainly use Promarkers and Flexmarkers which are alcohol based and have never had a problem.

What type of paper do you print on?
I usually use thin cardstock - I still have stacks of Georgia Pacific which I bought from Walmart in the USA and find that works really well, it goes through the printer easily and is more substantial than printing onto copy paper - even good copy paper. I think Staples do a similar weight cardstock in the UK 

Hope this clears up a few questions. The bottom line is that they are VERY user friendly.

I finally got around to changing my hairdresser, I haven't been very happy since my long standing lady who understood every hair on my head, decided to up sticks and go and live in Tenerife (honestly, how inconsiderate of her!), and her replacement just didn't get it right. So I stalked women with short hair until I found someone with hair that looked good and asked them who cut it. So, off I went to make an appointment. What a palaver. They made me fill a form in with all my details, including my date of birth. No way! Are they going to send me a birthday cake with the right amount of candles on it? I don't think so. So that stayed blank. Then they gave me a skin test and put a bit of dye on my arm to see if I got a reaction, and carefully covered it with a plaster, which I tore off as soon as I left the salon. So by now they had as many details from me as my doctor and dentist, all that was missing was my national insurance number and blood group. Happily, the new girl did a good job, or at least it looks good today. Tomorrow will be the test when I morph into a hedgehog overnight.....

See you tomorrow when I may have a spooky surprise for you....x


  1. Great cards Enfys.
    I would say the beach hut is my favourite as I love the colours...and I do so love a pretty beach hut.
    Hope all goes well with the 'day after' hair.

    Toni xx

  2. Love the beach huts card Enfys. I think I'll have to add this CD to my Polkadoodles collection. Hope your hair sill looks good - perhaps they need your birth date so they can send you a handmade card with beach huts on! Pat x

  3. Love the beach cabana card! The lady pirate is really cute, too. I was wondering about printing from the computer, and your answers cleared up a lot of questions for me. thank you. BethAnn M.

  4. Adorable cards Enfys. Love these beach huts especially. That was great info you gave on the Polkadoodles CDs too.

    Glad you found a hairdresser you are happy with. I've never known one to ask so many questions before. But then, at least you know that they have all your basic info ... so no excuses for boo-boos, right! *wink* Do you think it's possible that they asked your Birth date so that they could send you a discount coupon to celebrate your special day? If so, then just leaving the month and day should be enough for them. But the most important thing is that you have found someone that can do your hair the way you like. That is something I have found difficult to do here too! Where in the world are the good hairdressers hiding? Perhaps I should do as you did ... scope out ladies that have nice hair styles, and ask them. Wish me luck!

  5. Great cards En!! And I agree with all you said about printing and coloring. I use the Walmart Georgia Pacific cardstock too with great success. Ours doesn't carry it anymore so I stocked up when it was clearanced. I use an HP printer and don't have a problem. I do let the images sit for a while before I color or hit them with a heat gun before coloring if I am in a hurry.
    Love your hairdresser story! I am not a girlie girl at all and have had the same person for probably 30 yrs, following her from shop to shop! Don't know what I would do without her. I so love your stories!!

    Sue Brailey

  6. Gorgeous words, I would love to ave a beach hut like those on your card! Dream on Sharon,lol. Hugs x

  7. Gorgeous words, I would love to ave a beach hut like those on your card! Dream on Sharon,lol. Hugs x

  8. very cute cards!!!and fabulous info
    so what does DOB have to do with hair?? makes it grow faster, need hair color sooner?? very interesting
    lol but glad your happy with the end results...that's all that counts

  9. Oh it is such a chore finding a good hairdresser - I hope your hair survives the night!!

    I wonder sometimes if I am doing something wrong as I use HP ink for printing digi stamps but when I colour them with promarkers I always get bleeding from the ink lines.

    Two fab cards x

  10. Two gorgeous cards Enfys. Particularly like the cleanness of the beach huts.

  11. Lovely cards dearie.Love the pirate one.Great answers to all the questions-it's good to share and learn.Very generous us crafters.Hope your hair is ok.Sounds quite a visit to the new hairdressers - gee!!! Very thorough.They better be good after all that.Hugs x


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x