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Friday, 16 August 2013

Candi Winner

Nothing crafty from me today, I have been busy being a kitchen assistant to Kiki, here is the Victoria Sponge cake she made (with a bit of help!)

and some rather misshapen cookies (but they taste delicious)

I had to smile, after we put the cake in the oven and were clearing up, I said 'do you want to scrape the bowl and lick the spoon?' 'oh no' she said in a shocked voice 'it contains raw eggs'.... How times have changed, her Daddy was always first in the spoon-licking queue, and I don't think it did him, or me any harm. I am constantly amazed that I managed to bring up three children safely and healthily considering the way they were allowed to sit in the back of the car with just a seat belt on from the age of three when they outgrew the Britax seat (babies were just placed in a carry cot on the back seat, remember? Mine rolled about all over the place when the car went round corners, we just didn't have those cute little baby seats that you carry in and out of the car). They ate 'raw eggs' whenever I baked cakes, they carried milk in glass bottles in from the doorstep every morning, a packet of crisps (chips) was considered a healthy snack (well, it's potatoes, potatoes are a vegetable, right?), and you started weaning them at about eight weeks. All this, in just a few years. Sigh

The winner of the card candi drawn randomly is:


Congrats, email me with your name and address and your prize will be on its way

See you tomorrow, although young Monty will be here as well as Kiki, so not a lot will be going on in the crafty cupboard again x


  1. Tasty looking goodies you two made! I'm with you on the row egg thing. Never hurt me one little bit. Things are just so different than when we were kids.

  2. I giggled at your post Enfys! The bit about the no seatbelts and carrycots on the backseat in particular: my parents weren't exactly what you'd call wealthy by any means, and with four small kids and various friends etc to cart around the place, they couldn't afford one of those fancy 7 seaters, so they bought a transit van. I know. You can imagine the mortification my poor older sisters had to face being collected from school in that beast! And NO JOKE, there was an incident of a pushchair being wheeled into it, with a child in it, and the van going around a bend and the pushchair falling over...we all survived though, more power to us hahaha! How times have changed indeed, when you can't even take photographs of your child's school play anymore...it's quite sad really.

    Tanya xx

  3. I have had so many of these same thoughts Enfys! My daughter has a fit at the very thought of me driving my grandson (now 3) ANYWHERE without a carseat. I keep reminding her that when she was born I drove with her cradled on my left arm for at least a year!

  4. oh, your cake looks yummi) Nice cooking!
    yes, the kids of todays know so much and they are very pragmatic...

  5. Lovely cake you assisted with Enfys. What a great time to have...and I agree, how amazing that my 4 strapping big guys 'survived' the childhood they had. hugs, Ursula

  6. Hi En

    Lovely to hear from you. I hope all is well at your end.

    That cake looks super scrummy and the biscuits too!

    Yes, I am surprised we or our kids survived. I still love "licking the bowl out"!! Plus once pregnant we didn't stop eating certain things either .. .. we just stopped drinking alcohol!!!

    How did we end up with healthy kids?!?!?!

    Have a good day.

    Love Jules xx

  7. Congratulations to the lucky winner.

    Looks like a very productive baking session Enfys.

    We seem to live in an age now where you just can't 'live' any more. I know the warnings are for our safety because the experts now know more about 'stuff' but those same experts have also admitted that our cotton-wool treatment has brought us a generation far more prone to allergies because their immune systems don't function as well as they should - we can't win; can we. (I'll get off my soapbox now LOL).

    Toni xx

  8. It's a wonder anyone from the "50s is still alive! (I was born in "50)
    That cake looks delicious!

  9. Oh what a lovely feast of goodies you both made.Looks yummy.I bet you had a ball.Well done to the winner of the card candi and thanks again sweetie.Hugs Debbie x

  10. The cake looks yummy!

    I can remember my mother having a car where the back window went down and all us kids would hang out the back window..even when she made tight corners....LOL! I think we had more fun then the kids today do.

  11. As always, I enjoy reading your posts with a laugh at your great sense of humor. Let alone, your great inspirations especially on the zentangle art from yesterday's post.

  12. Love the look of the sponge cake Enfys. Yes, us and our kids thrived on 'raw eggs', unwashed vegetables (often eaten with unwashed hands!). So many things now are considered harmful that the kiddies will grow up without immunity to any bugs. Pat x

  13. Yummy goodies! And I wonder how much dirt my boys ate? They rode bikes without helmets or knee pads! And the youngest did the most amazing tricks on his skateboard... again with no pads etc. In fact the worst skateboard incident involved a dislocated and broken pinkie finger and a trip to the ER. Oh and the injured...was my adult friend pretending he was young again! lol But they all made it through their first and second childhoods without too much illness or injury. lol
    I got my Promarkers yesterday afternoon!!! I tore into the package like it was Christmas morning! lol I'm digging into the box with my stamps today so I can try them out. Thanks again my friend for the chance to win. Temperature has dropped some due to a storm coming thru, so I'll be out in the storeage looking for the recharger. Ok, Enuf from me. Hugs, Jess

  14. Baking is one of my 2 granddaughters favorite things to do when they come for a visit & they think I'm crazy when I ask if they want to like the beaters! The look I get says it all. I agree...it's amazing any of us survived...when I was little &not feeling well I remember my Mum beating up a raw egg in some concoction & making me drink it & here I am at 63 yr. old & still alive in spite of it! LOL
    Hugs, Renee

  15. Yummy cake! Your post did make me smile! How times have changed! xx

  16. oh en she did a super duper job and mo and i would love a cookie! I have to be honest and admit both mo and i are bowl lickers and I am allergic to egg protein so I really shouldn't!!!!
    huge hugs Lou xx

  17. omg and my mum and dad used to take us all out for the day with friends so some of us were in the boot!!!

  18. Hi En,

    I'm back in Florida, our house sold very quickly, we were so glad. Now to shoehorn in all the extras we brought down. We all miss you at SB'ing. Looks like your grands are really growing up.
    Love, Norma

  19. Lol you really know how to give us all a giggle. I still love to lick the spoon when making a cake and I have managed to survive 45 years of doing it! As for the car seat's it is a joke now days that you have to have so many different ones for the ages and trying to get them all in the car well that is another matter and I have a 7 seater car. When my 4 kids where young they all squashed in the back seat with 2 of them in the one middle lap belt of any saloon car we had at the time. Now there is only the 2 of us at home yet because we have grandchildren it is so much harder to transport them without a 7 seater.
    Love Kiki's cake, it looks really yummy.
    Kim xXx

  20. WOW, I'm a winner! thanks, Enfys! Tasty looking goodies you made! Have a good day. hugs, Helena


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Enfys x