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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Oooh, I forgot!

First of all, here are the photos of Kiki and Monty taken at Halloween - Monty looks very brassed off to be dressed up as a bumble bee...........

but Kiki loves the artistic spider Mummy painted on her witchy hand.....

I totally forgot in the whirl of packing to show you this week's Polkadoodles challenge card. Our theme was Magical and Mystical, and it was our stashbox stamp week, which means we can use other manufacturer's images, so I chose this adorable little fairy by Lili of the Valley.....

Some random thoughts about travelling, after a very gruelling marathon journey home:
Why do airline staff weigh cases then make you open your case in front of an interested audience and delve around to find shoes to transfer into the other case. After all, they are all going on the same plane, so what difference does it make?
Why do they allow giant carry on bags, then when it gets to your turn to board with your neat little carry on, announce that the lockers are full, and your bag will be put in the hold? 
Why do you then have to spend three hours of your life, that will never come again, watching an empty luggage carousel go round and round, waiting for the kidnapped bag to reappear?
If they weigh luggage, how come they don't weigh giant people as well? How is it that I always end up sitting in half a seat next to one of the giant people?

You might think from the above rant, that the journey was less than perfect. It's nice to be home! 


  1. Some very good questions to ponder.

    Love the pics of the kids, so darn cute!

    The card is so sweet!

  2. Welcome back, Enfys, not the best of journeys, then?! The grandchildren look adorable, as does the card.

  3. Ah, the joys of airplane travel :)

  4. Hi hun
    lol as always a fab post, know just what you mean, great piccies of the kiddies, totally gorgeous card,sue,xx

  5. but at least you had those adorable kiddos to come home to!

  6. he he he he !!! on En monty and kiki look adorable, wow monty looks so much like kiki!
    super cute card too
    so pleased you are home hun...grrrr on the baggage escapades!!!! lol!!! maybe you could of jumped on the belt and gone in and fetched them quicker!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  7. Ms. Enfys I feel your pain with the traveling. We live in Germany and the families live in the US. I HATE the 9 to 12 hour flights on the planes. Somehow even though there are only 3 of us (one of us being a 9 year old boy) the separate us in seating. I'm not talking a seat between us, I'm talking one in the front, the middle and the VERY back. It's always a fight to be able to sit together.
    I hope your trip with your family is WONDERFUL!!! Your grand babies are adorable!!!

  8. Glad you and your luggage made it back in 1 piece! I just have to tell you I watched a rerun of a show called Parking Wars and thought of you and your plight with the rental car. Looks as if you are not alone. Although if you watch it in the internet, I'm sure you did not act as poorly as those people do, lol. Welcome home.

  9. Monty and Kiki are just adorable in their costumes! I have empathy for your travels. Unfortunately, my husband is one of those big people, so I never get a full seat to myself! Planes were not built for the large!

  10. Great deal at the store. I don't have one of those close to me - never been inside. But, I've heard the incredible deals to be had if you're there at the right moment!

    Using a cane now, gets me on the plane first, so I shouldn't have a problem. But - they must know the guys behind me are in a bigger hurry than I - mine always go to the hold, they put theirs in the top bins! What's that all about!

    It's always good to be back home!

    Blessings for a wonderful time with the grandbabies!


  11. The kids looked adorable in their costumes, Enfys! Love the card too!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x