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Sunday, 6 November 2011

An English Country Wedding

As promised, photos of Jessica and Graham's wedding, which took place in the Lake district on Saturday. It was a stunning day, everything was just perfect. Here is the happy couple, don't they look wonderful?

With Madeleine, Jessica's sister who was a
bridesmaid - they wore a lovely shade of
French Navy....................

Here is my friend Anne, the mother of the bride, who looked stunning in Brown and Ivory and a fab hat......

and me in my hat........and with my friends

Graham is a Scot - so lots of young men in kilts!

Orchids hanging from organza ribbons....

and a very elegant cake.....

Part of the dining room.....

there were 2 small bridesmaids too.....
Jessica wore orchids in her hair

and just look at the view!
The place names were written on Lakeland Slate

It looks idyllic doesn't it? It was! The attention to detail was fantastic, Anne did a great job. Please leave a comment if you like the photos, I will get Anne to read them

Of course it wouldn't be complete without a story. Mike bought a new suit when we were in Florida. The store put it in a suit bag which we transferred into the suitcase unopened, then into the wardrobe when we got home. The same, well-travelled suit bag was then carted up to the Lake District.

We arrived at the church in all our finery. Mike turned around. 

Oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Yep, it's the security tag that the store had forgotten to remove when we paid - the sort of tag that squirts ink all over you if you try and remove it. Heaven knows how we walked out of the store in Florida  without setting off all the security alarms. So there was nothing for it but for him to wear it. Never in his life has his rear end got so much attention, never in his life have so many people sidled up to him and whispered in his ear 'excuse me, did you know......' Never in his life has he been the butt of so much good humoured teasing - or have so many young ladies patting his butt - I think he really enjoyed it :)

Back to a crafty post tomorrow, but I hope you enjoyed this peek at my fabulous weekend


  1. I'm excited to be the first to comment on your post! I so enjoy living vicariously through you! Your stories of travel and fun are so interesting, and you always have a "quirky" part of your stories! I think we all probably have those things, but it takes the right person to recognize the fun and be a good storyteller. The wedding looks absolutely beautiful -- classy and elegant.

  2. Enfys,
    Ann this was a FAB wedding. I am jealous and wish I could have been there. Tell Mike not to worry I bought Tom a pair of tennis shoes for Christmas and they had this security item on them also. We took them back to the store and they removed it. They told us some of them have dye and if we would have tried it may have colored and sprayed the shoes...........

  3. Wow what a beautiful and stunning wedding En! Looks so idelic and like you had a wonderful time. What a stunning view too.
    I can't stop giggling at poor Mike's tag on his suit.....I bet he will be the talk of that day in years to come lol xxx

  4. What a marvelous wedding. The pictures are great. All the details were just lovely. Of course, there had to be a catch somewhere...Mike's suit! Yes, I'll bet that he did enjoy the attention. As wedding "problems" go that was mild and fun, unlike some horror stories that we've all heard! Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures. Oh yes, Enfys and Ann, you both look stunning in hats!

  5. The wedding photos are lovely and big congrats to the bride and groom. The best part of this blog post is the photo of Mike and his security tag. Given the number of pats on his behind, are you sure he didn't forget to have it removed on purpose :) BTW, your hat is fabulous.

  6. Beautiful wedding! Congrats to the happy couple. And poor Mike! I'm surprised the store security didn't go off.

    thanks for sharing your pics!

  7. What lovely photos of a super wedding. All just looks so beautiful. Congrat to the happy couple and to Anne for all her efforts.
    What a great day you had even Mike

  8. I forwarded this on to my husband so that he could see the beautiful wedding, the kilts, and the wonderful scenery. We have been to the Lake District several times when visiting England. What a great setting for a wedding! The flowers and cake and everything were just lovely! I enjoyed seeing a part of England again that I am familiar with. Makes me want to go back. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I first must comment on the tag as I'm laughing way too hard at your hubby's expense! Bad thing about this is, each store has their own little, very unique, gizmo to take these blasted things off! I hope you call Florida and send the store a photo of this!!

    Now, care to guess why I know this???? Yep, on the under arm seam on the evening gown I bought one year! This cheesy little thing walk up and said, "good to know I'm not the only one who wears things and returns them". I was so angry, I turned to her and her friends and said, "if I was going to return it, don't you think I'd left the tags on instead of the bleeping alarm!?" I kept my shawl on the rest of the night!

    Your photos are beautiful, Enfys! The bride is stunning! I loved her dress. And the groom in his kilt! Handsome couple, indeed. With a back drop like this lake, it had to be a picture perfect wedding and party!

    You and the bride's mother had beautiful hats on as well!

    Thank you for sharing! And, let your sweetie know we're all laughing with him, not at him!

    Blessings, for a great new week!

  10. hiya sweetie
    the photo's are gorgeous hunni
    and they look super amazing
    all of you buy the way
    how funny is the picture with the securitytag on it :):):):)
    the view is just stunning
    congrats to the happy newly weds
    hugs angelique

  11. Oh En that room looks so beautiful, love the hanging orchids and the bride looks stunning,and of course the groom too!
    En, you look gorgeous in the photo stood near the railings and lmao at mike's tag!!! I bet he quite enjoyed the ladies patting it!!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  12. i wish the happy couple all the hapiness of the world!!!
    the scenery was ideal..the decoration...everything was sooo beautiful!!!!

  13. I LOVE English weddings!! I love the hats! You guys really know how to do it up!

  14. Absolutely gorgeoous pictures! And too funny about Mike's suit. I hope he has a sense of humor.

  15. What beautiful detail for a glorious wedding. The cake and the lovely surroundings really caught my eye. Best wishes to the newlyweds.

  16. What a stunning place for a wedding, En and the weather coudn't have been better for you by the looks of those beautiful photos.
    I love the colour of your outfit and the bride and groom look amazing, so happy.
    It looks like a very elegant, very secial day.
    Love that cake!!
    Hugs Lisax

  17. It looks like a perfect day (well except for that security tag!) Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom and so many lovely details in a fabulous setting. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the happy couple. After all of the planning it is nice to see that everything worked out wonderfully (and the hats are fab!).

  18. What a beautiful wedding! I agree with the attention to detail...it's also interesting to see a wedding from another country, love the kilts! I have to say you always have the best stories. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Love the beautiful wedding. What was the weather like? The tag on the bottom was too funny! What a trooper he was. Sounds like a scene from Bridget Jones!

  20. Fabulous pics En and everyone looks fantastic. Gorgeous scenery too.
    Sorry to hear about Mike's little problem which happened to me once as there must have been 2 tags and the shop missed one.
    There is a way to remove it without a problem too, my hubby found it on the internet.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  21. Beautiful wedding. You can't beat a bunch of men in kilts! So funny about Mike though, I think he was very brave to wear it. When my BIL came to my daughter's wedding last year he'd forgotten his trousers altogether and had to dash round town trying to find something to wear!

  22. Thank you for the pics. The wedding pics looked FABULOUS. What a beautiful place to have the wedding!

    The security clip on your husband's suit is just too funny.

  23. Everyone looked lovely. Your outfit was my favourite of all the ladies dress wear. The orchids hanging from ribbons was quite unique.

  24. Wonderfull photos and what a story. Thanks for smiling story.

  25. Thanks for sharing these photos
    of the wedding. The bride and groom
    are such a good looking couple! I
    love those kilts!!! So sorry about
    Mike's suit having that security tag on it. You looked very pretty in your suit and hat Enfys!


  26. Oh my goodness what a beautiful bride, beautiful wedding, beautiful hats, beautiful flowers, lovely view, and handsome groom.
    Love the story. That happened to my wedding dress. The beep didn't go off in the store but it went off in the the next store I was going through. So I caught mine in time. Your hubby is a good man to put up with all of that.
    Thanks for sharing your fun day.

  27. The setting for the wedding is stunning and the photos are really great. Beautiful bride and groom! Everything looked abso;utely perfect. Loved all the pics and laughed hysterically at Mike's story. Enfys. you should write a book! TFS your beautiful weekend.

  28. The wedding pics are awesome! Love the tag/rear story! LOL

  29. Love all the gorgeous pics and Mike's tale! My friend, the Irma Bombeck of England. You REALLY should write a book. It would really sell a million. Your posts are on my daily go to sites. Always beautiful cards and a "people watcher" as well.

  30. What an elegant wedding Anne. I've enjoyed all the pictures Enfys. How on earth did you find a hat to match your suit? Did you have it made? Both of you women look so regal. Poor Mike, luckily men can just laugh it off. I hope you were able to finally get the tag off.

  31. WOW, Enfys! This must have been an amazing day for everyone concerned. They all look so happy and, as you say, the attention to detail is incredible. I hope you eventually manage to get that tag removed without getting ink everywhere!
    Diane x

  32. Here I am in Florida, and you are back in England. Sorry to have missed you. The wedding, WOW, just spectacular. What a dream day. You and your friends all look so terrific and the way your husband stole the show, ha! Great tale.."see" you soon. Norma

  33. Oh Dear Enfys a fabulous posting but the end of your poor hubby really made me smile, hope you manage to get that damn thing removed without any nasty things happen.
    Stunning bride and you look gorgeous in your suit and hat. hug sshirleyxx

  34. Hi Enfys, glad you had such a lovely time - you looked stunning by the way :)
    Hugs xx

  35. Hi Enfys, congratulations on the wedding!! The all look so beautiful, and such a funny story about that safety tag LOL!! HUgs, Frea

  36. What a beautiful wedding, you and your friend Ann looked stunning in your hats. The bride and groom and attendants were all so young and beautiful. Your friend put a lot of attention to detail in this, you were right Kate and wills watch out! Looks like this had to be the wedding of the year.

  37. Wow great pics of the wedding, the colours and scenery are so amazing. You look lovely in your outfit Enfys. Oh butt (lol) your pure hubby, will he ever live it down.

  38. The pictures are lovely. Everything looks beautiful, including the happy couple, Mom and you. Then of course there is Mike's back end! Looks like a fabulous wedding. I love that they used the slate for "placecards" wonderful!

  39. What a perfect setting for a wedding. Everything is just lovely there. Of course the gardens are gorgeous and look how formal the settings are... just lovely. Thanks for sharing this... now do tell us how did you ever get the store tag off?

  40. Looks like a really beautiful wedding. Wonderful weather and such a handsome couple. What a funny tale, (just a bit of a pun here) for the wedding party to have to remember also

  41. What a fabulous wedding! All the attention to detail. Stunning bride and handsome lad. So elegant! I like your hat.

  42. What a lovely wedding and a beautiful site. Stunning bride and groom too! I'm sure everyone had a special and memorable time, esp. your hubby ;- ) At least it wasn't something that stresses the bride or the Mother of the bride.

  43. OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGG! After seeing all your hilarious posts here....it just wouldn't be right if there wasn't some crazy happening with you two!!!
    I hope he wasn't seriously too upset....by the way...you look stunning in your orchid outfit!!!


  44. What a lovely bride and groom and the setting was wonderful.

    I am still giggling over the tag on the suit. What an excuse to come back to Florida to have it removed.

  45. The photos are outstanding. What a beautiful wedding. Kudos to your friend Ann on the amazing job she did. Love, love, love the photo of you and your friends .... gorgeous girlies one and all. I'm going to giggle all day over Mike's butt! hugs, eileen

  46. Lovely happy couple! Many blessings for a wonderful life ahead of them! I love your friend's and your hat too - you looked posh ;). Loved the story about Mike's suit hehehe!

  47. Congrats to the happy couple. What a gorgeous setting for a wedding. The flowers are just beautiful and what a view!!! The security button is just too funny! Thanks.

  48. Hi Enfy...Sorry I am late posting here. We were on vacation for a month and I was so far behind on my email. Yours is one I had to save and read all of them. I just loved looking at these wedding photos. I loved the cake, the orchids hanging from the organza ribbons and the kilts. LOL One day I hope to visit the UK...I've been about everywhere else.

    Oh...and poor Mike with the security tag on his suit. I know a little how he feels. My cousin got married a few yrs back. I wore a heavily beaded dress to the wedding. When we went in to sit down for the dinner, I leaned into to the table to pull in my chair. My dress was so heavy, gravity had it pulling down as I leaned forward and the thin strap popped. I was mortified!!! My sister in law took the rather large rhinestone spider brooch off my velvet coat and pinned my strap to the back of my dress. I never had so many people tap me on the shoulder and comment on what a neat idea it was. There were cameras on everyone's table and everyone was taking photos. I was so embarrassed!!! I bet my cousins new wife wondered why I was in so many of the photos when she developed all her cameras. I had not met her until that night and she isn't very friendly to me to this day. Oh well!!! LOL


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x