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Monday, 28 November 2011

Embossed Christmas and Babychino......

A couple of cuttlebugged card for you today - I find that the beauty of these very quick-to-make cards is that people think they are wonderful - always a bonus - and yet you can roll them out quickly - another bonus at this time of year. Both the embossing folders are from the UK, I don't know if they are available elsewhere. For this first one, I swiped all over the embossing with an ice blue chalk ink pad to accentuate the  raised detail, added a few gems and one of the lovely new foiled sentiment bands from Craftwork Cards, and I was done. Sorry about the shadow on the photo - the time available to take a photo in good light seems to be getting shorter each day

 and this second one didn't take a lot of skill did it? A lovely folder, a pretty shaped card from Craftwork Cards, one classy looking card.........

Talking of classy cards, I just wanted you to see two cards that were sent for my birthday all the way from the USA. The first one is from Bev who is one of my Thursday crafty mates when I am over there, thank you so much Bev xxx

This next one is from an online friend who is a regular and encouraging visitor to my blog, Colleen. Your card is gorgeous Colleen, thank you so much and I so appreciate you sending it over

We had a lovely weekend looking after the boys. I couldn't resist showing you this photo of a solemn little Milo - he is so like his daddy at that age, it melts my heart.......

 "They are only allowed to watch TV for an hour after tea Mum" instructed my son. Yeah right................... 

 Well what else keeps two little dynamos quiet so that exhausted grandparents can have a break!

The mention of babychinos seemed to intrigue a lot of you. Here's what it looks like, very sophisticated, in teensy little cups, and looking just like a cappuchino. All it is, is frothy milk with a sprinkling of chocolate on top.......

but it's really yummy  spooning all that froth up, and it makes a chap feel so grown up
I'll be back tomorrow with the winners of last week's givaways. See you then


  1. Hi Enfys!

    The embossed cards are beautiful! And, so nice of your US friends to send wishes in such gorgeous cards!

    1/2 hour of TV - right!! After 1/2 hour of the silly tube, they're up and running and we're ready for the funny farm! We turn on a cute movie or two and relax, sound like you do too!

    Have to remember the BabyChinos! Sounds good for the wee ones!


  2. As you said, the cards may be "simple" but they are Very pretty! What a great picture, he looks so serious. Still getting a kick out of Babychino's.

  3. Those cards are gorgeous. I have never seen folders like that in the US. I totally love that Santa folder.

    My kids would drive me crazy if I only let them watch and hour of tv a day. My little one practically lives on the Preschool channel. LOL But she is learning. She is sharp as a whip and has an amazing vocabulary for a 2 1/2 year old. LOL

    That baby chino does looks yummy!

  4. morning hun!
    oh that photo is so sweet, bless them, they are growing up!
    your cards look so elegant en, i love that first one with its sprinkles of bling and the shape of the card on the reindeer one.
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  5. Beautiful cards Enfys! Embossing can make such a gorgeous card!
    Thanks for sharing the pics of the boys with us, they are just adorable. I knew you would have a wonderful weekend with them.

  6. hiya sweetie
    i just love the embossed white cards so much hunni
    what a super cute photo's and that cuppa, mmmmmmmmmmm
    hugs angelique

  7. Beautiful cards Enfys, I have never actually just used an embossing folder for a card so will be trying that one. Love your sweet birthday cards!! Little Milo is adorable (so is my big Milo). I like the babychinos, how cute and grown up is that!! Might try one myself lol.

  8. Very very beautiful! cards. Love the embossing and simplicity of the card.

  9. Love the cards Enfys. Embossing is always so elegant, and yet so easy. Love the pix. Spoiling them is what we grandparents do best isn't it?

  10. beautiful cards!!
    Your little men are adorable :)

  11. Gorgeous embossed cards and the boys are so cute~~

  12. As always your cards are so very elegant, you always have that final touch which makes them awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Oh what lovely cards these are ... both the ones you've made and the delightful birthday cards too. I am loving the simple elegance of the embossed cards especially!

    Oh my goodness ... the boys are growing so fast. Looking at Milo watching the Penquin movie, he looks so very grown up. And how well behaved as he drinks his little babychino ... he is so very serious ... and enjoying every tasty bit. Yummy!


  14. I always enjoy your blog. These embossed cards are gorgeous. I'd like to purchase the Santa sleigh folder. Brand-name? Where? Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  15. Wow! Your two cards are lovely.

  16. Thanks for posting the two cards. They're so pretty! Embossing does get a lot of bang for the buck. Happy Birthday too. Love the photo of the boys. They're so adorable!

  17. The cards are so beautiful and elegant looking, love the easy part ;- ) The cards you received for your birthday are wonderful too!

    I've learned from friends with grandchildren, that the little ones expect to be entertained when they are with their grandparents, something they really no longer expect from their parents. Who could keep up with that for long ;- ) You'd have to hire a circus for the day, ha ha. Have a wonderful week.

  18. Oh Enfys what gorgeous cards I think embossed ones look the bees knees and yours are stunning.
    Oh those boys are so handsome, those blue eyes are to die for, they are going to break a lot of girls hearts and their mums. hugs Shirleyxx

  19. What a wonderful creations Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  20. Love the embossed cards! Your birthday cards are great too!
    Miranda :)

  21. I think the simple cards are the prettiest. They look so elegant. Your little guys are getting so big. They are building fond memories of staying at Grannys house and having tea time.

  22. I love while embossed cards with a little gold or silver.

    Thanks for showing us the warm milk also, may be an idea for my grandsons. However, that is how they like to drink thier hot cocoa.

    mmlmn at polarcomm dot com

  23. One hour of television...how do they get anything done. Love the pics

  24. What wonderful embossed cards. Again, you say simple, I say beautiful. Thank you too for showing my card though it doesn't match the work you do. Did you see the pull out on my card also?

  25. Enfys,
    Thanks for the giveaways. I love the cards and sorry I forgot your birthday. So "Happy Belated Birthday". Just been so busy of late. I love the pictures of the grandsons...............Have a great Tuesday and thanks for all you do for us.............

  26. Gorgeous cards Enfys! Your grandbabies are adorable.

  27. as ever a totally stunning card, always in awe of your work

  28. Enfys, Thanks for the giveaways. I love the cards and sorry I forgot your birthday. So "Happy Belated Birthday". Just been so busy of late. I love the pictures of the grandsons...............Have a great Tuesday and thanks for all you do for us.............


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Enfys x