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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Polkadoodles Winner

Time to draw the winner of my Polkadoodles blog hop post - to see the list of all the winners on each blog, go to Polkadoodles

I tried a new random way of choosing the winner - by random husband. I printed out all the names, chopped them up, and got Mike to pick one out, it was



send me an email, and I will get your prize in the mail, congrats, and enjoy your goodies

A couple of commission cards today. I get asked to make some very strange stuff - these are quite normal!

I was once asked to make a male card for a guy hitting the big 50. The couple who asked me to make the card didn't seem to know a lot about him, either that, or he was the most boring man on the planet. Did he have any hobbies - golf? tennis? computer? cards?


Ah, okay then, is there anything about him that makes his friends laugh, any defining characteristics?


'well there was the time he fell off that ladder and broke his leg, that was funny........'


Then there was the woman who wanted a special birthday card (40th this time) for a friend

No hobbies

Is she a girlie sort of person? Does she like a bit of bling?

'No, I don't think so' she replied doubtfully, then she brightened up 'she has got a pink sweater that she wears quite often'

So on to todays mission. A 60th birthday card for someone called Deb. Apparently these two women always send each other a birthday card with a crocodile on it - no, I didn't ask why, I should have done, it might be quite a story. I used the croc from Animal Kingdom cut at 2 1/2", first in white, then in green Basic Grey paper. I added two black metal dots for eyes. The grass was cut freehand

Then there is Nora, coming up to her 15th birthday, she plays the flute in a marching band at school, that's all I know about this kid.

The letters were cut with the Cricut, but I forgot to take a note of the cartridge. The flute is from Joys of the Season, and the music notes were from Hannah Montana. The tag and 15 circle are from Designer Calendar cut at 1 3/4"

I used the music note feature on Hannah Montana for the inside greeting..

Well, what would you have done?

See you tomorrow


  1. Hello Enfys, I enjoyed reading about your card orders! Isn't it funny how people sometimes seem to know so little of each other!! But your cards are great!! I'm sure they will be to their liking!! Greetz, Frea

  2. Congratulations to the winner. I am so glad I am not the only one who gets strange requests although those are some time just as hard as the 'I don't mind anything will be ok' requests grrr. I think you got these two just right and I love the beware sign lol.
    Kim xXx

  3. Adorable cards Enfys, but I am really dying to know....why a crocodile? LOL

  4. only you can create something fabulous out of nothing!

    how the heck r ya? been a while. do hope all is well.

    hugs :)

  5. great cards en, i love them both but that croc one is so cute!! huge hugs lou xx

  6. I know exactly what you mean about commissions. I don't know if you read my post about doing a Bon Voyage card for someone moving to Australia who likes castles. Good grief. Then a sympathy card from my husband to a colleague at work. There had to be nothing religious on the card. Quite tricky really. Fortunately I've just emailed my latest client and she says the recipient likes football. Thank goodness for that! Football I can do...

  7. Hi Enfys well what a unusual request a crocodile card not sure I would want one, but youve done a brilliant job of both your cards they are fabulous. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  8. I love both of the cards! You do a wonderful job, thanks for sharing the ideas.



  10. Great job! We get some stranges and very specific requests too. We have a photography business, my hubby does the kind of photography you would use to decorate your home. People ask of odd things all the time. One lady wanted a single flamingo, very pink with one leg pulled up, standing in water with a sunset behind it. Sorry, we don't have that one.

  11. Congrats winner! Your cards are great Enfys! The flute is my fav.! :)

  12. Great story, great cards too! ~Diane

  13. You really need to find out the crodile story. I'm intrigued.

  14. Great cards Enfys, especially with so little to work with on the personalities. LOL Girl you crack me up!

  15. My favorite request was for a sympathy card that wasn't sad.??

  16. Enfys, I love your cards. I think I would have been in a panic trying to come up with ideas, but yours are wonderful! TFS!

  17. What fun, personal cards, En. Love them both. I've never managed to get that Hannah musical sentiment stuff to work, though. What's the trick? xxD

  18. Hi Enfys, I really like the cards you were asked to do. I have one question for you. I know you dislike "naked" buttons (which I do, too)however, how do you keep them from being wobbly?



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