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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Colouring Cricut Cuts with Promarkers

Today's video is about colouring Cricut cuts with your Promarkers. I find this quite useful to do occasionally, both for quickness, and to add dimension and a 'different' look to your cuts. Some features on cartridges don't have layers, and are one dimensional cuts, like borders for example, so adding some colour is easy with Promarkers.....

First, a second card made with the robins from the video. All the Cricut cuts were from Straight From The Nest cartridge, the branch was cut at 2", and the birds at 1 1/2" and 2". I ran the card through the cuttlebug, using the snow folder, and added some white fabric paint (by Pebeo) to the branches for snow. I sprinkled glitter on this before it dried..........

and I make no apologies for re-hashing some old cards that some of you will have seen before for my next examples - I have been sooo busy getting all these posts together. The following two cards are both made with the border feature from Wall Decor and More (a favourite cartridge of mine), and were made for Scrappy-go-Lucky's blog. I am on their design team, so you will find a couple of my cards on these every week, and some fantastic inspiration from the rest of the design team, so pop over there and add it to your favourites. Mandy, the owner is offering a 10% discount until the 30th November to readers of Going Buggy (works for SCAL and Cri-Kit pens too). Just enter ENFYS10 coupon code when you order. This applies to the USA, UK and Australian stores.

The whole fence (border feature) was cut in white, and the rooster coloured in with Promarkers

and for this one, the yachts were again cut in white, and a splash of colour added with Promarkers

Well it seems as if a few of you are taken with Promarkers, so just a reminder that links to online stores selling them are on the giveaway post. There is a link to Promarkers distributors in the USA on my sidebar, click on that and see if there are any art supply stores selling them in your area.
Here is a list of the 45 basic colours that I would aim for if starting a collection, this would be all you need to do different skin tones, hair, different fur and animal colours, foliage, flowers, clothes. I have kept the selection neutral and darker shades can be added as you wish
Baby pink
Soft Peach
Apple green
Meadow green
Moss green
Pear green
Marsh green
Pastel blue
Denim blue
Powder blue
Pale pink
Pink carnation
Dusky Rose
Antique Pink
Cobalt blue
sky blue
cool aqua
Pastel beige
Blender pen
Warm grey 1, 3, 5
Ice grey 1, 3, 5
These are just suggestions, you may look at the colour chart and see other combinations, but this mix of neutral shades and muted colours will set anyone up for successful colouring
I'll be back tomorrow with another video, this time on colouring sepia toned images, and sometime this week I will post on the pairs of colours, close to each other in tone, that make for perfect shading.


  1. Another great video Enfys. I'm learning so much, your cards are all beautiful. But your friend is right, I'm from Michigan and the Robins all go South for the winter. Thanks for sharing your coloring knowledge. shari (cricutrookie)

  2. That was a grate idea, about coloring cuts. Your cards are fantastic, and thanks for the tip about makers.
    Hugs, Nataliya.

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    P.S. read on Kath's that you're all meeting up in NYC next month. Hope you have a blast!

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  9. Enfys,

    What a great idea-other than inking the edges, I have never really thought to color my Cricut cuts!!! :)

    Thank you so much for sharing,

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com

    Love all your cards!!!!!!!!!

  10. Cute cards, and I love the idea of colouring die cuts, I'll be having a go at that pronto. Thank you so much for taking the xtra trouble of listing essential promarker colours...that is so helpful. I have many of them by looking at what people have used for skin ect and no what to splash out on next. Thanks for you hard work on our behalf. Hugs lin

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  35. Enjoyed the video En! Thanks for sharing all your coloring tips and for the list of markers to start with.

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  37. Enfys,
    I love seeing you just go for it on your coloring! I'm looking into these markers in my area though I have invested in some copics too. Thanks

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  45. Thank you for taking time out of your life to share your talent. I know what it takes to do these types of videos and being a visual learning they are very helpful!


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    vanessa xx

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    Went to M's and HL to check out their markers and I think I'll wait and put the Promarkers on my Christmas list, using the suggested get started list.

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    PS Where is FL are you???

  53. adorable look cards!!!
    The two robins card is very cute. I love your choice of colours on them.
    I notice (also in your other videos) that sometimes you don't immediately put the cap back on the markers. Won't it dry up them since the markers are alcohol based?

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