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Saturday, 27 November 2010

We're Back......

So here we are - back from our fabulous break in New York. I haven't even unpacked yet, so no cards from me today, but just wanted to share this with you. We met up with Kath, my
Funky Hand and Craftwork Cards teamie who was in NY with her sister and brother in law. That was a fun evening - a transvestite piano player, some very odd characters..........anyway, here are the two grandmas of the FH and CWC teams out on the town

Kath brought out a card especially for me....................... isn't it gorgeous?
and when I got home, there was more mail. This lovely flower soft and Cricut card from my friend and neighbour Mary. Thank you so much Mary, I love it

and this fun Loralie fabric card from Eileen. Thanks so much Eileen, that was a lovely surprise

and this fabby card all the way from the UK from Jules, another Funky Hand teamie. Thank you so much Jules - love that funky bird!

My black Friday shopping was a disaster. Yes, I got up at 4.30 AM, yes I got to Macy's...........unfortunately I was about the 11,802th person to have the same idea - and that was just in the coat department!! I have never seen crowds like it, the store was so hot, after about two hours I had really had enough, and walked back to the hotel empty handed. Mike was still snugly asleep, and nearly fell out of bed with shock when I limped in empty handed.
Never mind...... today's another day
Come back tomorrow for the Polkadoodles blog hop winner


  1. Sorry you had no luck shopping. Love the funky bird also.


  2. What a gorgeous cards Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.x

  3. Glad you had a good time. I've never been to NY, but my sister went last year and loved it. She said the people were really friendly, too.

  4. Well so nice to see two of my fav. bloggers having fun.

  5. What a fab photo of you and Kath!

    You so suit that lovely vibrant colour En!

    Im a bit lost as to what Black Friday is so am going now to read up on it!

    Belated birthday wishes to you.
    Keryn x

  6. Hi Enfys lovely to see you back, glad you had a lovely time with Kath.
    Sorry your shopping didn't go to plan. Your cards are lovely. Hugs x ChrisB

  7. Yikes the shopping (or lack of) sounds horrendous. Hope you had a good B'day though. Loved your Christmas tree card, simple but brilliant.

  8. Love all your cards they are very beautiful...
    I didn't do BF I went the next day to Walmart and they still had the cricut expression and I couldn't get one because I just didn't have the money. but I did get one of the new carts.
    Then I went to Toysrus and got one of my sons a ds game that he has been wanting. BF is just too crazy to go out by myself..

  9. Hi En

    Sounds like you and Kath had a brilliant time .. .. so pleased you managed special time together.

    I am also pleased my card made it safely to you. Sounds like it didn't make it in time for your special day though .. sorry!! I thought I had posted it in plenty of time.

    Love Jules xx

  10. Good for you to even give it a try. I was at Walmart at 11:45 and all the Cricut Cartridges I wanted were gone but a very nice manager sold me Hoot and Holler and Live Simply for the $20. I was so happy after standing in a very long line. I still want Holly Jolly. I looked on line and it was sold out. Oh well I really got a great deal. NY may be a little too big of a town to do Black Friday. I a happy to hear you had a good time any way.

  11. What lovely cards! Glad that you had a good time in NYC, sorry about the shopping. However, I'm very glad to see that neither you nor Kath got trampled in the crowds!

  12. I am the only one foolish enough to go out on Black Friday. Our Walmart in town did not carry the advertised Cricut or Carts. :( You did have to go thru an incredible metal maze just to get inside the doors. My 2 young daughters want no part of shopping yet! Glad you're home safely Enfys--you look very pretty in purple! -nu2scrap-

  13. What wonderful cards you received! Sorry you didn't have any luck with your shopping. DD and I hit Walmart for the midnight sale. My first and may be my last! LOL :)

  14. It's so lovely to see my 'girls' together having fun. You both look fab! I'm glad you had a wonderful time in New York for your birthday En. You deserve it X10 you never stop working. Big hugs
    Anice xx

  15. Great photo, looks like fun was had by all. ~Diane

  16. sounds like a fun trip and what a nice surpise to come home to. the cards are lovely. Aren't you the brave one,shoppping on Black Friday? I still haven't been out. Bah Humbug! LOL xxD


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x