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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Time to Get Funky

This month over at Funky Hand, it's the boss's turn to set the challenge. Anice chose this sketch by Kathy who has a great sketch blog - pop it in your favourites as you'll get a lot of inspiration over there

and here is my interpretation of the sketch. I used papers from the Colour Me Happy CD. I love using sketches, when I am having a 'dry spell' and inspiration goes awol, I can turn to a sketch and it kick starts my creativity again

Look at the latest modelling shoot of little Monty (he is the one in the top right of the photo), this was taken from the Alex and Alexa catalogue. I must admit I have never heard of this company, have you seen the price of the outfits the children are wearing? Good grief. For US friends, Monty is wearing clothes that would set you back $500. Who buys this stuff? Are there babies out there who never do what comes naturally to ordinary, less expensive babies? Can you imagine easing your child gently into his cashmere outfit, made from the finest yarn, hand plucked from animals found only in a remote area of the Himalayas, and trekked for ten days and nights by pack mules to be spun into the softest wool imaginable.................then before you leave the house with your trophy baby, he hiccups, and brings up half of his breakfast.
Monty does looks cute though, I hope he enjoyed his taste of luxury!


  1. What a great card Enfys, I love all the stitching on it. Monty sure is a cutie and wears the clothes well. Shari (cricutrookie)

  2. En I love this cheery little christmas card and the sketch was so much fun. Monty looks gorgeous in his photo bless him, hope he enjoyed the feel of his expensive togs!! lol!!!!! hugs Lou xxxx

  3. What a gorgeous card Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.x

  4. Hehehe! Kids always chuck up! Or nappy leaks.....

    Great card and such a funky new house card too!

  5. Such a charming card Enfys .. I love your interpretation of the sketch and lovely colors too, this is darling.

    As to your comments on Monty's modeling ... I think that little rascal looks totally adorable. Would I pay that kind of money on a baby outfit? Nope, I would not, except that I did spend about half that on my first grandson's outfit for his first professional photo. (Hey, grandmas do grandma things!) *wink* But I really, really love your line "Are there babies out there who never do what comes naturally to ordinary, less expensive babies?" I am still laughing at the thought of that!

    Have a great day!

  6. Adorable card Enfys.

    Monty looks adorable. $500, really? Wow, wonder how much business this company gets. LOL

  7. Very cute card and extremely cute grandson! Heck I don't spend that much on me, no less a baby! He does make a nice little model though, doesn't he?

  8. I did notice that price! Whew, for that much you better get a free baby with it!!! He looks so cute! Love the house card! Super sweet. Thanks.

  9. Great take on that sketch Enfys, very funky. Love little Monty, he is a natural but totally dumbfounded with the price of that outfit. As you say at that age every outfit gets a matching bib lol.

  10. Hi Enfys wow stunning card and a stunning Monty, not sure Id want my little ones running around in clothes that cost that much, they would have to be wrapped up in cotton wool in case they got dirty, it must be for rich children. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

  11. Enfys, cute card....Of course Monty looks adorable as always.

  12. Love you card!!! And Monty is just a little doll!! :)

  13. I always knew your grandbabies were beautiful enough to model. I thik Monte has such an expressive face! I can't imagine spending so much for baby clothes! I won't spend that on my clothes. Even if I could wear them year after year! Congrats to Monte's Mum and Dad for letting him, or getting him to model!
    I love the Card En, I'm always amazed at how you make the doodles freehand. And they look so straight! Mine never do.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.
    Hugs Jess

  14. Love your interpretation of the sketch, En and OMG! that Monty is quite the adorable little dude, and a model, no less! Wonder if they paid him in cashmere. LOL xxD

  15. Monty looks adorable, I can not imagine spending that much on an outfit either. Love your card, tough lay out but you pulled it off splendidly. ~Diane

  16. Monty is a little doll altho he wouldn't appreciate being called a doll.

    The kind of people who buy this stuff is people like Angelina Jolie.

  17. I love your wonderful and unusual Christmas card - what a brilliant idea!
    I guess if you've enough money to waste on outfits like that for your baby then you've probably got enough to spend on two - just in case Perfect Baby acts imperfectly!
    Monty does, however look as cute as a button


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x