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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

And the winners are................

Thanks to all of you who joined in with the ProMarker giveaway last week. I wish I could send some to ALL of you, especially those who haven't tried them yet, you have a treat in store. Perhaps Santa may drop some down the chimney if you are very, very good... see names of stockists on an earlier post this week, and don't forget that these alcohol markers are very affordable in comparison with others on the market, you can start a collection very reasonably, and build upon it.
Don't despair if your names didn't come up this time, Letraset are sponsoring my blog, and there will be more prizes of ProMarkers, you may be lucky next time
The winners were drawn by a random husband (Mike) - all the comments for the week were printed out, cut up, and shaken but not stirred. The first two names he pulled out are
Tabitha - On Eagle's Wings blog
dj1952 - Designs by dj blog
big congrats to you both, email me with your address and your choice of 10 Promarker colours (use the chart on the sidebar to make your choice, click on it to enlarge and print out)
Your markers will be sent direct from Letraset
Do join up to become a follower of Letraset's blog - they have frequent competitions and news of promotions, and you will be the first to know about them
Thanks to Paul and the rest of the team there for their continuing support of Going-Buggy
Whilst you are in the mood for winning stuff, be sure to keep coming back here for news on the big blog party I am having sometime in January, to celebrate all you 2,000+ followers, and over 500,000 visitors to the blog. There will be prizes galore (a lot of them will really get you buzzing.. , lots of fun stuff to do, and I am planning to make it a really fun week for us all. You don't need a blog to join in, everyone is welcome.
Here's a couple more quick cards that I made just before packing up my stuff. I found these cute Christmas decoupage creatures from Papermania UK, and quickly popped the layers out and decoupaged them using Pinflair glue I buy this online from the UK, it isn't actually silicone but a clear glue that dries raised to keep the layers of your projects apart.
I used the cuttlebug music embossing folder for the first one, and added some pompoms on their hats

the next two were made with base cards cut with the Wildcard cricut cartridge (the doily card cut), a bit of embossing, some glitter and a pom pom or two, easy

and here's a photo of just some of the unpacked craft stuff that has been toted across the atlantic -now all I have to do is put the stuff away. The note in the foreground was put in the case by the Department of Homeland Security, who very kindly left it for me to tell me that because of the 'large number of unidentifiable objects' in the case, it had been opened and examined by the security people. I wonder if they tested all the martha punches I had in there.
The journey home was fine, a few dreary delays because of bad weather in various places, but you expect that in December. Apparently I was very irritating on the plane, fidgeting a lot so I was told by my dearly beloved - he can drop off to sleep, and slumber peacefully until the plane is about to land, (or until I wake him with my fidgeting). It was a long day, and it's lovely to be home. Cold, but lovely.
See you tomorrow


  1. Hi Enfys, I can imagine it's good to be home for Christmas, it's almost like the song. I would have liked to see the faces of the guys who opened your suitcase with all that craft stuff LOL!! They must have wondered what all that stuff was!! How you manage to post such lovely cards with all this going on I don't understand!! You're amazing!! HUgs,Frea

  2. Great cards, don't you just love die-cuts for quick and easy cards. Glad you arrived home safely, good luck with the unpacking.
    Colette xx

  3. a huge congrats to the winners.
    tanks to paul from letra and thanks to you sweetie
    what a cute cards sweetie
    welcome home, glad to see you're save
    the crafting goodies looks amazing
    hugs angelique

  4. Oh how fun ... CONGRATS winners!

    YIPES ... do you mean to tell me that Homeland Security was unable to identify what your scrappy items were? Hmmmm ... aren't they married? Have they no crafty wives? Are they totally clueless in the fine art of paper crafting? OMG, what's this world coming to????? Obviously, we need to sit down and have a serious CROP with Homeland Security! *wink*

    I'm afraid that I am a bit like your DH ... I am able to fall of to sleep in a moving vehicle very easily (trains, planes, boats, and car/bus/truck, etc.) too. Actually, I find it soothing and peaceful ... not even the noise or bumps wake me.

    Sorry it was an uneasy time for you, but glad you made it back home again all safe and sound!

  5. Sooooo Much fun stuff!!! Lucky you!!! The fun part is to place them out in craft room!!! :o) The card with the frog, -made me smile! What a fantastic image! The Snowman card was cute too! But the frog just made my day!!! I would like to use the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas!! Hope Next blogging year will bring you lots of comments and a lot of Joy!! :o)

  6. What a beautiful cards Enfys,I love the images.

    Hugs Riet.x

  7. Glad you are home safe and sound. I can't sleep on a plane either. Being able to do that must be a man thing-lol.
    Congratulations to the lucky winners of the ProMarkers!!
    Love your cards! Placed on a tabletop on a small easel, they would also make a nice Christmas "decoration".
    Cold her today in New York. It's only 7 degrees now and is going to warm up to a balmy 27. Tis the season! Tiny bit of snow on the ground. Not enough to shovel, just enough to make driving slippery. HOW MANY days 'til Spring?

  8. Congrats to all the winners!
    And thanks for all inspiration! :-)

  9. Lovely cards, glad you had a safe journey home. Love the stash. Hugs x ChrisB

  10. Glad you made it home safely and all your new stash was still in tact lol. Love your quick cards especially the little froggy ones. Well done to the winners.

  11. Good that you had a safe trip. Enjoy being home for Christmas, with the family. Love these quick cards.

  12. Congrats to the winners, how lovely for you both. No wonder you were fidgiting Enfys, with all your crafting gear locked out of reach. I've never been able to understand people who can just sit, and fall off to sleep too lol. Really cute cards again. Hugs lin

  13. Your cards are so cute! Glad you made it home safely Enfys!

    Congrats to the winners!

  14. Oh Big Thanks to your hubby for picking ME!!! So very happy you made it home safe. Your snowman card is my favorite, but I do love the froggies with their pom-poms on their hats. I think you should send Homeland Security on of your cards, maybe not, then next time they will steal your supplies. LOL Thanks again for an amazing giveaway and look forward to what you create for our viewing pleasure. Will get an email sent to you once I can figure out which one's I want. ;0)

  15. Congratulations to the two winners, enjoy. Love the cards those frogs are so cute. You would of thought the airline company could of rustled you up a card with all those supplies instead of leaving a plain old note lol Glad your trip was not too delayed.
    Kim xXx

  16. I am so glad that you are safely home again. I love the cards you showed today. I love snowmen. Looks like you will be busy unpacking...Glad everything got home in one piece. I got a chuckle thinking about the security guys...I can just see it now!:D)God bless, Pamela

  17. Hey En, I'm glad yiour trip was uneventful (except for fidgeting!)
    I'll bet that's a long flight too. I'd be fidgety too! Cute cards!

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was so excited when I actually saw my name. I have been building on my set, so this is fantastic, especially that we get to choose our own colors. Your Cards are lovely, too. I really like the snowman. Thanks again, hugs, dj

  19. Congratualtions to the winners! CUTE CUTE cards! Funny note about your stuff....guess they were not scrappers or else they would not have been unidentifiable...Glad you made it home safe and sound....enjoy your holidays and stay warm....

  20. Lovely cards En and I'm glad you arrived home safely. Hope the unpacking and sorting don't take too long!

    Love Lynda xxx

  21. Welcome Home Enfys

    Glad the journey wasn't too bad. I hope you find room for all your new stash


  22. oh i love those little cards en, they are so cute!! and so pleased you got home ok!!! wonder if the customs peeps have all made themselves a yummy card with your punches!! lol!!!
    congrats to the marker winners too!! hugs Lou xxx

  23. congrats promarkers winners!

    thanks for the nice cards and interesting travel sotires today...


  24. Such a gorgeous card - its good to be back home for christmas

  25. Enfys,
    Thanks for great cards. I love anything with snowmen on it. Congrats to the winners. I was hoping that it would be me. Today is my birthday...
    Have a great time at home...........
    e-Mail: davidbayles@sprintmail.com

  26. Congratulations to the winners! I have some of these markers on my wish list for my birthday in January. No more crafts for December. I bought 11 carts on black friday! Ooops! :) Love, love, love the cards. They are really adorable! And I'm so glad you made it home safely!

  27. Congrats to the winners, have fun ladies! These cards are so cute, I love froggies and snowmen. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas dear and enjoy being at home.

  28. Congrats winners! Your cards are wonderful Enfys!! Love all those singing frogs and such an adorable snowman! Glad ya'll made it home safely! :)

  29. Big congratulations to the winners! Love the pompoms, great cards!

  30. Congrats to the winners... Tabitha, do you want to pass a long some of that good luck?? You have won a lot in the past week. Good for you

  31. Hee Hee, Bet the Homeland Security Guys had a heyday with all your goodies! Glad you are home safe and sound!
    Hugs, Denise

  32. Love the cards. I am glad security did not confiscate any of your treasures, lol. Congrats to the winners, wish it were me.

  33. So glad you made it home safe and sound. Todays cards are gorgeous, I love those pom poms! So glad to know our country is safe from Martha Stewart Uni-crafters! lol. ~Diane

  34. Glad you are home safe and sound. Nice haul you brought home with you. I cannot wait to see all that you make.

  35. Congrats to the winners! Maybe Santa will bring me some of those Promarkers that I asked for!
    Love the cards for today, very cute!
    I wonder if Homeland Security knew what those unidentifiable objects were once they opened the suitcase or if they just figured they were harmless and still don't have a clue what they were looking at! LOL! Does look like you brought a lot of goodies home with you.
    Looking forward to your blog party!

  36. Welcome home Enfys, and I hope you are well cladded up against the cold. Your journey sounds a nightmare and you must be so glad it over.
    Stunning cards love them all they are gorgeous. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  37. I love your cards Enfys, bright and colourful x
    There's something on my blog for you :)

  38. Congrats to the winners of the Promarkers. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to receive them. Glad to hear you got back to Blighty okay. Snow is on the way on Thursday apparently!

  39. So glad you had a safe journey and now you can unpack and start working on those awesome cards. I love the ones using the die cuts. So cute.
    How could Homeland Security not know what the craft items were (was it the grunge board that confused them?) You better get them to be followers of your blog so they are well educated.
    Congrats to the promarker winners. I have placed my order and can't wait to start practicing.

  40. Welcome home, Enfys!
    Congratulatins to the very lucky winners!
    love your cards
    and the pic of your stash!
    we often get those notes, but it's because of the duty-free liquor in the suitcase- the only way to take a bottle or two (or 3) home!

  41. Congratulations to the winners!! Love your Homeland Security message....it's a wonder you came home with anything intact!! I'm thinking they probably didn't check out the Martha Stewart punches!!!


  42. the cards are beautiful. Have a happy Christmas.

  43. Glad you and you beloved made it home safe and sound. Enjoy your holidays, we'll be missing you on Thursday. Norma

  44. Darling cards. The froggy ones would be so neat to send my Master Gardener friends. I had to work and missed our ornament swap party. We bring ornaments that are garden or nature themed to swap. Enjoy you holidays with your family and I will look forward to your neat projects.

  45. Congrads to the winners!
    I am surprised u r up and running I would still be dragging around for at least a week.
    The cards r beautiful and don't spoil those grand babies to much.

  46. hi there, i love your Pepper & Friends decoupage cards, I couldn't help noticing though, and hope you don't mind me mentioning, that you have said they are by Papermania… They are actually by Trimcraft. Some were originally sold on QVC in July just before they reached the shops. If you pop over to my blog and check out one of the pages at the top, you will see the samples I made. Its certainly a lovely collection and just perfect for that quick christmas card….and cute in the process.
    have a wonderful Christmas
    hugs rozzy xx


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x