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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Using Craft CD's and the Scan N Cut...

I couldn't wait to see how the Scan N Cut dealt with really delicate images, so I printed out from the Fabulous Shoes and Fabulous Fashion CD's from
Katy Sue Designs, these have decoupage sheets, toppers etc all ready for printing, how about this for an impressive cut - I should have put a ruler next to it, this shoe is only 2 1/2" long! 

One of the decoupage outfits made up and ready to go, each layer cut out perfectly

and all the cuts in the next photo are less than two inches!

Look at the antennae on the butterflies!

As you read this I will probably be sitting in an airport in Tampa or New York, or on a plane, winging my way home. I have had a lovely time, caught up with all my friends here which was the purpose of my visit. Huge thanks to Ray and Linda our lovely friends who made me so welcome and gave me the run of the house to come and go as I pleased. So until the next time, bye bye America x


  1. Cannot wait till I get mine... I so love these and they cut out so good. I am not good with scissors so that is a plus for me........Thanks again.. I cannot wait till I try the cuts on the CD
    s that I have....

  2. very impressive I have to say...anything that can cut those dreaded antennae is definitely a keeper...safe (uneventful...fat chance) trip home..talk soon...big hugs xxx

  3. Very impressive cutting Enfys.

    Have a safe & pleasant journey home.

    Toni xx

  4. Glad you finally got your sunshine! Have a safe trip home!

  5. Have a good trip home Enfys - you'll want to go straight back again when you see the weather here! Talk about bleak. Anyway, fabulous results with the scan n cut. I've decided I'm going to ask everyone for cash for my birthday and buy one of these. Pat x

  6. Wow! That's some impressive cutting. Have a safe trip home!

  7. OK, now I am officially impressed. Love the the beautiful way the SNC cuts even the finest details on these tiny images. Now I just need to find the funds to purchase this powerful little machine!

    Here's wishing you a comfortable and safe journey home Enfys!

  8. Wow En, those are amazing. So tiny! I'm not good with scissors either. But can I convince Don I need a new machine? I agree with Kath, Envys traveling, uneventful, not likely. lol See you again, from home. Hugs, Jess

  9. Glad you had fun in Florida! The new machine sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe something to wish for! LOL. BethAnn M.

  10. amazing!! luv the cuts you showed.
    Have a safe and a UNEVETFUL (but not boring) safe trip home...

  11. Very Nice cuts ! Hope you have a safe trip home !!
    Anna N.

  12. I'm not buying a new machine... I'm not buying a new machine.... I'm not buying a new machine....................................... ............................ ............
    Ok, maybe I will buy a new machine :-(.

    XX Carin


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x