Sunday, 25 July 2010

Place Cards - Wall Decor

Someone on the Crciut message board was having a hard time working out the card feature on the Wall Decor cartridge, and I promised to have a look and see - even though the feature says 'cards', it's clear that these are meant to be placecards. I got quite carried away making a few samples, and next time I have people over for supper, I am going to make some of these, they are so quick.
I cut them using the cartridge, if I was doing them again, I would cut from the gypsy, so that I could eliminate those irritating little score lines
edited to say: with the gypsy, click on hide contour, and the lines you want to leave uncut are identified. The score lines are quite faint, but they are there. I find it very useful when there are layers, all in the same bunch, say a top hat, bow tie and a bow. Eliminate the hat, bow, and just cut the bow tie in black, then repeat the process for the other pieces, so you get the layers in the colours you want without wastage. Does this make sense? There are a number of videos out there on hide contour, made by people who are a lot more clever with the gypsy than me
I thought this first one would be good for a sophisticated dinner party......

and I love this one - wouldn't it make wonderful wedding placecards?
I used scraps of card for this next one, I think I might have to ask a few girlfriends round for lunch just to have an excuse to wow them with one of these...................
All three of the cards were cut at 4", and as I say, are just play-around-samples, so ignore the imperfections

I have given my blog a quick fix, it will have to do until I have a bit of time to play around with backgrounds and so on.
Have a great Sunday, see you tomorrow


  1. ooh en, they all look fab, i love the heart and butterfly one, thankyou so much for having a play and popping piccies on xxxxx

  2. Hi En. don't these make lovely little place cards. They'd be fantastic for a wedding and the kids would love them at a birthday party.
    Your 1940's Do sounded great fun and what a star you have in the family. Fancy being a model at such a tender age!!!! Gorgeous.
    Hope you are having a good weekend.
    Hugs Lisax

  3. Enfys,
    I love the new do on the blog. I need to do something different. I love the new pictures of the grandbabies. You are so fortunate to have them all. I hope you stay at home is going well.

  4. love them - I do not have that cart - but you make me want it - hehehe

  5. Those place cards are so adorable. Thanks so much.

    Donna C.

  6. I love the place cards.I think I need to save up for this cartridge.

  7. I think the placecards are really cute.

    Thanks for shairng,

  8. Great place cards. The butteryfly one is my favorite.

  9. Those placecards are so pretty! I've just recently bought the Wall Decor cart and now I can't wait to use it!!!

    I noticed you changed your blog look-- nice!!!

  10. Oh those are all so pretty! I like what you've done with your bloggy deasign so far :)


  11. I especially love the wedding one, its so elegant!

    Just had to mention what a lovely new look blog you have En!
    All of your grandbabies are just stunning and look at little Monty - famous so young!

    Keryn x

  12. the blog looks great and those placecards are sooo cute.

  13. Wow!! I love these!! Great work

  14. Oh I like them all.. you are so creative. How big did you make them???

  15. I forgot to mention I love your blog make over. hugs

  16. they are all lovely En, hope you had a good weekend

  17. It was mentioned that you could elmnate the score lines if you use the gypsy. How do you do that?

  18. Ohhh wowww Enfys,this is so beautiful.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  19. They are really beautiful! I love the 2nd one best. I agree with you about the score marks. I have always had a little bit of a beef with the score marks on the cricut carts. Especially with cards, I hate for them to show at all. When I make a little box or something, I usually cover the score marks with another paper or something.

  20. oh these all look great hun,loveing all the different desings on them all hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  21. These are just great!! Love the heart one. It would be perfect for a wedding dinner! :)

  22. Really cool! I will have to check this out.

  23. http://ibecircled.blodspot.comSunday, August 08, 2010

    Love them, and made one last night, but never thought they were place cards....I made a full sized card. I have it on my blog. It came out cute! Thank you!!! I need help with my blogspot....Very new at it!!!



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