Saturday, 3 July 2010

Kiki's Birthday Card, and a confession........

I have been busy unpacking all my stuff, so not in the creative swing yet, but I am able to share the full photo of the card I made for Scrappy Go Lucky's blog last week. It is for Kiki's birthday, she will be six at the start of August, so I am in plenty of time for this, as long as I don't lose it before then. ................
I drew Cinderella from the Happily Ever After cricut cartridge at 4" with my Cri-kit black glitter marker, hit the load paper button, changed to a blade, and cut again on shadow, then coloured her in with Copic markers. I really like the way she turned out, I think she looks far prettier coloured than having the features cut in cardstock. What do you think?

I put lots of bling on the letters, she likes glitter, and I have to prise the stickles from her little hands when she comes to stay with me

Now to the confession......................bear in mind, before you dismiss me as a total idiot/senile granny-type, that we do this transatlantic journey a lot, and one journey sort of melds into another in my mind.
All this is leading up to the fact that when we got back to the UK, I opened a cupboard and there was the missing carry-on bag. Can you believe it? I had never taken it with me in the first place!! Of course, as soon as I saw it, it all came flooding back - the fact that when we make the April journey, we are travelling very light outbound, and the fact that Mike hates that carry on, so I decided to leave it at home and buy another one if I could find one on sale in the US. Which, of course, I didn't do, as I had totally forgotten this complicated plan during three months of having fun in the sun.

Mystery solved...................... If I panic about not being able to find Kiki's card in August, can you all remind me that I have put it in the top right hand drawer of the chest in our bedroom. Thanks.....................:)


  1. Don't you just hate that!
    I have purchased 4 cell phone chargers because i have "lost" them, only to "find" them the day after the new one came home!
    And yes, I agree, she is MUCH prettier colored than cut into pieces. What a beautiful card! I'm sure she'll love it. And if you move the dresser where you stored it, you can show her a picture on her birthday. You labeled the post Kiki's Card, so I'm sure you can find that next month (-:

  2. Very pretty!! Love it, I really like it colored

  3. hi hun great post you always make me smile,love your card hun that image is so beautiful love how you have added bling to the letters,take care hugs cheryl xxx

  4. So beautiful card Enfys,i love the image and the colours.
    So gorgeous papers.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  5. Oh Enfys, its the senior moment coming on there, I did say you'd probably find that bag in a cupboard, but there you are the mystery is solved at least it does mean you are still aware of whats going on.
    Fabulous card for Kiki and i think you are right about the colouring of it, it looks more natural and not so brash. Shes going to love it. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  6. i love what you did with cindy. i was wondering if you cut her using the blackout feature as the shadow is perfect.

    i'd love those pens and holder. do you know if they are available here. the pens that provo put out are nice but too thick.


  7. Beautiful card En. I do love what you've done. So much prettier than with all the little pieces. I'm sure Kiki will be over the moon with this one. That's if you, or any of the rest of us, can remember where the card is.

    I do sympathize with the bag incident. When we were in Wisconsin 2 weeks ago, I made myself crazy looking for the aqua t-shirt that I wore on the trip out. We went through everything, including my sil's dresser looking for it when I suddenly realized that I had changed my clothes and was wearing a black T on the trip. I think the family was ready to have me committed! hugs, eileen

  8. beautiful card, it does look better colored rather than all the cardstock layers.

  9. Welcome back En, I've so enjoyed reading about your US exploits and look forward to reading about your Costa Coffee ones in Mell Square, give me a shout when you fancy a meet up.


  10. Absolutely gorgeous Cinderella. Kiki will be in love with her!

    I too "lose" things all the time -- currently it's my cropadile. I put it away when we had guests, and it's really "put away"!

    Guess I'll purchase another one as I cannot live without it.

    So glad you found the carry on bag...and we'll try to help you remember where the card is located. LOL

  11. Oh Enfys! That is just too funny! Sounds like something I would do!! In fact I think I have done something like that before!! LOL I agree, Cindy looks wonderful colored. All those little pieces are a real pain to put together. Kiki is going to just love her card with all that bling! :)

  12. You just crack me up!!! I LOVE your blog, your stories and your creations.

    I really LOVE this card. My 4 YO DGD loves the princesses. I may have to scraplift this one. TFS

  13. Wow this is a beautiful Card.. I agree she looks much prettier colored in then cutting out each color. Great Job and I am sure Kiki will LOVE it!

  14. Ha! You are so funny! I love that Cinderella!!!

  15. she will love this card lovely colours.

  16. Oh Envis, I love the card you made
    for Kiki! The coloring is wonderful. Can't believe you are
    back crafting so soon after your
    trip home. I would probably need
    to sleep for a week! :D

  17. Welcome to the senior moment club! That is such a funny story. Of course that only happens to my husband not to me! Love Cinderella colored. I color all my cards if I could color as beautiful as you do.

  18. you always make me laugh and then I delete the message to clear up space on the computer, but I guess I'll keep this one till August...just in case!
    I found my missing phone cable
    (think it's right, haven't checked it yet) in my sewing box - can't imagine why I didn't think to check there first! LOL

  19. kik will adore her cinderella card and I have made a note of where you've put it...will I remember where I put the note....definitely a worry....big hugs kqath xxx

  20. Your card is fabulous and your story is hilarious ... I knew I liked you for a reason. I'm forever hiding things from myself, or planning projects then forgetting what I planned. It's nice to know it's just not me! Thanks for the chuckle ... it was a good way to start my Saturday.

    Jo xx

  21. Enfys: Love the card. I think it looks much better than piecing the parts with the Cricut. Thanks for the idea. I have cut so many of these out for my darling GD but none of them ever looked as good as I would have liked. Now I can outline it and cut it out. We can color her in together. TFS.

  22. Cinderella has never looked more lovely. The carry-on story is one tht I know all too well. It really can happen at any age and has. Glad to hear you found your bag.

  23. Ok, I've put the location of the card in my memorybanks. Of course you do remember I have a swiss cheese brain.... so maybe it'll fall through one of the holes... I hope not. But with so many of us, one of us is bound to remember where you've put the card. :) I love your cinderella, I think you're right about her face being drawn instead of a bunch of little pieces. And easiser too! I guess I'm going to have to buy some of the markers. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Oh En I do this all the time! I'm so glad I'm not on my own lol!
    I agree Cinders looks so much better done this way, her eyes look fabulous they would never look this good with the cuts. Your colours are perfect and this card reminds me of a china cinderella figurine I had when I was little , it was a birhday present that came with my Cinderella Timex watch! Kiki will love it!

  25. Too funny, Enfys! Friday I was packing for a 9 day trip and couldn't remember what I went to the other room for. If it had happened only once, it would have been fine, but not time after time! I've also decided the cutouts are a waste, they need to be colored.

  26. OMG! She looks beautiful! I'll have to try this! xxD


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