Thursday, 10 June 2010

Magnolia Get Well and some lies......

Just a little Tilda card today, I haven't used my Magnolia stamps for such a long time, and when I do make a card, I always like the result. They seem to be a bit like marmite, you either love them or hate them.

Scallop brown card - Papermania UK
Sentiment button - Craftwork Cards
Stamp - Magnolia
I was given this blog award yesterday by Glen - thank you Glen.
I am supposed to pass it on to seven people, but as always I can't single out any of you, and you can take this from me, and put it on your blog then pass it on, let me know if you have done it so that I can come and read your fibs.
The idea is that I have to tell you six truths and a lie, or six lies and a truth - you be the judge of which I am telling you

1. I once made 75 cards in one day - wedding invitations. After that marathon effort, the wedding was cancelled at the last minute. Life can be so stressful
2. I once bought an expensive birthday cake for my son's fourth birthday party and put it in the dining room. When I went to get it, it was covered with ants. I separated the layers, scraped all the ants off, and served it to the children. Peering nervously at them as they ate it, I was all geared up to say that any stray brown bits were chocolate, but nobody asked, I THINK I scraped them all off - sometimes life can be kind
3. My husband has only ever cooked Sunday lunch once in all the years we've been married. The yorkshire puddings rose so spectacularly that every single time I have cooked Sunday lunch for the family since, they sit there reminiscing 'Do you remember Dad's yorkshires'.............. it is sometimes really hard to stop yourself from committing murder
4. When I was a student nurse, I once flushed a patients false teeth down the toilet (a mistake on my part obviously). I jammed a whole roll of toilet paper down the pan, called the maintenance guy to unblock the loo, and handed the retrieved teeth back to the hapless patient (yes, I did sterilize them first)
5. I once drove to the supermarket, finished my shopping, went out to the car park and found that my bright blue little car had been stolen. Only after the manager, security men and various other people had been alerted, and we were waiting for the police to arrive, did I remember that the bright blue little car was in the driveway at home - I had driven my husband's car
6. I once lost 50lbs on a cabbage soup diet. It smelt revolting and I used to make a great vat of the stuff every day. It works though, with a few unfortunate side effects. People had to stay downwind of me if they had any sense
7. I have finished the first five chapters of a book. I finished the first five chapters about three years ago, haven't written a word since, I am too busy rabbiting on here about anty cakes and missing cars
So there you go - truth or lies? I leave you to decide :)
Today it is Tracey's turn to be in the spotlight on the Scrappy-go-Lucky international blog hop. Pop over to see what letter of the anagram she has for you, leave a comment and you are in with a chance to win some Cri-kit pens for your Cricut.


  1. ooooh en, i didnt know craftworkcards did coloured scalloped cards, oooh you little enabler you!!!!! your tilda card is gorgeous hun xxxx

  2. Sorry, but I have not much understood again. But your card is again become quite magical

  3. So beautiful card Enfys,i love your image and the colours.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  4. Oh wow such a gorgeous card Enfys!
    Love your sweet Tilda and your colours and design are wonderful!
    Loved reading your confessions or are they?
    kim x

  5. Love your magnolia card, I always add mouths to them, just can't cope without one lol. Now you have given me a right laugh this morning and unfortunately they all sound true to me lol.

  6. I LOVE that you can lie so gloriously and I couldn't possibly choose which was the truth,Yay
    Magnolia stamps are gorgeous I just wish she had some features, can't be doing with no expression, recently bought the Magnolia bubbling stamp, cos she has a mouth, nearly there!LOLxx

  7. After reading some of exploits on your blog, I think they all could be true.
    Gorgeous Tilda card and love the yummy colours.

  8. The card is gorgeous! Love the "lies!"

  9. lovely card and yummie colours.

  10. If those are mostly truths, they are hilarious (and a little scary- ants ewww) If they are lies you are quite a good story teller and maybe you should consider writing a book :)
    Love the card. Brown and blue are always a fabulous color combination.

  11. Well, I have no idea whether they are truths or lies, but I'd say they are mostly truths. Nobody could make that stuff up! LOL As to which one would then be the lie, I can't imagine.But it was fun reading all the little tales! You should go finish that book, I'll bet it's a good one.
    I love your Magnolia card. I don't love her, or hate her, I have a couple myself, so I use them occasionally.
    Thanks a bunch for sharing.
    hugs, Jess

  12. Cute card....

    I think the are

    6 truths and a 1 lie.

    :D TR

    what fun!

  13. Love the card and you tell the best lies!!

    Love Lynda xxx

  14. Enfys - after following your blog for so long and reading all your posts I REALLY THINK THESE ARE TRUTHS AND 1 LIE!!


  15. I love this card!!! The scallops around it are awesome!! Your truth or lie list is just too funny! I afraid of what might be the truth!!! I'm really hoping that Mike's Yorkshire pudding is the only one that is true!!! LOL :)

  16. I love this cute card. I have to
    say these are great Lies!!! Maybe
    your husband did make Yorkshire
    pudding that was memorable? Am I
    right? I love Yorkshire pudding,
    it's been 23 yrs since I last had
    some. :(

  17. your card is sooooo SUPER SWEET!!!
    Big Hugs,

  18. Lovely card! Hysterical fibs! Warmest wishes, Lesley

  19. I just have a wild feeling that they are all TRUE after reading your blog for the past several months. You are sooo funny!

  20. Great card. Love the colors.

  21. Enfys, Your card is oh so cute.
    As for the storie maybe one is the truth.
    You are a great story teller as I have said before :-)

  22. Ohhhhh! I love your card today. Magnolia characters are so cute and you did a great job on coloring. I love the scalloped card too. I smiled as I was reading your confusions. I can imagine them to be true.

  23. I haven't a clue what is true and what isn't. It you haven't written a book, you should and include all the tales you tell us here on your blog. Now I will have to think about sharing this on my blog. I don't know what I would write, I'll have to consider it.
    You do make me laugh, that is for sure! Thanks!

  24. You gave me a much needed laugh with your "lies and 1 truth"! Cracked me up! Always fun to pop in and see what you've been up to.

  25. So glad I came online to look at your blog this morning will make me smile all day at work!! I think they are all true! LOL! I didn't realise you were a nurse, the false teeth story really made me laugh out loud as my days training were the funniest all the mad things we did! Not brave enough to share them tho! xxx

  26. LOL at your 7 truths and lies Enfys! *Ü* Thank you for joining in. I love to read what others have to say. I would say that the cabbage soup would have been the fib! ~Glen~

  27. Love the card it looks great on the brown card base, not seen these before. I'm afraid I am one of the non Tilda fans but strangely I always love them on other people's cards lol.
    As for your truth or lies I think they could truths with one lie after all who could make those things up eh.
    Kim xXx

  28. Love the card. Colors are great!
    I think you should finish that book. I love to read what you write. You have a wonderful way with words. You could make a book of all your funny blog stories. I would pay to read them all again.
    I think the story about the cake and the ants is a lie. The rest I do believe you might get yourself into. LOL
    PS Thanks for the well wishes on my retirement.


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