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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wishing you wool - Lily-Boo

First of all, thanks to everyone who commented for the Cutting Cafe blog hop, I used random.org to pick the winner, and the number that came up was
that's Nannieflash - Shirley
congrats Shirley, email me and I will email the file to you. Have fun!
On to today's card, over on the Lily-boo boutique, Sam has come up with the cutest new downloads, I fell in love with this little cat and printed him out onto white card, then onto the gingham paper.....................
.................and cut out the wool out of the gingham image. The letter stickers are from a huge box by K & Co that I got on clearance somewhere, the only trouble being that it takes ages and ages to sift through and find the letters you want
Copic markers (cat)
YR23, YR13, R02, shadow prismacolour cool grey 10%
Gingham paper - making memories
brown stripe - paper place
letter stickers K & Co
pinking shears scallops - nestabilities
inking - colourbox bronze inkpad

My friend Joan from Florida is in hospital, she follows this blog faithfully, I know she will be checking in when she can, so sending this card, virtually, just for you Joan, with big get well hugs xx

I was at my doctor's surgery today, aren't they depressing places? Even if you don't feel ill when you go in there, after ten minutes of sitting next to someone who is coughing, spluttering and letting out the odd little moan of pain, you start to feel feverish and a little strange..............oh no, he's given his nasty bugs to me. No amount of logical thinking (that you cannot possibly have symptoms after such a short time) will dispel the feeling of doom. I swear, in 30 minutes, I caught whooping cough, swine flu and possibly smallpox (or maybe the unfortunate youth just had a bad case of acne). I think we should have a national campaign to make surgeries a bit more jolly. Maybe a karaoke machine in the corner, we could all sing 'I did it my way' lustily while we waited. My surgery has a system where the next patients name flashes up in lights on a board when it's their turn, perhaps in between patients, they could flash up bingo numbers, give us all cards when we go in. Excuse me now, must just go and check myself for fever/rash/hypachondria


  1. Lovely cute card Enfys I love the lettering.
    Sorry to hear about your BIL sending you and your family love and hugs xxx

  2. I love this card too. The gingham ball of wool is inspired, I too have those letters and I sifted out all the black and white ones and the others are on my highest shelf and I always forget I have them. When I do get them down, I end up frustrated trying to sift through them and abandon the idea!
    I like your ideas for the Doctor's surgery. As long as it was prize bingo and all the prizes were craft items!

  3. Enfys, love the card, so cute and happy! My best to your friend Joan, hope all is well. I had to laugh about your Doctor visit, isn't the truth!! :)

    Thank you for your post, I almost forgot I had a blog..LOL, I have been so busy trying to craft and see all the wonderful projects posted here on the web by my fav bloggers!!! I think I will need to lighten up over there and post a few of the projects that I have made inspired by all of you!!

    Have a fantastic day!

    Lisa Sturgill

  4. Wauw love the stamp great card you made with it.
    bye bye,Lean.

  5. Oh Enfys thats brilliant news, Im so looking forward to seeing the file, thank you so very much will drop you an email in a moment.
    I love the card by the way, such a cute image mind you that ball of wall seems a bit big for the kitten, but you know what they are like they will take on anything. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

  6. Hilarious Enfys! Glad you're all the way over there, because we wouldn't want to catch your "Cooties"! LOL! The card is absolutely delightful! Hope your friend Joan has a speedy recovery!

  7. lol en, you cheer me up! unfortunately i was one of the sicko's in the doc's this morning!! i have the virus of evil. i love your card and the ball of wool is so clever xxxx

  8. what a great card. i love the stickers. been a long time since i used stickers!

    and your surgery room comment is just too funny. but a super great idea!

    hugs :)

  9. This card made me smile! I also had a good chuckle over your comments about your doctor's waiting area.

  10. Lovely card Enfys, so bright and cheery! Know what you mean about the docs, they should really put all the sick people in a special little sealed room and let them play bingo lol.

  11. Such a funny card! Hope you are improve for you on the home front!

  12. OMG, that's soooo cute, and the paper a reallly dream.

  13. Your card is so cute! I just love the play on words. Thanks, Pam

  14. OH My GoodnessEnfys!! I am laughing my butt off, kareoke? BINGO! You are hilaroius:)
    BTW, cute card I'm really liking all the new Liy-boo releases.

  15. wonderful work hun adore that image and those papers are just gojus,fab detail too hugs cheryl xxxxxxx brilliant coluring too hun xxxxxxx

  16. Oh Enfys.. you are just too much.. LOL.. I love the kitty and the yarn.. and your delightful story...

  17. I have to say I love your card it is so cute...but your post was so funny...I am so grateful I stop by to visit your blog today...been feeling a little under the weather...not ill just emotionally drained...but your post made me laugh like a crazy woman...thanks for lifting my spirits with such great humor

  18. Hello Enfys!

    Wow.... great card! Very beautiful... and soooo cute!!

    Sweet greetings, Saskia :)

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  20. It was certainly interesting for me to read the post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to them. I would like to read more soon.

    Bella Smith


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